7 Practical & Simple Work From Home Ideas With No Office

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“Build a working space in a spare room or car garage. Having a dedicated working space at home will help you separate your personal life from work. You will also be more productive and keep your work-life away from your family,” Vector an editor for BBQGrillAcademy & works from home and has been doing so for the last 5 years.

Do you like to get more work from home ideas with no office?

Unique Space

According to Will Shaw, Golf Insider UK, “Our brains associate our environment with tasks, thoughts, and feelings. This is just one reason why working from home can be a challenge – we relate this space with comfort and relaxation rather than focused work.”

To break this cycle I’ve found the following useful.

If you can find a room you use very little at home. If you’re short of space, keep a designated chair, or move seating into a new position before you start work each day.

Immersive Music

By far one of the most useful strategies is using headphones to play a type of music you begin to associate with work. This can be electronic music, mellow soundtracks, or even background chatter.

Mix Things Up

No matter how good you make your space, I find my focus falls after 2-3 months. When this happens I try to mix things up and adapt the space, setup, or music.

Shelf and Desk Combo

Ryan Jones of Land of Rugs says, “This is perhaps one of my favorite home office ideas of all time. If you have space on a spare wall in your home, why not build/buy a shelf to drill into the wall, with a front that comes down to create a makeshift desk?

Not only is this cost-effective, as it can be built by someone with good DIY skills, but they’re also inexpensive to buy. When you need to work, simply fold the desk part of the shelf down and bring a chair up to space, or stand if it is at the correct height. When you are not working, fold the desk away and it can be used as storage in your home! This really is a win/win all around.”

Cupboard Under the Stairs

Ryan Jones, Land of rugs says, “If you have a cupboard under your stairs, there is a good chance that the items in this space can be moved somewhere else. Once the cupboard has been emptied out, you can simply buy or build a desk that is small enough to fit into space, install (although it is highly recommended that you get an electrician to do this for you) some lighting into space if it is not there already and get to work.

Once you’re done working, simply close the cupboard door and the home office is now hidden from view.

Sherry Morgan, Founder of Petsolino, says, “A lot of us are working from home right now and maybe finding it
a little bit hard to be productive or even just find a place to claim as your own little workstation.”

The first thing to consider when setting up an at-home workstation is location. Where in the house are you going to set up your little corner?


I chose a little corner in my bedroom because it’s bright, there are outlets nearby and I really like the idea that I can just shut the door and close everything away. There are no distractions too as I have no TV in my bedroom
plus, there are no people wandering around me while I do work. I recommend finding a place by a window, by a wall, or even turning a little closet into a workstation.

The first thing I recommend doing to really make that corner feel like its own designated space is rolling out a little floor mat or rug. It will really feel like “that” is a workstation and really helps bring a whole little setup together. On top of the rug, you put a table that fits your little corner or a foldable table.

You just need a surface to put a laptop on to get some work done. You can also customize the tabletop if that doesn’t suit your style and taste by wrapping the top of it in marble contact paper. Doing this makes it feel like a new piece too. If you like your environment, you will get more work done.


Another item for your workstation is additional lighting. Using a small table lamp on a small desk is perfect as it doesn’t overwhelm the space and provides good additional lighting if it gets dark or you really want to set
kind of a calm mood.

You can also put something on the wall if your workstation isn’t set up in front of a window to frame out space. As for me, I framed a to-do list so I can use it as an art but also as a practical reminder to get things done.
You can just lean it against the wall so you don’t have to nail anything in again to make any permanent decisions. This is also great because it kind of acts as a whiteboard and you can use a dry erase marker to really mark down what you have left to do.

It is cleanable so it’s a really functional and decorative way of keeping track of your to-do list. It frames out your workstation and just keeps you motivated to get things done.


How can I work from home with no office?

Isabella, a travel blogger now and formerly a remote customer service agent for a travel company shares how she works from home and stays organized and motivated with the hope that is of help to you.

Here are her main 3 tips.

1) As I explained in my article how to work from home without going insane first of all it’s important to create a working space that is separate from the rest of the house activities.

If you don’t have a separate room, a table set up anywhere in the house where you are comfortable working would be good enough.

Even if small. That’s where you would keep your laptop and all your working tools at an easy reach and you don’t have to clear the table to do other stuff, because that is your office corner.

Keep it tidy, hang some nice artwork on the wall surrounding it, maybe some motivational phrase or anything similar, and books on the shelves, plants, and nice decoration.

That’s to create a cozy and comfortable environment without being distracting.

2) The other important tip (that I am not following, alas! Is that you need to decide your working hours and save space for personal stuff. Because opposite to what the employers fear, we tend to work longer hours when we work from home if we don’t set boundaries.

3)Keep a sticker on the fridge to warn you that it’s not time to eat yet! It’s very tempting to snack our way through the end of the day when we work from home. Create a schedule with time-out hours to prepare healthy snacks and the main meal beforehand so that you keep your diet under control and create good habits.

7 Practical & Simple Work From Home Ideas With No Office

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