Do You Know Which Color Is The Best For A Living Room? 8 Color Ideas From Experts

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“Nothing beats white when it comes to painting the walls of your living room. A living room is a space where you spend most of your time when at home. Therefore, it needs to appear open and bigger, and the crisp white or pure white color of the walls does a great job of making the rooms appear brighter, bigger, and more open.

One of the major reasons for using white color is that it is timeless and never goes out of fashion. Choose this color when you can’t find any other option that clicks your mind.” by Matt Peden, a real estate agent & owner of Independent Property Group – a real estate agency helping people buying, selling, and renting property for more than 60 years.

What do you think?

Which color is the best for a living room?

You can follow these expert opinion to choose the best color for your living room.


Sherry Morgan, the founder of Petsolino says,” Colours give different stories. So I think it depends on what story you
want to convey.

If you want a clean look, white never goes wrong. This is also the color that should be on top of your option for when your space is small and you want to make it look bigger. Sunlight and white make a tiny space look wide.”

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Lynda, the founder of the Polish Perfect blog and a nail care technician and been in the industry for 20 years and she is also a businesswoman and a mom. The living room is one of her favorite spot in the house to bond that’s why she makes sure it’s a comfortable place we can enjoy hanging around in.

She says, “I learned that colors impact how the feel of the room will be so I started looking for them. Let me share with you what I personally got. I’ve used all these in my living room and one of them is my current shade.”

She continues, “Having grey walls will make your living room feel more spacious. Gray is elegant and serene; this suits a modernist décor and vintage ensembles. If you opt to experiment with bursts of colour and some pieces, pray walls can be a nice artistry backdrop. Gray is a known neutral which can be used in any room, but it looks sophisticated in the living room.”

Alina the growth manager and co-founder of CocoDoc also says,”Even though gray may appear dull, it oozes enough sophistication to make your living room appear edgy, and modern. Gray pointing goes extremely well with vintage living room designs. It also provides the perfect backdrop to experiment with other colors since it doesn’t shout much.”.


Alina the growth manager and co-founder of CocoDoc, a software development company based in the US recommends black color: The fact that finding a black-painted living room is so rare makes using black so unique, and quite interesting too. A blackened living room is dramatic, and extremely surprising too.

Aside from the surprise factor, black also blends immensely well with a wide range of architectural art and drawings. Using black for your walls can also help you provide amazing contrast with furniture, lighting, and other parts of the living room.


Sherry Morgan, the founder of Petsolino makes the color suggestion: If you are minimal but also want a hint of colours, opt for beige that never fails to be on people’s lists. It is the go-to colour most especially because it is easy to decorate and is also easy on the eyes. It is a simple, neutral look that is not as dark as black but also not as clean as white is.

According to  Lynda, the founder of the Polish Perfect blog,”This hue is the go-to for interior designers as it mirrors simplicity. It is recommended for those who love the minimalist look. Walls with a subtle beige hue give a stunning, classy effect to the room. This is one of the colours people would return to.”

Alina also suggests, “Beige is to the living room painting what black is to fashion shows, you can never go wrong with it. A large number of interior designers go for beige when designing a living room based on its neutrality. It complements minimal designs extremely well. Besides, the contrast between beige and white sets the stage for a stunning living room.”


According to Sherry Morgan, the founder of Petsolino,”Different American households have this colour in their living room. And I don’t see why you shouldn’t too when it sparks joy! It is a colour of solidarity and it is calming (depending on what hue and shade you choose).”


Sherry Morgan, the founder of Petsolino says,” you came across Dakota Johnson’s house, her kitchen paint’s an ideal living room paint. The color is very calming and the shade of green is very comforting. Dakota Johnson’s house is the epitome of home so if you want inspiration, you can look her house up.”

Lynda, the founder of the Polish Perfect blog also shares her opinion on the color green: This is best for the living room since it signifies renewal and harmony. This hue resonances with the color of the natural world, that’s why it one of the best colors for the living room. Green is subtle and fresh, and a perfect substitute for people who find neutrals too boring.

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Alina the growth manager and co-founder of CocoDoc, a software development company based in the US says,”Cream doesn’t go wrong when it comes to living room decorations. It offers the perfect refuge between the all-too-bright white and the al-too-dull grey. A cream living room appears bright, and well lit. Moreover, the cream also tends to blend well with other color and fabric choices.”

Neutral Colors

Andrew Barker the Founder & CEO of an online home improvement magazine called HomeownerCosts says,” The best color for your living room is whatever color you like. Neutral colors are common for living room pegs. These are usually seen across Pinterest and other sites but there are ways you can incorporate your favorite color or the one that suits your personality across this room. The living room is where most of you and your family spend time. It is also space where you welcome your visitors, it is just right to put a piece of you in it.”

He adds,”You can seek professional assistance on how you can incorporate the color in your mind to the design of your living room, whether it is painted on the wall, seen on the throw pillows, or designed on your furniture.”

How to choose the best color for your living room?

May Flanagan, and I am the founder of Global Green Family, a website that wants to make a difference and help everyone be more mindful of the impact we create as consumers on the planet put forwards the practical ideas on how to choose the best color for your living room.

Know the look or vibe that you want for your living room.
Decide on what you want your living room to be. It can be vibrant, elegant, minimalist, or any aesthetic that matches your taste and preferences. Knowing your ideal vibe will be vital in choosing your living room’s color.

Don’t be limited to one color.
Once you’ve made up your mind on your ideal vibe, choose a color scheme or palette. Make sure to choose a
color palette that matches the furniture that you have in your living room. You can do this by selecting three colors from an existing object in your living room. You can take a sofa pillow that you like, and find sample paint strips that match its colors. From there, you can mix and match your desired colors.

Don’t rush the process of choosing your paint colors.
More often than not, people tend to get impatient when choosing their paint colors. Take your time doing swatch tests until you find a color scheme for your living room that you’ll surely love living with for the next
couple of years. Also, seek help from the people at the paint store as they can help you too with your living room painting project. With their guidance, you’ll avoid wasting money or paint if your painting project doesn’t turn out well.
Do You Know Which Color Is The Best For A Living Room? 8 Color Ideas From Experts

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