9 Unique Bandhanwars to beautify your home this Diwali

Welcome Bandhanwars

Looking for some unique ideas to decorate your home entrance or living rooms? We have created a list of creatively designed Bandhawars for you.

Glowing laces base for entrance.

Glowing laces base gives a unique look to your entrance. In a well lit entrance this gives an amazing look.

Beautiful bead Bandhanwars

Want to give an elegant look to your living room or front base interiors? Here are some nicely done bead Bandhanwars for you.

Thread Bandhanwars for Living room and Pooja Ghar

What is Bandarwar?

Bandhanwar, Also knows as Bandarwar or Bandarwal is a traditional accessory for decorating your home entrance, living room, pooja room etc. This is a well known tradition in Indian homes and has its origin in Puranas. The traditional Bandhanwars were created using green leaves of Mango or peepal trees.

Is Toran and Bandhanwar same?

Toran is also a kind of decoration for the main entrance of your home but not the same as Bandhanwar. Torans are traditionally used for decorating your home entrance during wedding ceremonies. Many places have a custom where Toran is gifted by the groom’s family to the bride’s home. It’s hanged at the entrance, when the bride comes and welcomes the groom to their home.

Where do you hang Toran?

On the main entrance of your home.

Where do you hang Bandhawar?

At the entrance of your home, entrance of living room or bedrooms, Pooja ghar inside your home, or below photo frames.

How to make toran for Diwali?

If you dont want to purchase a Toran online, you can create a simple one using Peepal or Mango tree leaves at your home. Just hang the tree leaves using a thread long enough to cover your main entrance.
9 Unique Bandhanwars to beautify your home this Diwali

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