6 Tips To Select Tiles For The Living Room Which Are Practical And Simple

to select tiles for the living room

Do you wish to get simple and practical tips to select tiles for the living room?

You can follow these ideas:

Candace Helton, operations director at Ringspo shares some tips that may help you in picking the right tiles for your living room.

Know the measures beforehand

Before paying attention to the best tile designs or styles that will fit your room, *make sure to know the size of
the tile that you will need or that will perfectly match the grounds of your living room. You don’t want them looking too big or too small so check upon the floor spots, and how you want the tiles to look with the rest of your furniture and stuff. Assess your type if you want your floors to look brazen or subtle in your room and know the measures of the area you have to cover with the tiles.

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Same color scheme, but opposite style

If your furniture already has a patterned style,—a patterned wall or couch sheet, for example—choose tiles that have neutral designs that partner well with the patterns. If your furniture is solid in color on the other hand, then choose patterned tiles with relative color combinations. This idea will radiate the balance in your room. Having patterned furniture and patterned tiles look overwhelming and too much of a crowd for the eyes, so make sure to tone it down a bit.

Mix and match with the accents

Candace Helton also recommends not matching your tiles with the general color of your room, like the color of your walls and furniture, because that would look asymmetrical. Match it with the accents instead, like the color of your pillows, window panes, doors, and drapes to give it more life and variance, or have a darker or lighter relative shade for your tiles to vibe with the ambiance of the living room.

Go for porcelain tiles

Alex Perkins, co-founder of All the Stuff suggests a Pro-tip in selecting tiles for the living room.

He says, “Literally the classiest and most versatile tile that even the kitchen area could have. Not to mention the beautification, it gives to your living room, its material strength which is more durable than ceramic, and moisture resistance is great. It is also pet friendly and does not need high maintenance or cleaning unlike woods or stone. Another commendable thing about porcelain tiles is they are VOC-free. VOC is a chemical that releases off-gas into the air we breathe. So if a homeowner chose porcelain tiles, it won’t affect them.”

Specialty store

David Hampshere, of Painless Home Buying, has over 20 years of real estate investing experience shares a tip to select tiles for the living room: When I am tiling a critical room, such as a living room, I’ll go to a specialty store instead of a big box door. While you can occasionally find some excellent deals, specialty stores will carry a wider variety with better quality.

He also says, “Specialty stores will carry designs that you can’t find elsewhere, so your living room would look a bit unique instead of looking like everyone else’s.”

Color and Dimension

Alex Perkins also suggests color and dimension. According to him the color and dimension should be intact with the color of your walls. Tiles which might be large or which have an extraordinarily daring sample are most unsuitable for a small living room because they are going to make the room look smaller. The quality answer for this sort of living room could be to make use of larger tiles in steady colors. I would advise evaluating the theme, color and dimension of the tiles for your living room.

6 Tips To Select Tiles For The Living Room Which Are Practical And Simple

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