13 Mind-Blowing Ideas To Organize A Small Kitchen


The chances of clutters are more as in the case of a small kitchen. You may be facing the same difficulty in your small kitchen.

It is practical and easy to organize a small kitchen beautifully.

Do you want to know the mid blowing ideas to organize a small kitchen?

Know Your Space

It is essential to understand your space and then decorate suitably. If the space is small you can avoid unwanted items. You must careful to avoid cluterness in the kitchen.

Lucy Milligan Wahl, the founder of LMW Edits, can understand the demands of small and often quirky spaces. She has a ton of experience in making the most out of small kitchens

Edit your belongings with your specific lifestyle in mind. Too often, we get caught up in ideas of how a kitchen should be equipped. But if you have limited space, you have to devote that space to the things you really use and value. If you rarely cook, you probably don’t need a ton of pots and pans. If you don’t like leftovers, don’t keep a ton of food storage containers. If you don’t bake – don’t devote counter space to a stand mixer!

Vertical Space

If your space is small you can use more vertical space. You can put your shelf and cupboard vertically.


Lloyd M. Gallagher of Rethinking Fire shares a practical idea to organize a small kitchen: Hang items/products instead of placing them on your countertops. You can hang that basket of fruit and set of mugs instead of letting them lie around on your countertop. You could even hang your pots and pans overhead with a hanging rack and hooks.

Arrange Your Pans Sideways

Andrew Barker, Founder, and CEO of a home organization publication,
HomeownerCosts says,” Your pots and pans may take up plenty of space and they are also difficult to store. It’s common for people to store their pans inside each other. Even though nesting saves us space, however, doing so can be time-consuming. Gladly, you can take advantage of adjustable cookware racks. With them, you can store baking pans, baking sheets, frying pans, and more with ease.”

Magnetic tips

Lorie Anderson, a parenting blogger at MomInformed speaks about magnetic tips.

According to her, Get magnetic spice containers that you can hang on the side of the fridge. It frees up more space in the cabinets.

Lorie adds,” Use magnetic “chip” clips to hang herbs inside your fridge. *Put your herbs in plastic bags and hang them on the side of the fridge. This frees up space on the fridge surfaces, especially if you’re used to storing them in bulky plastic containers.”

 Invest in air-tight containers

Lloyd M. Gallagher of Rethinking Fire suggests, “Transfer grains, flour, condiments, and other kitchen staples that came in boxes into air-tight containers. These containers are amazing space savers and make your pantry look more organized. Don’t forget to label each container with names and expiration dates.”

Place Hooks Inside Your Cabinets

Andrew Barker of HomeownerCosts says, “Take advantage of the space at the back of your cabinets’ flaps. Place hooks where you can hang potholders, towels, and even bags. They consume little space while letting you take advantage of every nook and cranny. You can purchase them in bulk at hardware stores and stick them on your cabinet.”


David Baddeley, Director at Scottish Trust Deed says, “A great way to keep your small kitchen organized is to use your cupboards in the most useful ways. While you can just store food in them, putting your condiments and spices in them with more suitable tracking can save you a lot of space on your countertops, ensuring that you have more than enough room to prepare food and make meals for your family. If you have a lot of applications on the top of your counter, you could also put them in a cupboard until you need them, to also save space.”

Functional Zones

Lucy Milligan Wahl, the founder of LMW Edits says, “Designate functional zones within your kitchen. I generally create three zones: dishes and cleanup (centered on the sink and/or dishwasher if you have one), food storage (centered on the fridge), and food prep (centered on the stove and/or oven). This means that whatever you’re doing, you’ll have what you need within easy reach.

Cabinet Doors

Lloyd M. Gallagher of Rethinking Fire put forwards,” Use the cabinet doors attach sticky hooks behind your cabinet doors to hold tea towels, pot holders, and other light kitchen essentials. You’ll reduce the eyesore and keep your kitchen from looking cluttered.”

Install Over-The-Cabinet Organizers

According to Andrew Barker, Founder, and CEO of HomeownerCosts, Your cabinets have plenty of space to offer, you just need how to create opportunities. With over-the-cabinet organizers, you can store aluminum foils, paper bags, utensils, and more. They come in different shapes and sizes, giving you plenty of choices. You can stick or nail them on your cabinets or even on your walls.

Remove unwanted

Lucy Milligan Wahl, the founder of LMW Edits says, “Don’t store non-kitchen stuff in the kitchen. Often kitchens turn into an all-purpose catch-all’s, with junk drawers and cabinets full of unrelated items. But in a small space, you have to be intentional about what you put in each and every cupboard and drawer. Remove anything you don’t use in the kitchen from that space and find a better home for it – or if you find that you don’t actually use or need it, donate it!”

Create More Space

Mark Washburn, of Naples Condo Boutique shares some easy and practical tips ti create more space in a small kitchen.

  • Store pans sideways — they’re always a towering, noisy mess. Same with cutting boards, lids, and baking sheets — stack them horizontally to make them easy to find and reduce space. Or use forgotten spaces such as the side of your lower cabinets to hang items such as colander or cutting boards that can be hard to store.
  • If you’re tall, use the space on top of cabinets for baskets of lesser-used tools as well as decorative plants
  • Add a small wine rack under your cabinets to make it easy to access your wine collection while cooking and or just relaxing
  • Instead of leaving temp-friendly produce on the counter where it take up space, add them to hanging baskets (which can also add some character to the kitchen).
  • For mugs (which seem to take up a disproportionate amount of space), use small tension rods and hooks to prop them up inside (or outside) a cabinet and create space for regular drinking cups and glassware. Or add another level with a simple riser.
  • A breakfast nook bench can provide additional storage (under the seats) as well as takes up less space than a formal dining table and chairs
  • Task lighting over the sink creates the illusion of a larger, brighter area while providing better light for tasks within the sink.

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What is the best way to organize a small kitchen?

Mark Washburn, of Naples Condo Boutique, suggests the best tips to organize a small kitchen.
If you’re lucky enough to have a pantry or space reserved for cans and boxes, follow the “first in, first out” rule with the newest boxes and containers behind what’s already open.
Whenever possible, use clear Tupperware or bins so can see at a glance what you have
Color-code with open shelving to make it easy to immediately locate
key items
Use a beverage dispenser in your pantry for soups and other canned goods — as well as one in your fridge for sodas and other cans
Use drawer dividers for items beyond your normal eating utensils
such as the cooking tools and oddly shaped serving spatulas that are always a tangled mess
Put items in close proximity to where you’ll use them — sounds like
common sense, right? For example, put baking sheets, pans and oven mitts close to the oven as that’s where you’ll use them.
The corollary to this tip is to place like items together, with the
most used items lower and the least used items up high.
Purge, take a hard look at what you own and if you haven’t used it in the last 12 months, get rid of it!
13 Mind-Blowing Ideas To Organize A Small Kitchen

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