12 Important Things You Should Do In To Maintain Your Kitchen

how to maintain your kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home. You must maintain your kitchen and keep it neat and clean. Do you like to get some practical ideas to maintain your kitchen?

Here are a list of kitchen maintaining ideas that you can follow very easily.

Keep it simple and organized

Lynell Ross, the Resource Director for Test Prep Insight says, “Go through your kitchen to make sure you have pots, pans, utensils, measuring cups, bowls, dishes, serving platters, small appliances and keep only what you need and like. Then give the rest away. When you have extra room in your drawers and cupboards it makes it easier to put things where they belong and keep it clean.”

Clean as you cook

The cleanliness and maintenance are hands in hand as far as concerned to a Kitchen. Clean your kitchen before and after cooking.

MartynSlack, of Equip Your Kitchen, gives the best ideas to clean as you cook: This is more for whilst your cooking. It is incredibly easy to cook and just leave the pots till the end. Let us face it, who wants to be cleaning after they have just had a nice meal? I sure don’t! Cleaning whilst you are cooking is going to not only make it more enjoyable but will help to maintain a nice-looking kitchen.

Keep the worktops clear

MartynSlack, of Equip Your Kitchen, shares simple and practical ideas to maintain your kitchen. It is so easy to fill the kitchen worktops with things such as recipe books, herbs and spices, and even things such as fruit or cleaning products. This does make it appear very messy and unappealing to be in. Find a place for everything, so that you can keep it clean or organize it better for example having a nice spice rack or a holder for your favorite recipe book.

Clean Your Sink

It is very important to clean your sink. You have to make sure that no waste and food remaining’s in the kitchen. You can spend time cleaning and ensure every corner of the sink is cleaned.

Keep a well stocked kitchen

Lynell Ross, the Resource Director for Test Prep Insight speaks about a well stocked kitchen. She believes the kitchen is the heart of the home, and maintaining a clean, well stocked kitchen makes eating nutritious foods easier and creates a happier environment.

She adds,” To make meal preparation easier, maintain a well stocked kitchen. When you shop, look for healthy fruits, vegetables, and lean meats, fish, and poultry that you can store in the freezer. Keep your pantry clean, well organized, and full of canned beans, sauces, vinegar, healthy oils, whole grain cereals and other grains, baking items, crackers, and healthy snack items, soups, herbs, and spices, and anything you need to make meals.

When you open items that you keep in the refrigerator, mark the date with a sharpie marker and throw the food out when it has expired.

Keep a master list of foods that you need to replenish your freezer, pantry
and refrigerator to make shopping easier, and to make sure you don’t run
out of the things you need.”

Everything should have a home

MartynSlack, of Equip Your Kitchen, says, “In this day and age there are tools and gadgets for everything, they should all have their own dedicated place to be put away. This makes it so much more easier when you are looking for what you need.”

Give your kitchen a refresh

MartynSlack, of Equip Your Kitchen, says, “Every so often it is important to have a bit of a refresh in the kitchen. Whether that is simply a repaint on the walls, or changing the doors to your units. A refresh can really help to give it that new look and feel.”

Cleaning out the drains regularly

Jake Romano, of

MarieClark, of Costco Contessa, says, “The kitchen cutting board is one of the germiest items in your home. While the aesthetic of a butcher block is appealing, use a chopping mat instead (or even on top of) which can easily be changed out after each use and washed in the dishwasher.”

Easy cleaning tips

Lynell Ross, of Test Prep Insight, put forwards, “Having a cleaning routine makes it easier to keep your kitchen clean. It is also important for food safety to have clean surfaces, sponges, and refrigerators. Choose a routine that works for you that includes doing the dishes, running and emptying the dishwasher, mopping the floor, cleaning the stove, wiping down the counters, and cleaning out the refrigerator.”


MarieClark, of Costco Contessa, suggests getting your kids involved in helping in the kitchen: Teaching kids to help in the kitchen actually costs you time and effort upfront, which is why most parents don’t do it. But the long term return on investment is huge, not to mention it’s a valuable life skill. We removed one of the links on our Swiffer and now it’s kid sized. Kids can also use a hand vacuum to touch up the floor, empty the dishwasher (even toddlers can empty the flatware basket and that’s a sorting activity, bonus!), wipe down countertops or tables, put away the papers/toys/odds, and ends that accumulate on the countertop or change the dog’s water bowl. These small daily tasks add up to a lot!

Don’t Waste Time

If you are in the kitchen don’t waste time waiting for the water to boil or food to get cooked. If you get time in between your cooking you can do cleaning works. You can clean the countertops, utensils, etc.

How to clean your Kitchen perfectly?

Sara, of Bestofourhome, says, “Everyone knows that they should be cleaning their kitchen at least once a day after dinner. The problem is people do not know how to do it right. Here are some ways to improve how you clean your kitchen the right way: Wipe down the counters. Kitchen doors and windows gather a lot of smudges. Wipe them down with a solution of vinegar and water. Cleaning the oven is not as difficult as people think. To clean the oven, you can use a combination of white vinegar and baking soda to remove the gunk and countertop stains that accumulate in the bottom of the oven. At your own risk, you can also shave the dirt off with a razor blade. The sink can be cleaned with a lemon solution. The solution of water and lemon juice will not only remove stains on the sink, but it will also give it a nice lemon scent.”

How to maintain a small kitchen?

 Jenna Morton from Prada & Pearls points out her views on maintaining a kitchen.
1) Use one drinking glass per day

We all know someone who (I’m guilty of this) uses 6 glasses per day. Try and only use 1 so that you aren’t using up dishes as quickly. An idea, everyone has an assigned glass they use.

2) Remove large items from countertops

If you have any appliances like a juicer, stand mixer, air fryer that you don’t use on a regular basis – store them off your countertops. This will free up a lot of space.

3) Don’t let Garbage / Recycling pile up

Empty your garbage and recycling on a regular basis. If you have a smaller kitchen this is something that can cause you to lose space and make the room look cluttered quickly.

4) Clean as you cook

When you cook you have some downtime here and there as things simmer. Start cleaning knives and cutting boards as you go.

5) Clear off your drying rack regularly

Drying racks can get cluttered as you wait for things to dry so you can put them away. Clear them 1-2 times a day so you free up space.

6) Wipe your fridge down once a week

Your fridge can get surprisingly dirty quickly from spills and crumbs. By wipping it down and putting a paper towel down underneath messy items will help keep it looking and smelling fresh.

7) Clean your dishes after every meal.

Put your dishes into your dishwasher after each meal. If you don’t have a dishwasher (like myself) make sure you wash your dishes after each meal even if you don’t want to so they don’t pile up.

8) Wipe the counters

Wipe the counters after each meal is prepared. These can get dirty quickly

9) Clean the microwave once a week and use a microwave protector
Microwave protectors are key to keeping your microwave stain-free. Wipe it down once a week.

10) Prep your meals and utensils so you use less while cooking

This makes for easy clean-up and less washing to do.
12 Important Things You Should Do In To Maintain Your Kitchen

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