6 Simple And Colourful Tips To Decorate Kids Room Walls

to decorate kids room wall

It is always a challenge to decorate your kid room.

If you are looking for how to decorate kids room walls, then you can follow these ideas.


Kelly Barkhurst, the founder, arts and bricks suggests a beautiful idea to decorate kids room walls.

He says, “Decorate Kids Walls with their own artwork!:
Display your child’s artwork in multiple ways:
1) Frame the favorites
2) Use sticky putty to display seasonal projects
3) Turn some projects into vinyl wall stickers or window stickers; they’re durable and will last for decades, and add a nice variety to the textures and look/feel of your artwork collection.

He continues,”Arts and Bricks is a creative boutique personalizing wall and window decors for kids. Products include Design Your Own options that are perfect for displaying child’s artwork and LEGO MOCs (My own creations). There are
handprint window decals, serving as decoration, and a playful toy, a two-in-one. There are even personalized name stickers built from colorful building bricks.”

Kelly adds a keynote,”Decorating with your children’s artwork has an added bonus, too: it builds self-confidence and pride in your budding young artist’s psyche.”

Rainbow Headboard

Sarah, a mom and a lifestyle blogger at dogfooddesire says,”Creating a rainbow headboard is one too many ways to decorate kids’ room walls in order to make the place their own. Paint it with the colors of a rainbow and show them that they are particularly special. You can also use other materials, like styrofoam, glitter, paint chips etc. Remember that this project doesn’t need to be limited only to bedrooms; you can create as many as you want!”

Bright & Colorful

Robert Johnson founder of Sawinery shares some ideas regarding how to decorate kids room walls.

According to him make it colorful, bright and add some patterns: Select bright and fun colors that would fit the gender of your kids. For girls, yellow and pink would be the best choice. While for boys, it could be blue or green. *Choosing bright colors and fun patterns are factors that can affect the mood of your kids positively.

Jan Rutgers, co-owner and designer at

Cassandra Weller of

Jan Rutgers, co-owner and designer at JANGEORGe Interiors & Furniture to give some ideas on wall art.

He says,”Use wall art and accents that can be easily changed.

Once you have created a neutral palette in the room, you can now source pieces of art, non-permanent wallpaper, and other accents to adorn the room. The best part about using these elements is that your child can be a part of selecting these items. For example, let’s say one year they want their room to be horse-inspired, you can choose something like this for an accent wall:”


Sarah a lifestyle blogger at dogfooddesire says,”My top pick for any child’s room would be to paint a mural on the
wall. You can even go one step further and paint something that illustrates their favorite things like animals, scenes, etc. This is not only ridiculously easy but creates an atmosphere they’ll love for years to come!”

A grid of ropes

James Chapman is a City & Guilds qualified plumber and founder of Bella Bathrooms suggests, ” agrid of ropes can be a decor for your room and double as stuffed animal storage. It’s a cool and creative way to decorate your kid’s room. If you don’t want to use your wall as a storage space, you can put rock climbing holds and rungs in the wall and turn it into a climbing wall, instead. It keeps your kids active and prevents them from feeling bored.”


James Chapman also speaks about wallpapers: place self-adhesive wallpapers for a unique touch to your kid’s room. Wallpapers are easy to apply and also easy to remove. Self-adhesive wallpapers come in different patterns and colors that your kid would totally love.

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6 Simple And Colourful Tips To Decorate Kids Room Walls

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