10 Simple And Wonderful Ideas To Decorate Kids Room On A Budget

decorate Kids room on budget

Every parents wish to create a wonderful room for their kids even if they are in tight budget.

Many awesome ideas are there to decorate kids room on a budget. You can fabulously decorate your little ones’ room with DIY ideas.

Do you like to know how to decorate kids room on a budget?

Thrift Stores

Brooke Grasley, founder of Restore Decor And More says,”The only the thing I enjoy more than decorating is decorating on a budget.”

He shares his opinion on How To Decorate Kids Room On A Budget: One tip I would give someone who is looking to decorate their kid’s room on a budget is to consider thrift store shopping. My daughter recently decided she wanted a moon and stars theme for her room. I took her to a few thrift stores and she had so much fun finding stuff that would fit her theme that she liked. The best part of it was that all of it cost less than I would have spent on one or two brand new items retail.

Using What You Have

According to Jessica Demay, Chef & Cookbook Author and the Owner & Editor of Dishcrawl, The best way to do it is by using what you already have. Rather than spending on new furniture, why not paint an old one. Choose a lively color to match the room’s ambiance. Print and frame a good photo of your kids or dog or any artistic picture that you already have on your phone. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to put something on your wall. You can also display some of your kid’s drawings or put a wall where they can be creative and draw things they like.

She continues, “You can also try decorating one part of the wall with wallpaper and putting some indoor plants inside the room. If you have a lot of books, you can put up a bookshelf to fill one side of the room. There are a lot of ways to make your kid’s room beautiful and fun for your kids without breaking the bank. Just be creative and utilize what you already have.”

Space and storage

Leila Amber, is a Design Trend Setter at Knothome and a passionate writer, home décor, and design enthusiast. She
has a keen interest in the content that inspires her to dig deeper into the practice and create helpful design and decor guides.

She says, “As your kid growing up the interests constantly change, but one thing is for sure – he or she will have a lot of them! So, the room should be planned for years, and the main thing is that you need to keep as much free space as possible. The furniture shouldn’t occupy all free space, storage space is a must for toys, books, and a lot of unusual stuff that kids always have. Think about maximizing the storage space with hangers and with in-built storage in the furniture.”

Children’s Artwork

Sam the founder of, Watersportswhiz, a passionate about educating people on all water-based activities and becoming the best version of himself. He says,” We are always looking to create a fun space for our super-cool Son, so here are my tips on How to Decorate Kids Room on a Budget.”

He insists to frame your children’s artwork. Prints are a great way to brighten up a plain wall, but they can often be quite pricey. Why not use your kid’s artwork to brighten up their room? Frames are inexpensive, so frame their
favorite drawings and hang them up to create a cost-effective solution, your child will be so proud to see their work hung up like a gallery.

Paint the walls

Amy Hillary, Content Creator at Wallsauce says,”Now this might seem obvious, but it is one of the most transformative ways to give their bedroom a makeover. Together with your child, talk about which wall paint colour they would like best. Of course, you both might have to make some compromises. Lime-green might be what they want, but how about a more mellow sage-green instead?

The beauty of paint is that it can cost as little or as much as you like. Just do your research and see what is good quality as well as economic.”

Sam of, Watersportswhiz also ponts out the same idea to give walls an inexpensive art effect: For a budget-friendly paint job, you could try a simple paint effect, that adds interest to walls. To create a geometric wall statement select two complementary colors, use a spirit level and masking tape to divide the wall in half then get painting.

Simple Modern Design

Harriet, co-founder of CocoFinder, a company engaged in software development says,” Embracing a simple modern design is one of the ways to decorate children’s rooms on a budget. Look for options involving a less-is-more approach with minimalistic decor, simple furniture, and overall practicality.

Make something special using everyday objects lying around your compound. For example, you can repurpose an old wooden ladder to a trendy hanging rail for toys to hang around. Give walls and ceilings a new inexpensive look by either painting or using wallpaper.

If you have a tight budget, pick a wall or just do the ceiling, and it will completely transform the room. Incorporate in-house plants, whether natural or artificial. Plants will always complement a room’s interior and make it lively. Natural plants are best since they also give the kids the responsibility of watering them.

According to Sam of, Watersportswhiz, use everyday objects to make something special: Your child might have outgrown his small cuddly toys so why not mount them on the wall and paint a colorful balloon and string above, this transforms them into floating art and looks really playful!

Mix Patterns

Abby, of Baby items the Head of Marketing China, talks about mixed patterns: When it comes to matching, we’re firm believers that too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Mixing colors and patterns within a space is a great way to give a room charisma and personality. This works to your budget’s benefit. Instead of buying all new textiles and art to perfectly coordinate your kid’s room, mix and match items you own for a spunky, eclectic look.”

LED light strips

Matthew Paxton, the Founder of Hypernia suggests, “LED light strips are a cheap yet really effective way to give your kid’s room a nice and vibrant feel while giving them more control over their desired room atmosphere. The best part about this type of lighting is that you’re not limited to installing them on walls alone. You can also use them to highlight a specific area to give it some more pop. Think tables, headboards, or an area where they can display their favorite toy collections/achievements.”

Loft Bed

Leila Amber, Design Trend Setter at Knothome and a passionate writer, home decor, and design enthusiast has the opinion that all the main principles of interior design are actual for decorating the kid’s room, but there are also some specific things worth paying attention to.

She continues, “If you have an opportunity, the loft bed is a great addition to the kid’s room. It maximizes space and also the kid will love it for sure!”

Wallpaper Mural

Amy Hillary, Content Creator at Wallsauce suggests installing a timeless wallpaper mural: Although more costly than paint, if you choose a timeless wallpaper mural, it will keep your child’s bedroom looking fresh for many years to come so you can accept if you have to pay a bit more. Children’s wall murals displaying realistic dinosaurs, animals, gaming art, and more. Whatever your child loves.

How do I decorate my kids room on a budget?

David Shell, the Founder, and CEO of a home decor publication, TradesmenCosts says,” I started working as a builder at the ripe age of 18 and retired after almost 2 decades. These days, I help people by providing them articles about the latest trends in home design, especially kids’ room decor.”

He shares the answer to the question of how can you decorate kids room on a budget:

1.Bright Paints

Painting is one of the cheapest ways you can decorate any space. For your kid’s room, you can use colors such as orange, green, or yellow. These colors will not only brighten the space but also give it a youthful look.
You can also mix it with accents, stencils, and stripes.

2.Wall Sticker Art

One of the most popular ways for you to decorate your child’s room is wall sticker art. With stickers, you can choose from plenty of designs, from simple to complicated. And if you want to make changes, you can simply
remove them with ease.

3.Find Cheap Buys

Instead of spending hundreds on buying new furniture and decoration, you can check out garage sales and flea markets. There, you can find cheap but attractive buys. You can also find bins and baskets that your child can use to store their toys and laundry. Home reuse stores are also great places for you to find decor for your kid’s room.

How can I make my child’s room beautiful without spending money?

Lorie Anderson the founder of MomInformed a parenting blog shares the best tips for decorating kids’ rooms on a budget:

1.Resist the urge to over-decorate

Parents love to design kids’ rooms that are cute, themed spaces based on a child’s interests at the time. I recommend a neutral theme/decor that can be accessorized with pictures and posters vs. murals and stencils that will be more difficult to change once your child grows beyond Paw Patrol and wants pop stars on the walls.

2.Do double or triple duty with furnishings

Make sure your furnishing selections can serve multiple purposes. For instance, choose a chair that a child can use for reading, relaxing or studying, or find a dresser with a hutch for books and toys. This will help
reduce clutter and minimize your spending.

3.Hunt garage sales and secondhand stores.
Kids grow and styles change, so you’ll see multiple bargains available on kids’ room decor as parents swap
out old furnishings and art. Spring and summer are the best times to find these deals, but your local secondhand store should have a selection throughout the year.

4.Get creative

Think about some easy, cheap ways to get creative with your kids’ rooms. Chalkboard paint on the walls is a great place to start – it’s inexpensive and will allow a child to design their own room. For older kids, hang a
toy basketball hoop on the wall over the laundry hamper and have fun keeping those clothes off the floor. Another easy idea is painting letters from a craft store and hanging them to spell a child’s name or an
inspirational message. It can also be a fun activity for you to do with your child so they can put their stamp on their own room.

Cute and engaging kids’ rooms don’t have to cost a fortune. Be resourceful and creative while bargain-hunting and design space where your child will feel at home, no matter the expense.

10 Simple And Wonderful Ideas To Decorate Kids Room On A Budget

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