10 Stunning Ideas To Decorate A Living Room In Indian Style

to decorate a living room in Indian style

Everyone loves the unique design in their space. You can follow the opinion of interior design experts to make your style unforgettable. Do you love to incorporate Indian style in your space?

Here are few tips to decorate a living room in Indian style.

Traditional and Lively

Thomas Jepsen, founder of Passion Plans, an online service connecting architects and home builders provides idea on how to decorate a living room in Indian style.

There are many ways to decorate Indian style living rooms. However, essentially, what you’re going to look for is a choice between the traditional and the lively. Although there isn’t much difference between the two, you’ll soon see that each option has its pros and cons.

In case you wanna go with traditional, go for the earthy colors on rugs, blankets, and other important textures.

On the other hand, if you wanna be more lively, go for the bright colors. Either way, it’s easy to pull off an Indian look for the living room, if you just know where to look for inspiration.

Brass and Copper

Rahul Mohanachandran from India who is living in the UK for the past 10 years and runs a furniture and home decor business, Kasera, says,” One of the important elements of the Indian decoring style is statues as India is a land where many arts and crafts are created in brass and copper the status can add a class to the living room. Statues created in brass or copper can be heavy and where they will go needs to be considered. Other subtle accessories to add to the living room to bring an Indian style is adding a flower vase or a wooden coffee table that is made of mango wood.”

David Shell, the Founder, and CEO of a home decor publication, TradesmenCosts put forwards the following beautiful ideas to decorate a living room in Indian style.

Wooden Furniture

Almost every Indian-inspired living room has wood incorporated in them. Having wooden furniture in your living room will make the concept more apparent and effective. Make sure that you choose timber of the same type and tone if you want cohesion. Rich tones will also emphasize the details of your furniture.

Neutral Palette

The Indian culture strongly leans towards harmony. No palette speaks to balance and togetherness other than the neutral shades. You can achieve an Indian-styled living room with paint and fabric that is in hues of black, brown, white, or gray. Complete the look with vibrantly colored decor such as pillows, a rug, or a tapestry.

Mix And Match Indian Patterns

Any Indian-inspired living room wouldn’t be complete without the intricate details, stunning patterns, and vibrant colors. Indian patterns are not only mind-blowing but are also interesting and unique. Make sure to choose patterns that reflect what you want to achieve. They should also be cohesive with the hue and furniture of your living room.

Art in the form of pillows

Kasey Monohan, of Thread Curve, shares an awesome tip to decorate a living room in Indian style: One tip to decorate a living room in style is to buy a few decorated, beautiful throw pillows to place on the couch and chairs. This is a great way to instantly upgrade any living room and put comfortable works of art in the form of pillows on the chairs and couches.

Alina Clark from CocoDoc, based in the US, the marketing director and co-founder of CocoDoc shares the following valuable suggestion on how to decorate a living room in Indian style.

Go minimal

An Indian Living room is not a room full of blocky furniture. Neither is it completely bare. In practice, you can get the Indian feel by reducing the amount of furniture within the space. Instead of heavy couches and seats, add a few more pillows to the setup. You can also add plants and pottage to take up some space in the room.

Use tonnes of wood

Indian houses are often beautifully paneled with wood. Using a little more wood within the space will give the room a more homely feel, and the darker shade common in Indian living rooms.

Indian Rugs and Indian themed paintings

An Indian-themed living room has to have some spice( pun intended). In order to complement the available furniture, you should use a rug as the centerpiece. When choosing rugs for the living room, warm fuzzy colors are preferable. Shades of chocolate brown will work wonders here.

Unlike the average living room, an Indian living room often appears a little eclectic because it has something different. To spice up the space, you can use a beautiful Indian painting or sculpture. This will give your living room a breath of authenticity.

Go Colorful

Just like the food and fashion, an Indian living room is a dash of color and pomp. Using vibrant colors will give you the required vibe and feel within the living room.

Allison Thibault, a 5x best of Houzz award-winning designer and the principal designer at Kaleidoscope Design Studio also speaks about colors and suggests some color ideas:

When it comes to Indian style decorating, color is extremely important. This design style is full of deep, bold, and rich colors that are heavily rooted in spirituality. Golds, Yellows, Oranges, and Reds, in particular, are some of the colors at the core of Indian design. They are powerful colors that are associated with energy and balance. Color is layered and carried through all elements of the space – from walls to tapestries and from furniture pieces to rugs.

10 Stunning Ideas To Decorate A Living Room In Indian Style

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