Experts Opinion On How To Choose The Right Color For Your Kitchen

Of course, there is no hard rule or right color for your kitchen. It’s your choice in selecting a kitchen color depends on the style of your kitchen.  Anyway Choosing the right color for the kitchen will help you achieve a cool and amazing ambiance of a kitchen.

Even though you can have some valuable not from the expert on how to choose the right color for your kitchen?

Here is a list oh kitchen color ideas from the experts

Neutral colors

Melanie Musson is a home interior expert with Clearsurance suggests, “If you’re remodeling your kitchen from scratch, you can coordinate everything in whatever color scheme you wish. If you don’t have that luxury, you’ll need to pick a paint color you like that compliments your countertops and cabinets.

Neutral colors are a good choice, and they’re not limited to gray, cream, or brown. You can choose a neutral color in many different hues. They’re subdued, and as a result, they don’t clash with other colors.

Warm-colored kitchens are out, but even if your countertops are warm granite, you can transform the room’s look by bringing out the granite’s subtle colors with the paint you choose. Look for the cool grays or blues in the countertops you have and choose a similar wall color.”


Darrian Wilkins here, Founder of Kitchen Fold, An innovative home cook and kitchen equipment researcher who loves to have a pleasant and clean kitchen.

According to her, The color that is best for a kitchen is color white. Using white paint on the wall and a white-colored counter looks so clean and fresh for a kitchen. It promotes brightness to the kitchen’s environment. Also, if you use white color for your counter or preparation table, you can easily spot the dirt. White paint is very flexible. I have bought colorful kitchen equipment and utensils that can balance the plain background of my kitchen.

Tomas Satas, Founder, and CEO at Windy City HomeBuyer also has the same opinion:: It gives a clean and refreshing look to your kitchen, which provides you with a lighter vibe that you can use throughout your day. It might be hard to maintain, but an all-white kitchen is very pleasing to the eyes and looks more spacious


Willie, founder of The Product Analyst suggests choosing green as a kitchen color: Beside white and blue, green is also one of the most in-demand kitchen colors these days.

It has a classic and refreshing ambiance that can add color without feeling too in-your-face. You can choose from the different shades green color can offer and give your kitchen a nice make-over. It can be green paired with brass and white or a jewel-toned shade like emerald with some gold accent..


According to Sandra, a Licensed Professional Counselor at LifeHacks likes to recommend red: According to studies, this color helps your brain to stimulate your stomach which results in a better appetite. This is the reason why most fast-food chains have interiors that are mostly red, be it walls, chairs, tables, or ceilings. For instance, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, In-N-Out, to name a few.

Tomas Satas, of Windy City HomeBuyer, also suggests choosing red as your kitchen color. He says,” If you plan to be more adventurous, try using red. There are different shades of red to choose from. The color red is known to stimulate the appetite making it a perfect color for your kitchen.”


Arbab Muneeb of GunMade says, “Numerous studies across the world have suggested that color is a very significant and important mood determinant. Restaurants and cafes make good use of this psychological phenomenon by using colors in their interior that increase the appetite of people. The yellow color is usually used in order to increase the appetite. While in kitchens at home, the colors bring change in the creativity of cooks.

Apart from the part of creativity, people tend to use light colors in kitchens as light colors make it easier to find dirty spots and detect insects on light surfaces.

Yellow color generally induces creativity which in turn makes chefs cook more passionately and creatively.”

Blue & Gray

ChrisStarks of Enrichen the Kitchen says, “The optimal color you use in your kitchen will heavily depend on the size of your kitchen, its layout, what features you are most interested in, lighting, etc. However, in general blue and gray are great choices as they are very versatile in matching, while also being generous with hiding splashes.”

Sunny Yellow & White

Candace, operations director at Ringspo and home expert, and a massive DIY enthusiast showers her thoughts on how to choose the right color for your kitchen.

She says, “I have remodeled my kitchen five times in the last few years, and I’ve tried a different color scheme each time. However, I’ve found that the
The best color for my kitchen is sunny yellow and white.

The sunny-yellow white combination really brightens up the kitchen space, and it works really well especially if you have a lot of natural light coming in from the windows. The yellow provides a nice pop of color to give the space a cheerful personality, making it a happy place. While I do think these colors might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s definitely great for those who want that vibrancy in their kitchen.”

Light Colors

Natalie Maximets a certified life transformation coach at online divorce says,” Most kitchens now do not feature windows that allow light to get in, especially in apartment-types of homes. This results in a darker color of kitchens. This is why light colors are suggested for most kitchens now as they help in developing the light presence inside a closed space. Personally, as someone who has a windowless kitchen, I use light colors. This allows my kitchen to keep its light shade despite just using a single bulb lighting or two.”

Ceramic white and raw wood

Jess, the founder, and editor of the blog chickensandyou, recently renovated her kitchen and shares her design ideas.

She shares, “Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of having a farmhouse-style kitchen. We recently renovated the style of our kitchen to white ceramic tile and raw wood (countertops and backsplash). The mix of the crisp white and natural brown mix wonderfully. We also installed a ceramic farmhouse sink, which just ties everything together wonderfully.”

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Is blue & green a good color for a kitchen?

Lianne, a Licensed Yoga Instructor at Total Shape says,” I love to stay in the kitchen, and it became a relaxation hobby for me to spend time cooking and baking, which is why the aesthetic of kitchen matters.
Picking a color can be so overwhelming, but in my perspective, opting for green and blue colors will lighten up and create a fitting vibe especially that these are warm and tropical hues.
This will also put you in a relaxed ocean-like mood with the blues. It’s also best to add a couple of hanging plants to suit the semi-rustic and bohemian vibe which will make your kitchen more aesthetically pleasing.”

How to choose the right color for your kitchen 2021?

Bryan Stoddard, currently running a website called Homewares Insider says, “Since the kitchen is the central and most expensive part of your furniture, it should be in a color that will easily adapt to different interiors and

You don’t want to invest a few salaries in a kitchen that will go out of style in a few years and disrupt the interior. In other words, the kitchen should be classic and timeless.

My first choice is always a white kitchen, which you can enrich with details depending on your own taste and the rest of the furniture.

In addition, the white color is neutral and allows many combinations. For fans of Scandinavian style, white matte elements will go well with wood color details. For those who love to use luxurious decoration, a marble pattern worktop will do the job.

If you don’t prefer white, gray is also a good choice, as a neutral color that also combines easily with other pieces and colors of furniture. For those who prefer a warmer atmosphere, the color of white coffee is an ideal choice.

Kitchen elements can be smooth or with a pattern, modern or rustic, matte or glossy, the decision is up to you, but remember that the chosen color will be the centerpiece of your home.”

Experts Opinion On How To Choose The Right Color For Your Kitchen

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