10 Things You Should Consider To Choose Curtains For The Living Room

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“Curtains make or break a room. For the living room, the curtains will determine the feel, space, and mood of your room. Despite the appearance, choosing a curtain can get tough. There’s a lot of measuring, weighing, imagining, choosing fabrics before picking the best curtain for the living room”, says Alina Clark, of Cocodoc

It is obvious that you have to consider the many factors to choose curtains for the living room. You can follow the following tips.

Match your Existing Décor

According to Ryan Jones of Land of Rugs Online LTD, One of the first things you need to be doing when choosing curtains for your living room is matching the curtains to your existing living room décor. Do you have grey walls? Then it may be best to choose curtains to go with this color. You can also match your curtains to pieces of decoration and furniture in your home. Maybe you have a lovely purple rug, then you can choose curtains to match this.

Have a picture in your mind

Tal Shelef, Realtor and co-founder of Condo Wizard says, ” you cannot make a move as long as you don’t know your destination. Have a picture in your mind of what kind of design you want. Do you want a vintage style? Or maybe you want a more modern look?”

Let your heart decide and focus on one of them.

Explore Popular Options

The Graber design team has compiled a list of the top things to remember when selecting new window treatments. When it comes to choosing new window treatments, sometimes the phrase, less is more rings true when it comes to paring down options. The large variety and fear of making the wrong choice often take away from the fun of the design process.

The Graber design team has the opinion that half the battle of selecting a window treatment is knowing what designs are available. Here are the four most popular choices and the benefits of each to aid in the decision process.

Cellular Shades: A good option for those looking to conserve energy. Cellular shades are best known for their temperature regulation and can contour to any non-traditional window shapes such as arched windows or skylights. The shades range in opacity levels, giving the option for either a blackout or light-filtered look.

Roller Shades: An elegant, yet colorful option ideal for extremely wide windows. Roller shades also vary in opacity and can be paired with additional window treatments such as drapes or solar shades, with the latter offering protection against glare and UV rays.

Wood Shutters: This premium window treatment can add value to any home through its timeless design, handcrafted details, styling versatility, and intuitive ease of use. Wood shutters are available in a variety of styles and widths to fit the size and shape of various windows or doors.

Wood Blinds: Offer the beauty, visual warmth, and natural elements of wood, but with the motorization of blinds. Choices range in the paint finish, stains, and style, but offer maximum privacy. Wood blinds come with a cord, wand, and motorized control options.

 Determine Your Goals

The Graber design team also says, “Before browsing styles, it’s important to think about your requirements. Do you need both privacy and natural light? Better window insulation? A design for an awkwardly shaped window? All the answers will factor into your decision. Shannon Schomaker, product manager at Springs Window Fashions, the parent company of Graber, recommends that one should decide if you’d like your window treatment to be a focal point or subdued in your room, and look at whether your room is grounded in warm or cool hues, once you collect that information, you can successfully apply color, pattern, and texture.”


Alina Clark Co-Founder & Marketing Director of cocodoc has the opinion of Choose colors that complement your living room design and feel

She says, “Dark-colored curtain ooze elegance and style. Light-colored ones drip with excitement. It all depends on how you want the living room to feel.

You can choose a curtain to either complement the living room, or to act as a point of contrast in the room. Printed curtains work best as points of contrast. On the other hand, solid colors are best suited for blending in with the room furniture. Before measuring out curtains, you can take a few small curtain samples to your living room window. This will help you figure out the final product. A small piece of fabric will show you how the curtain will blend with the color code in the room. It also minimizes the chance of making mistakes with the colors and fabric.”

Everything must work together

You can select a curtain by considering all other factors in the living room. You can make sure that the curtain should match with furniture and other artifacts.

Make Sure they are Fit for Purpose

Ryan Jones of Land of Rugs Online LTD shares,”This tip will depend on what you are looking for from your living room curtains. Do you want to eliminate light when your curtains are closed? Blackout curtains will be the way to go. Or maybe you want to create some privacy but still want some natural light, then choose curtains that offer this.”

Choose your fabrics with care

Alina Clark Co-Founder & Marketing Director of cocodoc says,”When it comes to fabrics, most interior decorators would recommend going for suede, velvet, silk, or faux silk. These materials tend to hang better than the rest.

Fabrics can also help you control the room temperature. In practice, hotels prefer using tweed, velvet, or other kinds of the tapestry because they are heavier, and help keep the heat in. Going for heavy fabrics will help you keep the living room warm. Inversely, light fabrics will allow quick dissipation of heat from the living room. This can help you with cooling.”

Size is part of the look

Alina Clark Co-Founder & Marketing Director of cocodoc also suggests, “Hanging your curtains higher than the window gives the illusion that you have higher ceilings. This should give your living room a more dramatic, and bigger feel.”

Make Sure they Fit your Budget

Ryan Jones of Land of Rugs Online LTD put forwards practical idea on a budget. According to him, Curtains can be expensive, there is no doubt about it. Especially when you start to look at designer ranges. However, if your curtains are part of a larger redesign of your living room, then set a budget for them and do not go over this.

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10 Things You Should Consider To Choose Curtains For The Living Room

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