11 Practical & Inspirational Tips To Design Kids Study Room

to design kids study room

“With the switch to online learning and more schoolwork being done at home it is extremely important to have a space for kids to do this in.

Giving a specific location dedicated to studying and completing schoolwork can promote focus and routine.

After these spaces have been thrown together last minute, it’s time to upgrade from that old garage sale desk to a height adjustable one.”

Do you agree with the words of Savannah Phillips; the Interior Designer for The Knobs Company with over five years’ experience in the design and architecture fields. This can help kids move around a little as stand up and down to expel some of the extra energy they may have throughout a day of learning.”

Do you wish to know more fabulous ideas to design kids study room ?

You can follow these practical and Inspirational tips to design kids study room.


Michael,CMO of

He shares a practical tip to design kids study room.

According to him have Ample natural light. For the kids to be able to read books without straining their eyes. One way to create a kid’s study room is to replace overhead lights with lamps for eye strain.

Indoor Plants

Savannah Phillips, the Interior Design in The Knobs Company says,” we can upgrade our kids study is with décor, including living décor! Bringing the indoors outdoors is great for physical and mental health, and this year is all about combining function with aesthetics.”

She continues,”Indoor plants give great splashes of color as well as an array of shapes and sizes, houseplants can be used in almost any design. This spring the plants that were collected this winter will thrive in large windows and open spaces. While your kids are taking care of the plants and learning about them, they are taking care of them too by filtering the air and releasing oxygen into the home.”


Jan Rutgers, co-owner, and designer at JANGEORGe Interiors & Furniture to give some commentary on how to design kids study room.

According to him, “Design the room with neutral colors and natural accents. Whites, beiges, and greys will keep the room looking clean and distraction-free. Consider woven area rugs and solid-color storage bins.”

Michael,CMO of Skyscraperseo says, “Designating specific zones of work (such as the reading zone, art supplies
zone). To maintain a sense of order and guide your child’s energy, create zones for different activities in the room. It can help to structure your space into something more manageable while still providing plenty of variety in what you have available to use at any given time.”

LED light strips

Matthew Paxton, the founder of Hypernia says,” Incorporating LED light strips in the design are a cheap yet really
an effective way to give your kid’s study room a nice and vibrant feel while giving them more control over their desired room atmosphere.

The best part about this type of lighting is that you’re not limited to installing them on walls alone. You can also use them to highlight a specific area to give it some more pop. Think tables, headboards, or an area where they can
display their favorite toy collections/personal achievements to help motivate them to be productive!”

Jan Rutgers, co-owner, and designer at JANGEORGe also speaks about invest in bright lighting: When possible, take advantage of natural lighting. Try to position the desk near a bright window or skylight. However, accent lighting is very important for any study space. Invest in quality lighting that is durable and bright.

Flex Room

Elizabeth Hicks the Cofounder of Parentingnerd, a place where we sell & promote parents & kids-friendly products that make your life easier as a parent says, “Combine a flex room

If you lack space, it is a great idea to combine your kid’s study room with the playroom/music room. This adds to a whole new dimension to the accessibility and the kids can engage in multiple fun activities. Saving up on budget while combining your kids’ hobbies and work in the same room might be the best decision of the year from your side.”


Savannah Phillips, the Interior Design in The Knobs Company says,”Knowing now that this could be a permanent location it is the perfect time to invest in that ergonomic chair and workstation that can benefit your child in the long run. Upgrades to a kid’s study can increase productivity, morale, and even reduce physical strain!”


Jan Rutgers, co-owner, and designer at JANGEORGe suggests, “Start with a practical desk.
: Whether it is under a bunk bed or in a spacious corner of the room, kids need a clean area with no distractions to focus on their schoolwork. A beautiful stand-alone desk or a custom-built wall unit will define the space.”

Michael, CMO of Skyscraperseo says, “Have a bookcase on one side of the desk.* It can also act as an accent wall. Designating this area for arts and book supplies will save other spaces and will provide the kids easy access to their favorite things


Savannah Phillips, the Interior Design in The Knobs Company shares a practical idea to design kids study room: now have the time to look to begin incorporating elements into the study such as multifunctional draperies as well as sound barriers. Draperies added to the study reduce glares or make a better appearance on class calls. Additionally, the right amount of light can affect the energy of the occupant. As for sound barriers, there are different forms of acoustical panels that can be added to walls that can help sound leaving the room as well as entering which can be important when there is more than one person occupying the home at once.


Jan Rutgers, co-owner, and designer at JANGEORGe put forwards,”Utilize wall space for storage: Kids have no attention span for clutter. Take advantage of any available wall space and hang shelves for extra storage.”

Study Nook

Elizabeth Hicks the Cofounder of Parentingnerd suggests to build a study nook

Study nooks help you monitor your kids accordingly, best if you build them on higher spots so you can easily see what your kids are up to on their computer. They also add a very decent aesthetic to your kids’ study room and take little space.

They are available in wood and copper and are readily available in the market.


Michael, CMO of Skyscraperseo says, “Have an idea of the space you have to work with.* A small area can make the space feel overcrowded. But when it is large it can make the room appear uninviting and lack focus, which might be a problem for some kids.”

How to decorate kids study room?

James Kalim, founder, and CEO at Only Silent says, “A pleasant study room will keep someone motivated in finishing their tasks. Study room for kids requires decor ideas that feature dedicated workspaces, along with a whole host of shelving designs and storage suited for them. As a business owner with knowledge in interior design, I recommend the following tips for making a great study room for the kids:

Make a study room feel like a personal space. Make the child’s desk like a house with the motif made even more charming by having colorful decorations in their choice.
Natural light from the window will keep them energized. Bring the study table closer to the windows.

Books and school materials can be kept tidy and organized with a small column of shelving on the sides.
Even a small room can have a dedicated study area if you make the most of every space while remaining orderly.
11 Practical & Inspirational Tips To Design Kids Study Room

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