Cloud Kitchen, The Next Big Opportunity?

cloud kitchen

Cloud Kitchen, the concept has got immense reach, especially during the covid 19 pandemics. The concept is highly reached among the masses in the period of social distancing Maybe you have taken the service by cloud kitchen.

Do you know what is cloud kitchen and its signifance?

What Is A Cloud Kitchen?

Christian Velitchkov, Co-Founder of Twiz LLC explains what A cloud kitchen is. Cloud kitchen is also known as a virtual kitchen, ghost kitchen, or shared kitchen. It is introduced to explicitly deliver food to people’s doorsteps without a specific restaurant in existence. The food places that only run their business on home deliveries are a part of this loop. It is true that this concept does not seem to be fresh. However, the places involved in a cloud kitchen do not have a physical outlet at all.

Max Cohen, Founder of Gift Kosher also explains about the cloud kitchen. According to him, A cloud kitchen is a full feature restaurant that does not seat diners in a physical space, but rather takes orders solely online, or through 3rdparty food ordering sites.

This business model has become hugely popular in the age of COVID-19 and offers among other things, the ability to pivot, expand or even diversify with just a minor change in brand and no décor changes whatsoever. This flexibility, coupled with the extremely low overhead relative to conventional restaurants, makes the cloud kitchen an extremely attractive business model among today’s dining startups.”

Why is Cloud Kitchen the Next Big Thing?

Arbab Muneeb, the Outreach Consultant @ GunMade gives a detailed explanation for Why cloud kitchen? With the current advancement in technology, companies are going towards the internet for ease of access and expansion of businesses across the borders. Cloud Kitchen is also one such business model that is estimated to grow up to $1 trillion by the year 2030.

Cloud Kitchen is a unique concept that started in the early 2010s in the US. It is based on the model of virtual business where major operations are run online. The idea of a cloud kitchen is that a large space is provided to different restaurant owners to set up their kitchens for delivery only service under one roof. Some restaurants can really benefit from it as the operations of their brick-and-mortar place and the online place will get separated and the processes will get more organized.

Another benefit of this model is that young food entrepreneurs will get to have a kitchen facility without spending a huge amount of money for starting the business. Economies of scale can be achieved by ordering a large number of basic ingredients that can be used by all of the kitchens in that cloud kitchen space. Overhead costs will be minimum as only the chefs and staff of maintenance will be required rather than the whole staff of a restaurant for example waiters etc.

Automation The Best Ally

Yasir Navax, Digital Content Producer at PureVPN says, “For the laymen, a cloud kitchen is a restaurant that is built around food delivery rather than actual dine-in. For years, it was considered a budget-friendly way for a new restaurant to launch itself. However, in the post-Covid world, it has become the de facto way for restaurants to operate. If you’re one such restaurant or planning to open such a restaurant, here’s one tip can be the difference between success and failure.”

He also points out the automation is your best ally: The pandemic has forced restaurants to adapt to change, you can stay ahead of all these restaurants by embracing the inevitable way of the future i.e. automation. It can play a crucial role in ensuring absolute operational efficiency while highlighting areas you can further improve on.

If you’re a restaurant that relies on catering to increasing food orders, automation can be a great help in speeding up your food production with minimal effort. You might want to get a dedicated Kitchen Display System(KDS) that guarantees faster order management and recipe guidance. It can also improve your inventory management, CRM, as well as final bookkeeping.”

Bring your Cloud kitchen to Social Media

Tim Clarke, Director of Sales @ SEO blog says,” Cloud kitchens are high-profit, low-risk ventures for food entrepreneurs. They were quickly gaining popularity in light of the booming food delivery business and high demand during the pandemic. Experts predict the food delivery service market will stay strong and will increase 43.6% in the next four years!”

He also suggests bringing your Cloud kitchen to Social Media: let your brand expand its focus on food delivery and reach a larger audience! Bringing Cloud kitchens to social media can strengthen your brand, creating new marketing channels, and gaining greater exposure.

I recommend you start creating content online to engage your customers with fun videos, Instaworthy photos of food, recipe and tutorials, and previous events you covered. You can post it on Facebook and Instagram, the perfect channels to showcase visual content to tease customers into trying out your food. Make sure to use eye-catching visuals plus stunning designs to increase engagement rates, and they will be more likely to your repeat customers. Social Media can do wonders in helping you build a reputation for your brand!”

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What is cloud kitchen?

Sandra, a Licensed Professional Counselor at LifeHacks explains about cloud kitchen: A cloud kitchen is a take-away point the no restaurant or any dine-in establishments provide. This kitchen operates a production unit for preparing food. Food is ordered online hence came the name cloud kitchen. 

The concept is that this cloud kitchen is made to respond to customers’ orders received from online portals received through calls or online. The use of cloud kitchens is more convenient and hassle-free than going to any restaurant and waiting for the food to be cooked. 

No need to stress yourself in the traffic to dine-in in your favorite restaurant waiting for your favorite food to be cooked. Just tap your mobile app, order online, and enjoy your food.

What are the different names of Cloud Kitchen?

The common concept is known different , but the purpose is same in all cases. The names of Cloud kitchen are virtual kitchen, dark kitchen, satellite kitchen etc

How can we start a cloud kitchen from home?

Darrian Wilkins, Founder of Kitchen Fold, An innovative home cook and kitchen equipment researcher shares some valuable suggestions.

She adds, “As a home cook, I have also thought of setting up a cloud kitchen. A Cloud kitchen is like a commercial kitchen to prepare food for delivery. A set-up with no dine-in customers. Having this cloud kitchen could help other existing restaurants to expand or start a virtual brand at a low cost. If you are planning to operate a cloud kitchen, I highly suggest that you invest more in technology, well-equipped kitchen infrastructure, and trained manpower.” 

Cloud Kitchen, The Next Big Opportunity?

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