Survived 2020? You have these 20 people to thank to.

Thank you 2020 for Surviving

No doubt. This has been a tough year for all of us. If you are reading this, you survived through. While the memories and lessons will stay for long, the world is opening up again.

Note – By writing this, I am not implying that covid is over, follow your hello tone instructions!

While we were sitting at home, few people were at war with this invisible enemy, ensuring our survival. We made a list of such people whom you should thank this Diwali.


Thank god! Yes, you can thank him for which way you feel. Either for helping you survive through this tough year or for the memories or learnings if you hold him responsible for 2020. Either way being grateful is a good beginning!

Your Family Members

You know you are hard to tolerate, and the same is true for people around you. The lockdown has exposed or discovered so many shades of personalities of our family which we should be thankful for. Now, at least we know that the big boss is completely scripted and it’s not that difficult to stay inside your home for quite a long time.

Doctors and Medical staff

500+ doctors lost their lives for our survival. They had a choice, they could have chosen their lives over yours. But they chose to fight. This festive season is the perfect time to feel gratitude towards those heroes.


You saw them guarding the traffic lights, containment zones, hospitals. 100s of them sacrificed their lives for our safety and survival. They had to stay away from their families while you were locked down with yours. If you know a policeman, it’s time to recognize them for what they did.

The Cleaning staff

From the hospitals to the streets they were everywhere. Even during the lockdown, they ensured that your waste is picked up on time. The medical waste, your carelessly thrown masks has the maximum exposure risk, they cleaned that too.

Ambulance Drivers

If there is a list of thankless yet risky jobs, Ambulance drivers will be in top 10 in such a list. Their contribution should not go unrecognized during this lockdown.

Cremation staff

True for them as well. I am sure you heard those heroic stories of cremation grounds where people volunteered for last rites even where families were not there or unwilling due to fear of Covid. Now when we celebrate, make sure that you recognize them as well. Unlike the honesty of 4chan trash survey respondents, we do not doubt the honesty and dedication of these workers, they have been ready to sacrifice everything.

Pharmacy owners

Yes, For ensuring the uninterrupted supply of medicines and for playing the role of your family doctor over phone when the real doctors were fighting Covid.

People who volunteered for the vaccine trial

If there is an award for selfless service, these people should get it. More than 100000 people have volunteered globally. There is a risk of side effects and they still choose to take a plunge to set the world free of Covid. If you know someone who volunteered selflessly come forward and recognize them in this festive season.


If you have kids, by now you must have understood teaching is the hardest job of the world! On top of that, most of our teachers are not tech savvy, they had to learn the technology on the go.

So many of them are not getting paid properly still they continues their selfless stride. Make sure you call the teacher of your kids and thank them this Diwali.

The neighborhood Grocery store

Even during the toughest lockdown, when you were afraid of touching the currency notes, they were there. Making sure you get your groceries and daily supplies.

Vegetable vendors

For the regular supply of vegetables. Most mandis and local markets were the riskiest places. Many got sealed, still your local vegetable vendors supplied the necessary items.

Milk Suppliers

But I take packet milk! Yes, that also goes through an entire supply chain and its an essential service.

Internet service providers

Now who ensured that your work from home is smooth? Your kids dont dance while you are at work? Or two of you didn’t kill each other? Its the internet and the ISPs who maintained a good service during the entire period. No doubt, there were fluctuations, loss of connectivity but thats part of being alive, right?

News Anchors

I didn’t mean to make this post sarcastic, but there is no other way you can mention news anchors of the day. When soap operas were unable to shoot they happily took over and made sure you are entertained enough.

For sure you can accuse them of diverting from real issues, but what really was the issue? Survival? Didn’t they help you do that? Come on! Send a thank-you tweet to your favorite one ( Pun intended)

OTT Platforms

For the Mirzapurs, for Patal Lok, For Ashram or for any of your favorite one. They deserve your thank you for keeping you entertained or busy atleast.


The place where you hang out, do yoga, attend classes and meetings deserve a recognition atleast. Are you sending a thank you tweet to Zoom or the meeting platform of your choice?

Your colleagues

Yes, they tolerated you. Saw your rough side too. You both missed Friday evenings, weekends and even office gossips (work too). While you both survived together, why not recognize and thank each other.

The Boss

By thanking them atleast you recognize them as humans and that itself is a good beginning.

And yourself

This should have been the beginning of this post. But I am sure someone told you “The end is the beginning”, anyways you self recognition is always helpful. You can pat your back for surviving through 2020.

Did I miss someone? For sure, this is purely unintentional. Do mention in the comments and I will update the article.

Survived 2020? You have these 20 people to thank to.

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