7 Fabulous Ideas For Painting A Kid’s Room

painting a kid's room

Colors make a huge difference in the appearance of any house. It’s very important to get the right color to make your home look beautiful. When it comes to painting the wall of your kids’ room you always make sure to give it a fun and creative style.

Kids are full of energy and love to have colorful things around them. So it becomes very essential to choose colors that reflect your kids’ style and mood.

 If you are thinking of painting a kid’s room you must consider some expert tips given below.

Choose a theme

You must have different ideas to paint your kids’ room in an amazing way. To have a clear idea always choose a theme that can go with your kid’s room interior.

Savannah Gordon from Vannah Lynn Designs says, “Pick a theme that you would like to base the room color on. That way you will easily be able to find accessories that fit into the theme of the bedroom. Think of the furniture that they already have in the room, or that you are willing to buy to match the theme.”

She adds, “Sit down with your kids and look through photographs or magazines to look at bedroom photos that they like. You can decide together on things that will work and what they love about different rooms. You can always add stencils, wall stickers, or fun artwork to the walls, to give the bedroom more personality”.

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Pick A Child-Friendly Color Scheme

Not every kid has a similar choice. Before painting a kid’s room, parents always consider their kids’ likes and dislikes. Pick a color scheme that will be a good choice for your child. You can always experiment with new ideas while painting your kids’ room.

Andrew Barker, Founder & CEO of HomeownerCosts says, “Painting your child’s room revolves around the colors you’re going to use. Make everything fun by not focusing on a single color. Incorporate not only different shades and hues but also shapes. When it comes to children, the sky’s the limit. The colors should also go with the furniture your kid already has. If not, consider updating them if you can by getting new pieces or repainting them.”

Prime the walls before you paint

Lorie Anderson the founder of MomInformed a parenting blog shares some of the best tips on ;ainting a kid’s room.

She points,” In a technical sense, make sure to coat the walls in a layer of primer before you lay the paint down. It’ll save you money on paint because you won’t have to paint multiple coats”

Use a calm color

Lorie Anderson put forwards her idea on color suggestion; Even if you’re not thinking about it, color has a big effect on your brain. Blue, for instance, is known as a calming color because it’s the color of the sky, so we associate it with stability and normalcy.

Red, on the other hand, is the color of blood, so we subconsciously associate it with emergencies.

Obviously, calming colors are best for kids’ rooms. That’s why the traditional child’s bedroom colors are light blue and light pink. Even if red or orange is your child’s favorite color, go with a muted or pastel version. That way, they’re not waking up in a high-stress environment every morning.

Consider chalk paint

Lorie Anderson speaks about chalk paint. She continues, “Chalkboard walls are a classic theme to consider. Your child will be able to draw on the walls and keep track of their schedule as they grow older.

It’s easier to clean than most people think, too. When the chalkboard gets too chalky, you can wipe it down with warm water and vinegar to get all the dust off”.

Take Everything Out And Look Around With Your Child

Andrew Barker, Founder & CEO of HomeownerCosts also says, “Before starting on your project, prepare the room you’re going to paint. Remove all the furniture, replace the lighting fixtures, and open all the windows. Doing so will let you see the room at its full bareness. Next, go into the room with your kid and look around the room. Ask them what color they want to paint their room with. Remember that this is your child’s room and what they think is important as your opinion”.


Allison Thibault and a 5x best of Houzz award-winning designer and the principal designer at Kaleidoscope Design Studio says, “Painting can be an extremely fun and creative process! So when it comes to painting a kid’s room, it is the perfect opportunity to involve (within reason, of course) your kid in some of the decision-making. Drawing inspiration from the colors or things your kids like is a great way to start to build the theme for the room. The best part about a kid’s room is that it is meant to inspire their creativity, so this is the perfect space to embrace your own creativity!

Whether you want to fully embrace lots of colour, or keep it relatively simple with just colorful accents, there
really is no wrong answer.

How do you paint a room for kids?

Matt Scott, the owner of Termite Survey says, “Our team specializes in termite control, but I personally have done a lot of home improvement work, in general. The color you’ll choose will have a psychological effect on the child. According to experts, a bright orange hue will help enhance their communication and socialization skills. Red is an energizing color that may help enhance their focus. Brown is said to help in making them feel more stable and grounded. Green gives off a soothing vibe, while purple is believed to inspire sensitivity.

Given these choices, it’ll be up to you which one you’d think you’d want your child to adapt to, and which color bodes well with the home. If you decide to use this — let me know and I’ll promote the article via my channels.”

7 Fabulous Ideas For Painting A Kid’s Room

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