10 Awesome Ways To Make Your Home Office Space More Comfortable

Are you struggling with work from home? Do you have a home office?

Are you looking for awesome ideas to Make Your Home Office Space More Comfortable? Please check the article.

Dedicated workspace

Sherry Morgan, Founder of Petsolino says, “The long quarantine has made me do a lot of stuff I couldn’t do when things were still normal. And one of those is improving my home office to help me get comfortable while working
from home.

She shares some of her ideas that could be of help to make your home office space more comfortable

Think of the best place where you can focus on working*. Ideally somewhere where work can be left there at the end of the day without needing to pack everything*. If you want to be completely isolated, then find a place in your house where you can’t be disturbed like the basement or an attic. Sometimes you just have to play around with areas you would not normally think is possible.

Although not everyone has the space to do so, even a tiny corner in a room might be good enough. A dedicated workspace will also separate your work life from your normal daily life with your family.

Desk and chair

I Sherry Morgan recommend going for a smaller desk than a bigger one. You’ll definitely find one small desk at home that you don’t really have a use for. While it looks nice to have a large surface desk and will give you more room to work, what I learned is you will only likely fill the space with stuff you don’t really need.* Just make sure it’s wide enough for your laptop and all office essentials like notepads, highlighters, etc.

For your office chair, a good and comfortable one makes a huge difference. *Please keep in mind that you need to be comfortable sitting all day. Your desk and chair must be a good one, comfortable for you as you will probably be working the entire day.

Reduce visual clutter

At first, I thought that putting everything on my desk table would make me more productive but instead, it just bugs me that there is a lot of stuff on my desk that feels suffocating.
Downsize or make room for the stuff you really need and care more about like replacing a lamp with the one that you can mount on your monitor or having a vertical stand for your laptop to make it more organized.
Also, items that are not used every day shouldn’t live on our desks. You can put a decoration as long as it’s something that you like and will help motivate you or help you distress once in a while just make sure that it won’t take up all the space.

Proper cable management

The goal here is to have no visible cables cluttered on the floor. What’s even better than good cable management is having no cables at all. One way to achieve that is by going with wireless peripherals effectively removing cables from the sides. You can also achieve that by using a single cable for multiple purposes.

Your worktable setup will look better and easier to keep clean. It also reduces the chances of you dragging something on the floor by strangling your ankle in these hanging cables.

Pick the right color that could add an accent to brighten up your space. You can choose your favorite color if it will help you be more focused or you might also want to consider neutrals like a stark black or shades of yellow but still it depends on your liking. It can highly affect your productivity while working at home. Choosing the right splash of color
can have a significant implication when it comes to a person’s productivity. It can be the color for your walls and furniture to complement your space and your personality.

Add Some Plants

Add some plants to keep your space refreshing. Having indoor plants has been one of my best choices in this process. Just looking at them every now and then keeps me away from getting stressed out. The plants can freshen up the entire space and can be very motivating.

Give your space the right lighting. Find the right spot to have natural light in your room, this can give your space a nice blend with your interior. You can also add fun pendant lighting which looks like a room décor too.

Personalize your space

You can hang some motivational quotes on your walls or even photos that can give you positivity while working. You can also add your favorite figures or artworks you feel are good and nice.

Organize everything

This will greatly help increase workflow and give you a better state of mind. Because who would be happy looking at a messy working table? Create a system for you to keep your work area clutter-free. You can make use of color-coded filing systems, task cards, and to-do lists. Nothing gives my mind a better feeling when everything’s
in place.

No matter what line of work you are in, what you need is to be in a creative and positive environment to be at your very best.

Monitor Setup

Ashley, an entrepreneur and a professional home improvement blogger at MomLovesHome with a lot of experience
working from home showers his ideas.

While laptops are the popular choice for most remote workers, they don’t hold a candle to the comfort of a traditional desktop. This is because of a desktop’s adjustability, allowing you to ergonomically place your keyboard and monitor. For a perfectly ergonomic monitor setup:

Place the monitor so that its top is at or slightly below your eye level to prevent yourself from bending your neck
The monitor should be a foot away from you to have the entire screen in full view, avoiding the need to move your head
Tilt the screen between 10-20 degrees (without bifocals) or 30-40 degrees (with bifocals) to avoid glare and to achieve optimal head positioning.

Set the mood

To be comfortable and thus productive, you’ll need to set the right mood to start off the day. You can do so by opening your curtains and windows for natural sunlight and fresh air. Not only does this have a positive psychological impact, but sunlight also acts as an inhibitor to melatonin synthesis, the chemical process in your brain which makes you sleepy. Thus you’ll be more active and comfortable throughout your day.

Finishing off the day

Once you’re officially done for the day, put aside all work-related activities and take the time to enjoy yourself and rest.
This way you won’t burn yourself out for the coming day, allowing you to be properly rested and comfortable.

How to make work from home more comfortable?

Jack Miller, the founder of How I Get Rid Of a leading home improvement blog shares 3 helpful tips to make working from home more comfortable

The one overarching way to make working from home fun is to establish a relaxed environment that’s still conducive to getting things done. That’s the one perk that remote workers have over their office-dwelling counterparts.

How exactly do you do that?

When picking a workspace, go green: Allow me to clarify: you’d want a workplace that can somehow make you feel one with nature because that’s always relaxing. It could be the view of trees or your garden from your window, or you can even establish a makeshift home office in your garden or pa o. Be creative, with that nature vibe in mind.

Personalize: The great thing about your own workspace from home is that you can fix it up according to your heart’s desire. You can paint the walls any color you want, add mementos from your travels… you can even use a large tarantula-filled terrarium as a centerpiece for your home office. Whatever it is, add your personal touch to it and go little nuts.

Make the most out of your breaks: In the office, your short breaks are limited to grabbing a quick cup of coffee or chatting with close co-workers in the pantry or by the water cooler. But if you’re working at home, you can do a mindfulness meditation session, sneak in a quick workout, or take a short nap. Whatever it is, make the most out of it and do anything but work-related obligations.
10 Awesome Ways To Make Your Home Office Space More Comfortable

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