8 Practical & Beautiful Tips To Maintain A Home Office

It’s easy to feel like you’re not getting anywhere with your work from the comfort of your own home, but if you take some time to get organized and create an efficient space for yourself, then the extra effort will be worth it. Here are some tips for how to maintain a home office.

Keep it simple

Beau McDermott, PR Manager for Bunch Bikes says,”Only keep work and other office-related materials visible in the office. While working, keep distractions to a minimum. Work while you work, and when you leave the office, don’t work like you’re still in the office.”

Keep it organized

Beau McDermott, PR Manager for Bunch Bikes says,”Everything has its place in my office. If I’ve decided something belongs somewhere on my desk or nearby, I’ll place a post-it note underneath it to remind me where it belongs if I move it. For instance, when I have a new idea, I scribble it down and toss it in a small hat (that my son wore when he was a toddler). The hat sits in the same spot on my desk until it’s time to review my ideas; under the hat is a post-it saying, idea-hat.
Less work remembering where things go means more work getting actual work done.”

Keep it functional

Beau McDermott, PR Manager for Bunch Bikes says,”Like the kitchen, the more used an item is, the more accessible it needs to be. Likewise, the less used, the less it needs to be visible or accessible.
The filing cabinet is used weekly but not daily, so it’s in the corner where I stand up and walk to it. A couple of small post-it pads I use daily stay by my left hand. The different colored highlighters?

On the desk, but I have to reach for them. The shred pile? Kept in the closet.”

Keep your supplies in order

Make sure you have everything you need to get the job done and make sure that it’s all at arm’s reach so you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for things when they are needed. Plan out where your pens will be, what folders would work best for different projects, and where you’ll keep your computer.

It’s a good idea to have two desks, one for work and one for all of the materials related to that work. Many people like working on the dining room table, but then they have trouble finding things and tend to leave their important papers lying around because there is no designated space for them.

Stay comfortable at all times

Whether you have a designated home office or just work from your sofa or kitchen table, make sure it’s always cozy and comfortable for you. Get yourself an ergonomic chair that supports your back, as well as pillows for comfort and support while sitting.

Make sure your body is relaxed so that you can focus on what matters most: getting the job done! Also, keep snacks at hand, and try meditation (or something like it) if things are really stressful – take some time out every day for relaxing activities such as these to relieve stress before bedtime. It will all pay off with higher productivity!


Create a workspace in every room of your house. When you work from home, remember that it’s possible to do some things in your bedroom, the kitchen, or on the dining room table, even if they aren’t necessarily related to what you’re doing at any given moment.

Keep important materials for each project organized in one place, and move as much as possible into these workspaces so you can get into the flow of getting things done!

Get outside once in a while

It’s easy to feel cooped up when working from home all day; go take a walk around the block with your dog or enjoy a nice lunch break out somewhere so you can re-energize yourself before heading back to work.
Remember that it’s important to take breaks, no matter how much work you’re getting done.


A clean workspace will make you feel like everything is under control, even when the mess around you is beyond your control. Make sure that all materials are in order and can be easily found; tidy up frequently if things get out of hand so you feel good about where things stand with this aspect of your home office.

It’s important to have a clean external workspace as well – not just inside your house, but outside as well! A messy lawn or an unkempt front yard says something about you to neighbors passing by: keep it in good shape and take care of things every day so they don’t pile up until they overwhelm you and make it hard to focus on work at any point during

Working from home is a privilege that many of us take for granted, but it’s also challenging and can be difficult to maintain. With the tips we’ve provided in this post about how to organize your workspace so you can stay focused on work without getting distracted by everything else going on around you, as well as other important things like taking breaks when needed and staying hydrated with plenty of water or healthy snacks at hand, hopefully, these ideas will help make working from home easier than ever before!

How to maintain a home office?

Randell Dan F. De Vera, an SEO writer for Heroes 2: The Bible Trivia Game shares practical tips to maintain a home office:
1) Clean. Have a regular cleaning (e.g. daily) to keep your workspace free from dirt and waste.

2) Organize. Sort things back into their original places to start tomorrow’s work fresh.

3) Check. Test your electronic gadgets for any possible technical errors, among others things that need assessment.
4) Fix. Repair or replace damaged materials if any.
5) Secure. Lock your cabinets and doors when you leave. Assign a trusted person to take care of the office if necessary.

8 Practical & Beautiful Tips To Maintain A Home Office

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