10 Simple Living Room Ideas which are Practical and Easy


The living room is an area of happiness and togetherness and always special. Looking for some living room ideas for 2021? We are spending so much time in the living room. It is important to focus more on comfort rather than fashion or minimalism.

Comfort and homeliness are the key decor points for a happy living space.

Do you know how to make the living room comfortable and homeliness?

Surprising refreshment in your living room

Even if you are indoor you should get fresh air and have exposure to natural light. People get less time basking in the rays of the sun.

Sustainable home design includes maximizing airflow and natural lighting.

You need as much fresh air and natural lighting in your living room as possible.

Increased natural light makes a living room look bigger and more open. Windows increase the value of a home.  Eco-friendly materials are trending texture for windows treatment. Big windows also help to show awesome views in the best way!

The natural world inside your living room

People wish to be near nature in some way and many of them strive to bring nature inside their homes. Putting a potted plant in your bedroom is a common idea to get a cool natural feel. Bryan Stoddard of Homewares Insider brings an idea that isn’t as common.

Bryan says, “the best way to bring a dash of the natural world inside your living room, as well as make the room look cool and special, is by installing an aquarium. First of all, there are many different sizes of aquariums, and you can scale them up according to the space available in the living room. So, you can go extravagant and even use an aquarium as a space divider and a wall, but that’s a costly option.

He adds,” Aquariums don’t only look good, they bring a little livelihood inside your space. There are hundreds of different types of fishes you can care for that will make your living room an exciting place. That in practice means you can afford a small aquarium even in the smallest living room, and it won’t look out of place”.

Invest in multi-purpose furniture

Furniture is essential in living room decoration. The selection of furniture is important and it improves the look of the living room. Experts have the opinion that choosing multifunctional furniture, even if you have a big living room. Multifunctional furniture will give you a place to store books, throw blankets, and other stuff you don’t want on display all the time.

Daybeds are a nice choice to have a place to sleep when there are more people in your home and you don’t have a guest room.

Living Room decor from old or unused objects.

What do you do with unused or old everyday objects?

It is common practice to Discard the old stuff and buy new ones from the market. Isn’t it?

You can create some handmade objects from the old ones. This new and unique product gives a novel look.  It also helps to preserve our mother earth.

There are many ways in which you can reuse old and unused materials. For example, you can make a variety of handmade from plastic bottles. The versatility of plastic bottles is great, using them as plant pots or creating a vertical garden and even a magazine rack or making lampshades.

Paula Sara, an expert in DIY and crafts niche and owner of the blog www.colorfulcraftcorner.com  says,” The best way to add unique home decor to any room is by creating handmade objects, recycling, reusing or repurposing old or unused everyday objects.

One of my favorite items for this purpose are old frames                                                                                                           

1. A cool tray: paint it and glue on leather straps,

2. Accent wall mirror: add a coat of paint (+ other embellishments: mosaic, rhinestones, flat back pearls, stencil them) replace the glass with a piece of mirror.

3. Cool pinboard: decorate like mentioned above but put a cork sheet in place of the mirror,

4. Hanging succulent garden (trending now in home decor: add a piece of chicken wire and succulent soil, plant colorful succulents randomly or create a unique design (in ombre shades or cool patterns),

5. Use only the frame, attach your Christmas wreath on it with a ribbon and bow for a cozy mantel decor”.

Do you miss your favorite ones?

Home is a space of togetherness. It’s a joy that all family members are around. Unfortunately, many of us have been unable to see family and friends who live in other states and countries. So a lot of people are compensating by hanging up pictures and personal memories on the wall.

Gallery walls are going to be a huge trend.

You can hang photos, framed drawings, and anything that reminds you of your loved ones in a cluster on your living room wall. It’s like having a mini art exhibit dedicated to the people who make you happiest in life!

Of course, a gallery wall doesn’t have to revolve around your friends and family. If you’d rather hang artsy pictures and prints that reflect your personality, that works great too.

Collect found objects and display

Do you think that you don’t have the money to buy home decors?

It’s not necessary to buy all the decorating items. People have the wrong perception of money and home decor. You can make your home beautiful on a budget. And it is also possible to decorate your home without spending a penny.

Lorie Anderson of  Mom Informed, who is not a professional designer but a  keen enthusiastic about decorating, always thinking about child-proof ways to decorate. She gives a nice live room decor idea which gives satisfaction and a sense of sentimentality.

She says,” Ever since my son knocked a vase off the end table in our living room, I’ve sworn off buying decor until the kids get older.

Instead, we’ve started decorating our house with items we make or collect. Every time we go to the beach, the kids gather a few rocks or seashells to put on the mantle. And when we go to the park, we look for pretty flowers or grass to display in Mason jars.

These make quaint decorations, and they carry a sense of sentimentality that store-bought decorations don’t have. Plus, they aren’t going to break!”

Light and Shadow

The biggest thing people are looking for in their living room spaces is comfort. One way to make space comfier is to add designs that make your life easier. John  Barnes of Lamps Plus, an Interior Design Expert describes the efficiency and comforts of multiple light sources. He gives an expert opinion on using multiple light sources which have the power to alter a room. It provides a better comfortable and relaxing space.

He says,” You want a play of light and shadow in the room to create a richness and appealing mood. Doing so gives you the look you see in decor magazines, movies, and so on, and it’s easy to recreate in your own home.

He put forward some tips to follow: USB lamps have built-in USB ports and, in some cases power outlets as well so that you can charge phones, tablets, and so on. They’re a great way to make the room more liveable and comfortable. I also love the table floor lamps. These designs combine a floor lamp with a small table, giving you a multi-tasking design that’s ideal for a small space or anywhere that you can’t squeeze in an end table. To make the living room more comfortable, it’s also useful to use the layers of lighting ideas”.

A wow factor

A rug is a vital and timeless home decor element in any modern home and with the right selection of rug, guaranteed to add the wow factor to your living room.

A rug is used to add style, character, and warmth to space, and add that all-important finishing touch. The rug is a nice way to “frame” your living room furniture also, which makes the space feel more cohesive and balanced.

A floral-patterned rug or something with geometric shapes can add a vibrant and dynamic feel to your family room, without making the room feel too busy. As well as being a beautiful decorative accessory, a rug also serves varying practical purposes; use a rug to protect your flooring or utilize it as a floor covering to hide damage or soiling. 

Bold Contrast to the living room

Jen Stark, a home improvement expert and the founder of Happy DIY Home says, “Bold contrasts are coming into style, and they create a huge statement in your living room. You could do bold black paint on your walls and molding and offset it with cream-colored flooring and furniture. Add a touch of elegance and fun with a black and white Marilyn Monroe portrait. If you have a bookcase, you can switch the books so the spines are facing the wall to bring a chic, modern look and feel to space.

Adding pops of color can bring a warm element to your living room. If you have softer colors on the walls and in your flooring and furniture, add a few vibrant colors. This could be in the form of a small area run, throw pills, or a chair or two. You could stick to your primary colors, or you could mix and match to create a fun, boho vibe”.

A gorgeous Chair

There should be a beautiful chair for every living room. No interior is complete without a gorgeous accent chair. You can select an extra comfy, contemporary chair for your living room. Get yourself a gaming chair if possible.

Comfort and homeliness are the key decor points for a happy living space. When somebody enters your domicile, one of the gear rooms they arrive in is the living-room. It is significant to keep the living room classy and elegant.

Where should I put LED lights in my living room?

Robert Johnson, founder of Sawinery says,”A great way to add some spice to your living room is to take advantage of LED light strips. Not only does it give your living room a very modern aesthetic, but it also allows you a lot of flexibility to really create your desired atmosphere. You can use it for supplemental lighting or to completely change the room’s mood based on the colors you choose. The best part about LED light strips is that you’re not limited to installing it on walls and ceilings alone. You can take it to the next level by attaching it behind your TV, under your couch, a coffee table, or any area that you really want to stand out”.

How can I make my living room attractive?

Many design ideas can be incorporated to make your living room attractive and beautiful. Above mentioned living room ideas can be considered if you prefer simple easy practical methods

What is the significance of lights in home decor?

You can keep everything as bright as you can. Not in color, but in lighting. That can be done in a variety of ways, from letting natural light into the home, installing proper lighting fixtures, or input bright colors in your furniture and the paint.
By keeping the room bright, you will make it seem warmer and more comfortable, as well as positively impact your mood compared to a dark room.
10 Simple Living Room Ideas which are Practical and Easy

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