5 Simple And Practical Tips To Arrange Living Room Furniture In A Rectangular Room

to decorate a living room in Indian style

DO you feel bad when it comes to arranging your furniture, then how will you manage in case of a rectangular room.

You can follow the following tips to arrange a living room furniture in a rectangular room.

Break the long space

Kimberly Richmond of White Peony Design says, “Rectangular rooms always seem so daunting when it comes to arranging furniture and decorating. But if you break the one long space into smaller more intimate areas, figuring out a layout that works for you is so much easier.

Be the centre of attraction

Kimberly Richmond also suggests, “One of my go-to moves is to bring the heaviest pieces of furniture (sofas, lounge chairs, coffee tables, etc.) away from the small end walls and place them in the center of the room. I’ll then anchor it all with a beautiful area rug. This works to draw your eye away from the walls and everyone will naturally gravitate towards the center of the room. You’ll soon forget the walls are even there.”

He continues, “Don’t worry that you need to live in a large home for this trick of the eye to work. Even a few smaller-scaled pieces of furniture placed in the center of your small living room and anchored with an eye-catching area rug will do the same.”

Consider the walls to arrange living room furniture in a rectangular room

Kimberly Richmond continues, “Although I’m all for breaking design rules in my projects, there is one hard and fast rule I follow when working on a long rectangular room. Do not treat the small end walls as feature walls. This means no beautiful contrasting paint or amazing wallpaper only on this one wall and, if possible, try to avoid placing your t.v or fireplace on the narrow end walls.

By drawing attention to the small wall at the other end of the room, you’ll emphasize the narrowness of the room—the opposite of what we want to do. Instead, place anything you’d like to act as a focal point (your t.v, fireplace, dramatic artwork) on the long wall to dray your eye there. This of course works in the same way as when we moved the biggest furniture pieces away from the end walls.

So what can you use the end walls for? I really like to use these for quiet areas. A lovely reading nook with two chairs for curling up with a good book or a small games table with a couple of chairs for long games of checkers. The small end walls are also perfect for storage areas. Not only will adding a beautiful bookcase to this area give you the storage everyone is short on, these larger often deeper pieces of furniture, will also help to visually shorten your room. Although you don’t want these areas to be boring, make sure they are a little less exciting than the center of your room so they don’t compete for attention.

When you are breaking a single room into different sections it’s really important to make sure the room still flows beautifully rather than looking like a garage sale of mismatched things. Keep the style across the room the same, use colors that are similar in tone, repeat patterns through the different areas. Anything that creates a cohesive and intentional look.”

Pro Tip

Matt Scott, the owner of Termite Survey shares a pro tip idea, “I understand the predicament that people go through when arranging a rectangular room. These rooms usually have a larger area to work with, and that gives you a dilemma on how to arrange furniture.

So as a pro-tip, you’d want to determine your focal point. Maybe it’s the mounted TV at the center of the room. Or a fireplace. Once you’ve done that, you can then arrange the seating by placing a couch or sofas around that focal point”.

Lighting and Space

Simon Elkjær, the Chief Marketing Officer of avXperten, home of Denmark’s most affordable electronics accounts on a different idea: When it comes to decorating and arranging, I always make sure to get a full view of space and plan ahead. The two things that I prioritize the most are lighting and space. Making sure that your furniture is properly placed in well-lit areas will make it a brighter and more enjoyable area to be in. I also make sure that my furniture is placed in a way that makes it easier for everyone to talk and move around. Having these two things in mind will definitely make redecorating and renovation easier for you.

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5 Simple And Practical Tips To Arrange Living Room Furniture In A Rectangular Room

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