6 Outrageous Ideas To Decorate Large Living Rooms.

large room decor ideas

You know it’s hard to get a large living room to be warm and cozy. You can display bold, large pieces of artwork to decorate large living rooms. These investments can be conversational pieces straight from the gallery or an exhibition. Large living rooms have plenty of space for artwork that deserves a special spot in the home because they can be easily viewed by guests. Besides, these can pop out of plain walls and may influence your color scheme as well.

Are you looking for more ideas to decorate large living rooms?

Here are the 6 outrageous ideas to decorate large living rooms.

Unify the Design

It’s important to choose a theme to follow.

It helps you to establish a feeling of coziness in your large living room.

Yitty Glauber founder of Modern Loft says,” Unify the design of the entire room by choosing a color, material or texture that will be used throughout the entire room, bringing the many different parts or elements of the room together.”

She advises avoiding a flat or 2-dimensional look. In a large room, it’s especially important to layer colors, textures, shapes, and patterns

She also accounts for the empty space of the large room. Don’t let a very large living room scream of bare walls. Even if you’re going to leave a part of the space empty, think about the walls, floors, and ceilings. Use the appropriate rugs, pendant lamps, wall lamps, wall art, mirrors, and other wall accessories.

Patterns are definitely important in creating a visually interesting space, but too many patterns can also make the room feel crowded and overwhelming. 

Avoid Decorating Don’ts

Daniel Javor, CEO of Next Luxury advises to Avoid Decorating Don’ts.

He says,” Don’t push the furniture against the walls in a large room. It will feel awkward, and people will feel too far away from each other. Don’t buy a matching set; this is boring and lacks personality. It also limits your ability to comfortably fill the space.”
You must Choose the Furniture and Layout that are right for you.

He is also giving an idea on how to Arrange the Furniture Correctly. According to him,” When decorating your large living room as one space, don’t let it feel empty. Choose large-scaled furniture to fill more of the space. Arrange the furniture to surround you and place it about three feet from each other to make entertaining easier, and to help make space feel more comfortable.”

Alice Benjamin an Interior Designer with more than 20 years of experience also shares the best tips to work with large living room spaces. She says, “make sure you use scale properly large spaces do better with large scale furniture. Have larger pieces instead of many smaller pieces of furniture.”

John Stevenson, Marketing Specialist for My Gre Exam Preparation also accounts for some of the mistakes. He says, “It’s very tempting to keep adding and adding to your decor, but it is also essential to take a step back to consider if your furniture is complementing your theme or simply making your space look cluttered. Place some of your furniture like couches and tables away from walls to maximize all that extra space and create a more intimate space for conversations and entertaining guests.”

Center of Attraction

You can fix the focal point or center of attraction according to your taste. It is the first thing people notice while entering the living room.

The centerpiece of any living room may be furniture (Round Table, Sofa set, etc.), television, etc.


The large living room gives you an opportunity to do something special with the ceiling. It may be a coffered ceiling or even some faux beams that run across. It is also advisable to install a statement piece lighting fixture. A beautiful chandelier or large modern suspended light are some of the options

Relevant accessories to decorate large living rooms


A great way to decorate a living room of a large expanse would be mirrored.
Mirrors are always trendy decor that adds elegance and fullness to the room. Mirrors are always a grateful wall decor element and it brings playfulness. This wall decor idea is very attractive and gives a classy appeal to your living rooms. Today, the trend is to decorate and arrange with mirrors of different shapes and frames from different stylistic periods, as well as mirrors of organic shapes.

Mirrors are available in different sizes and shapes. There are larger and smaller ones, geometric or round, oval or square, whether they’re with thicker carved frames or without a frame, and make fantastic wall decor. Not only do they look great, but they’ll also create the illusion that your living room is bigger than it really is! It helps to check your outfit, which you can’t do with any other type of wall decor.


Another great way to decorate a living room of a large expanse would be houseplants. Large living rooms have a lot of space for large plants that may add a feeling of comfort to the space.

Houseplants warm up the atmosphere and are easy to match and place with most other decorative pieces. Indoor plants help to bring a piece of nature to home. These plants are a great addition to every home as they bring more oxygen and have a calming effect on people. There are plenty of gorgeous indoor plants that don’t need a lot of care. That is almost impossible to kill and you don’t want to spend more time on it. It is good to keep the plants close to the window so that they can catch enough daylight on a regular basis. Some plants bloom throughout the year which spreads joyfulness and hopefulness and makes a great piece of decor

You can choose the plant that you like, but it is better to put those that don’t blossom since this can be challenging to match with the rest of your furniture. A simple, elegant plant such as a Dragon tree or Fishtail palm will look beautiful and also keep your air fresh and clean


This is another great way to create a designated space within the room. This is also a method to add a splash of color to prevent the room from becoming monotonous. It’s important to note that area rugs are important for zoning, They shape and designate/dictate a given space while also allowing you to bring in your own personal design style

Divide the Space

It is a great idea to make different designated areas zones. This is a way to utilize various parts of a large living space.

Daniel Javor, CEO of Next Luxury says,” If your living room is large enough, consider turning it into two separate usable spaces. Part of your living room can be for entertaining, and the other half could be anything that suits your lifestyle. It could be a reading space, mini office, game spot, or an additional dining area. Use the furniture and rugs to visually separate the space.
A tall shelving unit that’s open on both sides is a functional room divider. A chaise lounge or console table is also nice furniture pieces that can divide a room.”

Alice Benjamin an expert Interior Designer also mentions the idea of breaking up the large living room space. She shares some brilliant ideas about how to use the vacant space. She adds,” Living rooms that are large can be broken up into functional zones you add a library nook, a games table area, and a gathering space. You can also use dividing flow pieces Tête-a-tête, which is one of my favorites go-to pieces to divide and connect two areas of conversation. It doesn’t have a back and there is no right way to sit or lie on it.”

Do you like these ideas to decorate large living rooms?

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How do you arrange furniture in a large living room?

Vishal Gupta, a real estate agent, investor, and owner of We Buy Houses In The Triangle shares his ideas on furniture arrangements. He points out to use the actual space in the room: When you have a large space to work with, you want to avoid putting a lot of furniture near or against walls. Doing so will likely create a lot of open space. You may then feel inclined to fill in space, which could lead to clutter, which then shrinks your beautiful large living room.
He also says to use furniture which fits the space: This will be a key component as you want to make sure the furniture you use in the large room looks like it belongs there. Having a statement piece like a large sectional will really stand out and help define the space

How do I choose an accent color for my living room?

The beauty of a large room is the versatility of color options, where you can’t go wrong with either dark or light. It is a tough task to choose the accent color for your living room. The best way is to test out paint color variations before you actually commit. It is also important to consider things such as how the color would look during the different times of the day, in a variety of lighting situations, and most importantly with your furniture and decor. Some colors can look very different on your walls from what they looked like in the paint store.

What type of lighting is best for the living room?

John Stevenson, Marketing Specialist for My Gre Exam Preparation suggests, “Overhead lighting is great to have, but it shouldn’t be the only source of illumination, especially for a large living room. Incorporating other light sources like table lamps, floor lamps, and sconces can really be that “x” factor that really transforms the ambiance of a room.”

Which direction should a sofa be placed?

oe Flanagan, Founder of 90s Fashion World says,”Your most important piece of furniture in a large living room is going to be your sofa set. Chances are you will at least have a three-body large sofa and two smaller ones for one person, or a combination of two large couches in front of one another plus two standalone sofas on the side. Keeping that in mind, there are a couple of key places to decorate to create impact. Above your chimney, for example, is a great space for a large vintage mirror, a couple of candles in jewel tones, and maybe a couple of portraits. You could also go fancy light fixtures! Beside your chimney and on the space between the sofas and the walls is the perfect spot for two large floor lamps (if you used fancy light fixtures on the chimney you might consider floor candleholders here and add a rustic romantic feel to the room). You might want to consider prints here, something that matches the tone of the candles and adds a new color.
You can use that same color on the cushions for the sofas. That way you start creating layers of colors that feel like everything is connected while also adding variety. The texture is also key, think textiles that are knit, or handwoven, or embroidered. You can use this same method in any spacious room to make it feel connected and decorated as a whole. It is particularly handy for budgeted renovations since you are not splurging on the big items. By reusing the same two shades in other parts of the living room you will be able to maintain the look while also adding variation through either print or texture. A large room needs a little variety and empty spaces to not feel overdone and crowded, so don’t be afraid to leave some areas bare.”

6 Outrageous Ideas To Decorate Large Living Rooms.

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