10 Simple Tricks To Organize Kid’s Room Beautifully

to organize kid's room

Do you tired with organizing your kid’s room?

Organizing the kid’s room is not an easy task. Even if you arrange everything in place your naughty may clutter the room within seconds.

You can follow these tips to organize kid’s room

Shelf Unit with Storage Baskets

Allison Thibault award-winning designer and the principal designer at Kaleidoscope Design Studio says, “When it comes to kids, let’s face it, they tend to have A LOT of stuff. This makes organization within a kid’s room essential. A shelf unit with storage baskets will help with keeping toys neat and organized, while also teaching the children the importance of tidying up.

You can also use these shelves to your advantage! Keeping toys that are frequently used within arm’s reach for the kids while keeping other items, like toys that require supervision or have a lot of pieces up higher so that you can control when they are accessed. “

He also speaks about color ideas. He adds,”When it comes to a kid’s room color can also play a huge role in the organization. Kids are visual learners, so establishing that if they pick up a toy that’s green, for example, that it gets put back with the other toys that are green. This is a simple yet effective practice to keep the space tidy and organized.”

Comfortable With Space

Simon Elkjær, the Chief Marketing Officer of avXperten, home of Denmark’s most affordable electronic says, “It’s important to keep in mind that your kids’ rooms should not only be safe but comfortable as well. As it is their personal space, one of the best ways you can organize kids’ rooms is by keeping their interests and personalities in mind.

Making sure that your child connects with the designs in their room and how it’s organized will make them feel more comfortable with the space they have and make them appreciate it more.”


Lorie Anderson the founder of MomInformed a parenting blog suggests using cubbies: There’s no better storage solution for a kid’s bedroom than cubbies. Most elementary school classrooms have cubbies for students, so it creates a sense of continuity throughout the day for them. Whether they’re at school or home, their stuff always returns to a cubby when not in use.

They come in a million styles, too. Whether you get colorful wooden ones or simple white canvas ones, they’ll look great in your child’s room.

Assign everything a home

Lorie Anderson the founder of MomInformed says, “Home organization isn’t just about getting things in order; it’s about keeping things in order. And for you to keep things in order, you have to give everything a place. That way, when you’re not using it, you can put each item back in its home spot.

Explain this to your child. They’ll have an easier time keeping their room clean if they know where to put each item when they’re done with it.

Give your child a say in the whole process

Lorie Anderson the founder of MomInformed has the opinion of including your child in the organizing process.

The more your kid likes their room, the more incentivized they’ll be to keep it clean. And if they feel a sense of ownership over their room, They’ll like it more. So, unless we’re talking about a very little kid (like younger than six), ask them to help you ‘design’ the room.

Or if you want to save time, you can arrange it yourself, then ask them if they like it and adjust accordingly.

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Giselle May, the editor of www.katherinerosman.com, a parenting website that empowers parents to make their own choices, expresses her views about how to organize a kid’s rooms. She put forwards the following ideas.

Start by decluttering

Giselle May says,”It helps to relieve the room by stuff kids no longer use to make the room neater and more organized later on. I would usually donate or sell used but good items. Do this each season to keep clutter from building up”.

Assign a function for each space

Although the room is primarily intended for sleeping, kids will likely play and study in there too. I would dedicate a corner for studying where the study table is, and a corner for playing, where the toys are. I believe assigning a spot for each activity will make the organization a lot easier.

Giselle May also says,”I’m not a fan of toys, books, and clothes lying around, so getting plenty of storage will make the bedroom look clutter-free. Assigning storage for their things would also help kids put stuff back where they belong”.

Make frequently used things more accessible

Place the kids’ favorite toys and book on shelves that they can easily reach. Clothes that are too big for them to wear should be stored on the upper portions of shelves or drawers, while those that they use on a daily basis should be on the lower levels.

Opt for a timeless theme

kids grow up so fast that they might no longer like the cartoon character they’ve been obsessed with when they were
two years old. So instead of donning the room with Mickey decors, how about using a color palette that they like? This will make it easier for you to decorate and organize the room as they grow.

Closet for all the clothes

Melanie Musson, a mom of five, is a home organization expert with HomeInsuranceReviews says, “Use the closet for all the clothes. A small dresser should fit in the closet and still leave room for hanging clothes. A hanging shoe rack or
narrow shelves can keep shoes organized.

If you keep all the clothing-related items in the closet, you free the main part of the room for organizing playthings. Cube shelves with baskets or bins allow you to keep toys organized and looking neat.

If the room is small, make the most of the space by utilizing under-the-bed storage systems. You can use one under-bed container as a toy box and another as a place to store clothes for your child to grow into.

Use decor that doubles as toys. Wooden toys look beautiful on display, but they’re also designed to be played with, so they make excellent finishing touches in a child’s room.”

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10 Simple Tricks To Organize Kid’s Room Beautifully

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