How To Interior Design Your Living Room? 8 Simple Yet Powerful Tips From Experts

How To Interior Design Your Living Room

How to interior design your living room?

Do you feel the process is a tedious ?

If your answer is Yes, Then please listen to the words of Olivia, the co-founder of CocoFax, a new start-up company in Singapore: Designing your living room is not a tedious process.

The first step is to find a piece of artwork you love. When I designed the rooms for my catalog, I had the same dilemma. I had a completely blank canvas with endless possibilities. More often than not, I used a piece of artwork as a starting point. I wanted to emphasize those colors in the painting, so I used them in my upholstery, pillows, and a bright blue rug.

The next step is to start with a rug and find a fabulous fabric. Large-scale florals, especially ones with a black background, are really trending so I used the new Beatrice Black Fabric. Finally, choose a color. Color can have a huge impact on the way your room feels. Every color has its own personality, so if you find a hue that evokes the feeling you’re after, go to town with it in your space.

What do you feel?

Do you wish to get more expert opinions on How to interior design your living room?

Go with your Heart

Ryan Jones from Land of Rugs Online LTD loves to give some practical tips on living room design.

He continues, “The living room is, arguably, the most important room within your home. You need to ensure it is designed in a useable, but also aesthetically pleasing way. Here are some actionable tips on pieces of décor you can use within your living room to ensure it is designed for maximum purpose and impact:

This is probably the most important tip I can give you. Whatever style you choose to design your living room in, you need to make sure you are going to be comfortable spending time in the space, day in and day out! So, whether you choose Scandinavian interior design philosophies, go for more of a maximalist design or you want to explore combining interior styles (such as Japandi) then make sure you do! Designs can always be changed, and furniture moved. So do what makes you happy!”

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Plan first; don’t buy

Alina the growth manager and co-founder of CocoDoc, a software development company based in the US invites your attention to a simple but most powerful idea.

Putting the throw pillow before the plan is a frequent design mistake. Designing the perfect living room isn’t a one-day event. If anything, you first need to visualize how the living room will look, without any furniture in place, before shopping.

Most house owners make the mistake of buying things for the living room, without a plan for the living room. This is the main reason why we have living room disasters in many houses.Creating a design layout for the space may be the solution yet, but it’s not for everyone. A simple sketch would do if you have no knowledge in technical drawing.

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Focal Point

Andrew Barker, Founder & CEO of an online home improvement magazine called HomeownerCosts says, “Living room is a space for gatherings, thus, having a focal point in this space will be a good thing. This can also be an indicator of where the center is within the living area. It could be a fireplace, an artwork as a centerpiece, or most commonly a television.”

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Study Color Pallets

Tal Shelef. Realtor and co-founder of Condo Wizard says,”I think homeowners should take their time about what color they want because the color sets the mood of your living room. To make the best of colors, homeowners should think about complimenting colors. Random colors make the design of the living room look random. And sometimes it hurts my eyes when the colors of the room don’t complement well.”

Invest in the Sofa

Charles McMillan, Entrepreneur and Founder of Stand with Main Street shares her idea.

According to her,”The core of every living room is the couch or sofa. Hence, it is really important to spend time in decision-making. Select a sofa that would not only match your house design but also address the functionality it serves to your home.

Consider your household when choosing your couch and conduct self-assessment, i.e. do you have kids? Do you prefer leather sofa or fabric ones?

Do you like minimalist looks or classy?

It is important to address the materials that are suitable for your home.

Remember that the sofa is where you’ll rest after a long day at work and you’ll spend most of your time with your family, thus it must stand the test of time.”


Ryan Jones from Land of Rugs Online LTD says,”When it comes to furniture, there are certain things you need within your living room. You need a comfortable sofa, a bookcase for storage, and depending on the number of people who will be in your living room at any
one time, a comfortable armchair or two. When it comes to the placement of furniture, many people now choose to go Scandinavian with their choice and place furniture against a wall. This is great as it maximizes the available space in your living room and eliminates any dead space.”

Alina the growth manager and co-founder of CocoDoc also shares the views on furniture:

The couch is the centre of your living room. A minimal couch complements a small living room. Inversely, a large couch works great with a large living room because you need to minimis empty spaces.

The living room carpet or rug is a central part of the furniture too. In practice, you can either go with a rug that complements the available furniture to get that uniform look or one that contrasts with the painting to draw attention away from the walls. Warm fuzzy carpets are also your best option since they’re comfortable to walk on.

Andrew Barker, Founder & CEO of an online home improvement magazine called HomeownerCosts says,”arrange furniture for conversation.”

He adds,”Again, the living room is an area where most of the family happenings take place. Aside from the dinner table, this room is also space where family and friends can talk and catch up. Thus, it is best to arrange your seats and sofa in a manner that could spark conversations and will let everyone interact.”

Area Rugs

Ryan Jones from Land of Rugs Online LTD shares a practical and simple idea:

Area rugs are so common in living rooms as it offers a brilliant way to tie your furniture together. Your area rug needs to be placed in the center of your living room, with the furniture placed around it. If you choose, you can also have a coffee table in the center of the area rug too.

One thing to be wary of here is you do not want the rug to be too small or too large. Too small, it will make the entire room look disjointed. And too large, it will create the illusion that your space is smaller than it is.

Think lighting

Alina the growth manager and co-founder of CocoDoc says,”Natural lighting should be the first point of concern for your living room. The quality and direction of natural lighting will determine what paint you use, what curtains you’ll get, and how you’ll position the living room furniture.

Indoor lighting should also be considered while at it. Living room lamps are a work of art. You need to select the ones that match your living idea down to the last detail.”

Andrew Barker, Founder & CEO of an online home improvement magazine called HomeownerCosts also speaks about finding good lighting:

A window across your living room is a good idea because it invites light. It will also add to the relaxing, cozy, and comfortable vibe this space is designed for. Unlike the bedroom that is private, living rooms must be inviting and open.

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How can I decorate my living room like a designer?

LeslieSaul of Leslie Saul & Associates is celebrating 25 years of providing architecture and interiors for people who work, play, age, live, and learn says,:Interior Design of a living room, or any room in the house, should not be based on what you saw on Pinterest or Houzz, although these images can help you and your designer learn about your taste and preferences. The design should be based on the adjectives you and your guests would use to describe the room. The design should be based on the actual real world use of the room: Is it used at all or just for show? Did it become the home office during the pandemic? Is it really where you watch TV and play with the dog? Do you use it as the anteroom for the dining room, where cocktails and appetizers are served before a dinner party or large family gathering? Is the room primarily to display your art collection? If you are honest about the use, then the design will follow naturally. Other comments to consider is how the room fits-in or contrasts with the rest of the house. If the rest of the house is bold, maybe the living room should be quiet, or maybe there need to be a few bold elements to make the room feel like it’s part of the whole house.”

To summarize:

1. Know who you are and how you live
2. Think about how you want the room to be described when it’s done (wow!, inviting, welcoming, beautiful, exciting, for examples)
3. Think about how the room talks to or ignores the rest of the house
4. Hire a designer to help you think it through, find resources, and keep the project on track
How To Interior Design Your Living Room? 8 Simple Yet Powerful Tips From Experts

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