13 Astonishing Factors To Brighten A Room With No Natural Light

to brighten your room with no natural light

Interior design experts have the opinion that the darkroom is a nightmare to them. Whether from natural or artificial light, brightness makes all the difference to set a room’s tone. Ensure all the curtains and blinds are open so the sun can shine in as much as possible. 

Do you think, How to brighten a room with no natural light?

In such cases where the sun isn’t vivid, use lamps and overhead lighting to enhance a room’s beauty. 

Do you wish to know more idea to brighten a room with no natural light 

Keep Your Walls Light

First is first. It is very vital to keep your walls light.

It’s important to select neutral colors like whites and creams in a room with no light where reflection is limited, creating the illusion of a larger space while maintaining a fresh, airy feel. Certainly painting the room a lighter color such as white or light grey can help. Lack of lighting eliminates reflection and depth making spaces feel small and cramped.

James, an interior designer at one of New York’s leading interior design firms. Also, and a DIY & woodworking enthusiast and blog over at PaintSprayerBible elaborately speaks about wall colors that brighten your room. He explains,” Having a well-lit room is important and not just aesthetically. You’ll know what I mean if you spend long hours working on your laptop. We can’t control how much natural light a room receives, right? The best way to deal with this is to intelligently choose the right colors to paint on your walls.

Darker colors and richer tones make a room look darker and smaller than it is. Pale colors are your best options. They reflect any artificial light you’ve placed in the room. This creates the illusion of brightness and more space.

Many use white paint to enlarge a room. The downside to this is that starkly white walls can look grayish in less light. You might be better off picking a mid-tone or an actual gray instead.

Otherwise, try spray painting ivory or cream. Those are both beautiful and classic, too. If you want a bit of color, you can go with pastel shades. These include mint, lilac, sky, and butter.

Keep different saturation in mind. According to space, you will have to choose between the warmer or colder version of the color. Opt for a more saturated color. Less light makes many colors other than white appear grayer than they are. You can also try bright, shiny, and semi-warm colors, too. Those would go well with brightly-toned furniture.

Tip: Keep in mind, it’s always best to keep your furniture minimal, both in quantity and in design.

Finally, the end finish will help you brighten up the room exponentially. Try a matte finish in low-light rooms. Remember that artificial sources of light create glares on high-gloss finishes. Keep these tips in mind and you won’t even notice your room lacks light.”

Good lighting and lamps

Stephany Smith, part of the certified electrician team at Fantastic Services points out the efficiency of LED lamps. She says, “Good lighting isn’t just something for the evening. Lighting engages your family and guests. Using dimmable LED lamps that fit easily into standard electrical sockets is a great way to improve mood. They can be smarter than conventional bulbs because once you set them up, they’ll light the room automatically and let you enjoy a soft light in the evenings. Incandescent lighting, on the other hand, is warm, although it does lose its intensity over time. So, for the long-term, you should stick to fluorescent, LED, or other high-efficiency lamps.”

She continues, “If you have a chandelier, why not swap it out with a table lamp or floor lamp that works in your space? You can also go for more contemporary light fixtures with flat bulbs, giving rooms an industrial feel you may prefer.”

Floor Lamps

Light fixtures and floor lamps are crucial to provide the necessary lighting in order to create a lively ambiance. The trick is using the correct color bulb.

Tubular skylights

Beth McRae, CEO of the McRae Agency says.”One of the best approaches is to install a tubular skylight, which can be done in under two hours with no construction. Tubular skylights are much more affordable than traditional skylights; some brands are also leak-proof with no heat gain or loss. A good tubular skylight will flood the interior space with pure, natural light, which has also been shown to kill germs. Tubular skylights can easily go into small spaces such as closets, hallways, and bathrooms. They have a dome on the roof that harvests light and transfers it down a highly reflective tube and into the room via a diffuser.”

 Daniel Walsh, the owner of Smart Home Technology shares four approaches one could take to brighten a room with no natural light.

  1. Circadian Lighting Schedule
  2. Smart Light Panels
  3. Ambient Lighting
  4. Accent Lighting

Circadian Lighting Schedule

With smart bulbs and strip lights, you could set up schedules so the brightness and color of the room’s lights changes to replicate daylight. In the morning, they could be set to a warm glow (2,700 Kelvin) progressing to a strong cool color during the day (up to 6,500 Kelvin), and reducing again in the evening. These types of light changes reflect the natural sleep/wake cycles of the body and are known to improve health and wellbeing.

Smart Light Panels

If the purpose of the room is for gaming, or a home theatre then smart LED
light panels could work a treat. These multi-colored square or hexagonal light panels can coordinate with what is on a TV screen, or be set to a custom gradient sequence covering 16.8 million colors! Nanoleaf, Lifx Tile, Helios Touch are some of the best options available.

Ambient Lighting

As there is no natural light source, the primary ceiling light will need to provide ample illumination for the room. A bright white LED light would work well here and would be enhanced by painting the walls white. You could install mirrors on the wall which would help to reflect the light further, giving the illusion of extra space. Recessed lighting placed in the
the ceiling will give the illusion of light peeking out from above.

Accent Lighting

Another trick would be to utilize accent lighting to further soften the room and provide some depth. Picture lights, under-cabinet lights, wall lights would be quite helpful in completing the picture. Hidden light sources could be used to give the illusion of a window just out of view.

Back In Style

The famous Interior Designer and Founder of Design Appy, Maria Martin says,” Torches are coming back in style. They bounce light off the ceiling to help create an overall wash of light in the space. Also Led strip lights are getting rather inexpensive and can be installed in places out of sight behind an entertainment unit or injera. Bed to allow for ambient lighting.”

Feel Bigger and Brighter

Mirrors can be used to brighten a room with no natural light. The mirror bounces the light around the room and makes it feel bigger and brighter by illusion.

Do you like to know more mirror ideas to brighten your home, Click Here.


When a room is incredibly dark, you may consider adding plants with your artificial lighting to give off a sunlight effect by association. Speaking of outdoors, implementing plants into your space can automatically make space feel brighter.

Plants bring life and color into your home creating a serene atmosphere brightening up those dark, dingy corners.

Choose Light Furniture

Phil Watson, Barbecue Grill Review says, “Shiny lacquered, clear glass, and see-through acrylic pieces will add a bright look to the room. These kinds of furnishings will keep the overall look of your room sunny and bright, so consider decorative accessories in these finishes as well.”

Tower lamps

Rhea Henry, Content Strategist at EnergyRates.ca, a leading energy rate comparison website that provides users with unbiased, third-party reviews of electricity and natural gas retailers deliberately speakers her experience with tower lamps.

She says, “My old apartment featured only North-facing windows that were blocked by another building, and– like most Canadian homes– no living room lights. During the winter months, my living room was completely unusable past 6 p.m. Fortunately, I was able to put some things together to make my room brighter and feel homier.

In terms of standard lighting, tower lamps disperse lighting much higher and farther than alternatives. Since they might be your home’s primary lighting in this scenario, you might want to invest in one or two, with more than one bulb, and if your bulb can shift from warm to cool to simulate daylight, that’s even better. When those are on, you won’t even notice the lack of light.”

When choosing artificial lighting, make sure you choose the right kind based on the tone you’re going for and avoid fluorescent lighting, which is harsh on the eyes.

How to brighten a room with no natural light?

Luke Smith, founder of We Buy Property In Kentucky one of Google’s top-ranking real estate professionals in Kentucky shares some excellent ideas to make the space brighter, with no natural light.
He says, “There are a handful of ways to brighten a room with little additional costs. Certainly painting the room a lighter color such as white or light grey can help. Additionally, putting warm lights (yellow lights) will brighten up a room. Another tactic is putting a mirror in the room. It will not only bounce the light around the room, but it will also create the perception that the room is bigger. We love putting mirrors in smaller rooms to brighten them up and make them appear larger. Finally, putting a lighter wooden floorboard down or carpet can also brighten a room.

How to brighten a room with natural light?

Amy Hillary, Content Creator at Wallsauce put forwards following ideas:
1. Remove heavy, thick curtains and replace them with light, fabric curtains, such as white cotton, so that the sun’s rays can easily seep into the room.
2. Choose a curtain pole that must wider than your window. This will not only improve natural light but create the illusion that your window is much bigger than it actually is.
3. An obvious one: make sure you thoroughly clean your windows with a good quality cleaner. If you want the old fashion cleaning recipe, use boiling hot water mixed with vinegar. Apply with a wrung-out cloth then buff the glass with different, dry cloth and see your windows gleam.

13 Astonishing Factors To Brighten A Room With No Natural Light

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