7 Simple Home Office Decor Ideas For Inspiration & Productivity


Deconovo, who is a leading designer, manufacturer, and vendor of home decor products globally shares home office decor ideas. He says to choose decor that speaks to you personally.

Your office should be a pleasant place to work in. For accessories and walls, choose colors you love. You can use the walls to display family photos, artwork, or your children’s art. The display can be personalized with whimsical frames. For a more formal look, you can have photos or prints custom matted and framed.

Your personal taste and personality can be reflected in office furniture. For a unique look, combine vintage furniture with modern accessories. You want the furniture to be in harmony with your space. You can use an antique desk in a small space, but make it the focal point of your room.

A vibrant carpet can add zing to space and absorb sound. There may be area rugs already in place that could be used in this space. You can also choose a flatweave for a low price that matches the color scheme. You can also choose from faux cowhide, tatamis or shag throw rugs that feel soft and warm beneath your feet while you work.


Organize your space

Your office will be unpleasant if it is messy, and you’ll find yourself working on the couch, bed, or table instead. You can organize your office by adding as much storage as you can to store files, reference materials, and other frequently used items. You can repurpose old wooden boards, bookcases, and tables, or any other furniture if you have a tight budget. Eclectic doesn’t have to be messy. It can have its own style.

Vertical space can be used to your advantage. Wall-mounted storage is a great way to add style and color. Open shelving units can be made with clear glass, wooden or laminate shelves. You can either build your own modular kit or purchase ready-made units. Depending on your space, drawers, and bookshelves can be used to support a desk or as stand-alone units.

Let in the light

A pleasant office environment is dependent on lighting. Pleasant office space will encourage productivity and alertness. Yellow hues can make it difficult to feel alert and productive. To balance the effect, you can mix different hues of light in the room. To illuminate the room, use overhead lighting. Also, make sure to place lighting around the desk and other areas. Overhead lighting options include track lights, pendants, chandeliers, or recessed lights. When placing lighting, ensure it does not cast shadows onto your workspace.

Clip-on spotlights and wall-mounted lamps are all options for task lighting. They can even plug directly into your computer and eliminate the need to have additional power strips or wall outlets. Lighting should be appropriate for space. This includes wall sconces and floor lamps, as well as table lamps. Yellow hues can be used in area lamps to lessen the starkness of white light.

Natural light

Make good use of windows in your office if you have them. Natural light can be used as your primary lighting source throughout the day. Use your office’s outlook if you have it. It is refreshing and relaxing to bring the outside in. To enhance the view and light, reduce window treatments if you don’t need privacy. You can use sheer curtains or textured window films to let in light, but still, keep passersby out.

Window treatments can be used to your advantage. To control light, privacy, and airflow, curtains and drapes can be open and closed. Curtains can be used to create focal points or complement other decorative elements within a room by their color, texture, and pattern. Blinds, honeycomb shades, and roman shades are also options. Top treatments such as cornices and valances can be used as a single window treatment, or in combination with blinds or curtains. They can also be used to modulate heat and add an elegant finishing touch to a window.

You can balance beauty and function in your office decor. Space should be functional and comfortable. Make sure you tidy up after every session to ensure a clean, neat space.

Wooden Vase

Paul Smith from woodworkermagic shares his suggestion for home office decor ideas: Wooden vases are becoming more trendy nowadays. They have a vintage feel and aesthetics that enhance your home office style. It also helps bring in personality to your home office.

Custom Frames

Brittany, the Creative Director here at CustomPictureFrames says, “The most common thing we see people putting on display is their diplomas, degrees, or certificates. After spending so much time earning that accomplishment, it’s the perfect thing to display in your office to remind you of that hard work. And because these can be outside the typical sizes, a custom frame is perfect for displaying and coordinating with the existing décor.

Family photos are another decoration that is perfect for an office. To be surrounded by pictures of the ones you love makes space feel cozier and inviting. You can make these images more of a statement piece by arranging them into a gallery wall. Change the pictures to be black and white for a more upscale gallery feel.

Lastly, hanging images that inspire you will help keep things productive in the office. From images to quotes, you can carefully curate a space that helps you get things done”


Cody Crawford Co-Founder of Low Offset says, “To successfully decorate a home office, it’s important to achieve the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. The selection of the color palette, the management of the space within the floorplan, and especially the furniture to be used directly influence job performance.

Ergonomics is an essential aspect of any home office. Choosing a chair that’s ergonomic and appropriate enough for use by an average person is a primary need, taking into account that this helps to avoid long-term discomforts such as muscle aches, skeletal problems, and orthopedic diseases in general. There are models of office chairs that are very famous and recognized for their ergonomics, comfort, and modern style.”

How can you make your office look nice?

Veronica Moss is a Marketing Strategist/Content Creator at Learnandserve shares the top 4 office decor ideas.

1. If it can be helped, make your office space separate from your entertaining and lounge area. Nothing worse than sitting down with a glass of wine to relax, and seeing your messy work area or giant bulletin board of pending to-do items.

2. Speaking of clutter…less is more. The minimalist aesthetic is taking over the world. Sometimes you don’t need a shelf full of books, a wall full of frames, or a desk filled with weird paper weights. Clean is it’s own design concept nowadays.

3. If you must add some personal touches to your space, a few decorative accents don’t hurt. Make sure that they reflect your personality and can even fuel your productivity. I have a chalkboard wall that doubles as a calendar, a place to write down important reminders, and a fun surface to draw and add pops of color. It adds to the coffee shop feel I was going for in my space.

4. Besides decorating the walls with pictures…let nature be your decor! After staring at my computer for hours, there’s nothing like being able to look out the window at the scenery. If you don’t have a window in your office space, bring the outdoors to you with some potted plants or greenery.

7 Simple Home Office Decor Ideas For Inspiration & Productivity

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