9 Best Ideas to Furnish a Small Living Room

furnish a small living room

Just because you own a small space doesn’t mean you need to compromise with the comfort and the style of your living room. The Living room is a place you find yourselves more engaged with.  Be it any family- time or some funny moments with the best buddies of yours, living rooms witness them all. 

Though small living rooms can be a little bit challenging to organize properly, with the right furniture and good ideas, you can easily get a wonderful small living room.

Thinking of updating your small living room? Let’s have a look at some tried and suggested tips to furnish a small living room by experts.

Use furniture with orthogonal edges

Elvis Alcequiez, an architect and a founder of Freecadfloorplans.com says, “Curved furniture is usually very attractive and brings visual dynamism to any space, but this type of furniture in small spaces is not very practical.

Furniture with a rectilinear shape makes better use of space because it aligns better with the rectangular shapes of the walls, thus reducing the likelihood of wasted space”.

Elvis advises avoiding furniture with hinged doors. He adds, “Hinged doors are the most common thing to see in average-sized shelf or cabinet type furniture, but these types of doors require additional projected space, so their use in very small rooms could be tricky.

In furniture for small rooms, the ideal is that the choice of furniture with sliding doors, do not require space projection and are more efficient in small spaces.”

Scale it wisely

When it comes to furnishing a small living room, scaling that area properly makes a big difference. Big size furniture occupies most of the place and makes the room look messy and uncomfortable. This is the main reason to scale that place wisely to furnish a small living room.

Celine.F.Polden, a Digital Marketing Coordinator at RoomSketcher shares some helpful tips to furnish a small living room. Such as :

  • Create good flow with a pathway

When planning the layout of your space make your pathways a priority. This is especially important for homes with an open floor plan. The easiest way is to create a straight pathway on one side of the room. In a narrow living room, you have two options. You can either place the walkway in front of the sofa or behind it.

  • Place furniture on an angle

Believe it or not, placing a piece of furniture at an angle can make a small living room appear wider. Introducing an angle can be the perfect way to break up space. Do this with lighter-looking furniture such as a desk or accent chair. This will keep the room feeling open and spacious.

  • Break up space with organic shapes

When laying out furniture for a small space, a common mistake is to line the space with rectangular furniture. Too many rectangular shapes can ruin your living room layout. Adding some curves will break up space and are pleasing to the eye. They are also an excellent way to add interest and flow to a small room.

  • Plan your space beforehand

Take a tip from the pros and create a floor plan to figure out the best way to layout your room. It will help you to see your room layout and what will fit before you start shopping or moving furniture. This will save you time, money, and effort.

Add Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are the best choice for any small living room. These colors make the room appear larger in size. You can simply add some color pops or some showpiece with this combination to bring attention to accessories in the room.

Sherry Morgan, Founder of Petsolino says, “Neutral and earthy color schemes also help brighten a room and can give this airy feeling. The colors white with some old rose, or white and grey combinations, you can choose depending on your style. *This is one of the most important things to consider if you want your living room to be bright, cozy, and wide-looking”.

Built-in cabinets

You must have gathered so much clutter in your house that you neither use much nor want to throw it out. And when you don’t have enough space you end up putting it anywhere you find a place in your living area. Doesn’t it look so ugly? In that case, Built-in cabinets do wonders for you. 

Tim King, owner of T.L.King Cabinetmakers suggests, “Built-in cabinets are a great way to furnish your small living room. Built-in cabinets are great to use in recessed spaces. Adding cabinet space can free up your living room from needing other pieces of furniture such as bookshelves, entertainment stands, and other pieces of furniture that help showcase your pictures or knick-knacks.”

Create Focal points

Karen Condor,  a home decor expert with ExpertInsuranceReviews.com says, “add depth to the small space by boosting light and creating a focal point. Hang a mirror, ideally across from a window to reflect the view outside. Draw the eye upward by filling the vertical space with wall art. And fill a corner with the largest piece of furniture to help the room feel uncluttered.

Free up floor space by choosing lighting that you can attach to the walls or hang from above.”

Multifunctional furniture

Francoise Shirley, from HCPR Group, says, “Consider multi- pronged functionality for your furniture. Furnishings that also function as storage are ideal for expanding your space. You no longer need to choose style over function with innovative but well -designed pieces such as ottomans, pouffes, tables, and even sofas/chairs that offer interior storage are perfect for items that you need within easy reach but don’t necessarily want to clutter up your small space, like remote controls, magazines, books, or extra blankets. Look for stylish furniture that offers a dual storage function like a coffee table with drawers or small round or block storage ottomans or pouffes that are perfect for storing items with the added benefit of providing additional seating”.

Natural light are magical

Natural light doesn’t cost you anything but can brighten your small living room beautifully.Leave some space for natural light through some window without blocking it with any objects. It gives you warmth on winter days and makes your small living room cozy as well. 

Francoise Shirley, from HCPR Group suggests, “Natural light is your friend. There is nothing that makes space look larger and brighter than natural light. Limit window coverings or go with sheer fabric that allows sunlight through, clean your windows regularly, remove or trim back overgrown bushes/trees in front of your window that block the light from coming in, and change up your front door to one with glass are just a few ideas to bring in more light.

Using mirrors is another great option, if you hang them opposite a window they will cast light throughout the room. Take a look at your flooring, dark floors and carpets will make your room look darker because they absorb natural light. Wooden,ceramic or stone floors with a polished finish are the better options to help disperse light throughout your rooms.”

Go with a mirror and curtains

Don’t restrict yourself to anything when you want to furnish a small living room with your style. Play with some beautiful light-colored curtains. Add a big mirror to give the illusion to make a small living room bigger.

Jan Stark, founder of Happy DIY HOME says,“ For a small living room, you can easily create the illusion that the room is bigger than it is by utilizing mirrors*. Consider getting an oversized mirror that covers a good portion of one wall. The mirror will make the room look larger by reflecting light. To create an even better effect, pair this mirror with light and airy colors and accents.”

He adds, “ditch the curtains and go for blinds instead. Blinds can create the illusion that the windows are taller than they actually are, and this can work to open up the room. Blinds also allow more light through than curtains do, and this can make the room seem larger.”

Floor for small living room

You can not skip the floor choice while furnishing a small living room. The Floor makes a big difference as well.

Geordie Romer, a Managing Broker at Windermere Real Estate/ NCW says, “Floor choices are important. I love a small living room with wood floors and no rugs. A small rug breaks up the room visually and makes it look cluttered. If you choose to use a rug, use a huge rug that covers the entire floor.”

He adds, “Avoid floor lamps that take up space and focus on great overhead or wall lights. You can add lots of character with charming lights that fit the style and decor of your home. Avoid fragile items. Visitors will give the Ming vase a wide berth and you don’t have much leeway in a small living room.”

Furnish a small living room in your style

Why settle for boring small areas when you can have a beautiful small living room of your choice! You don’t need big things to make your living room classy and comfortable. Just get  some right tips and make the best out of it. Your dreamy small living room is just some ideas away. Make it happen.

1.How should furniture be placed in a small living room?

 Choose the right size of furniture that doesn’t occupy more space. Scale down the furniture to have a spacious and comfortable living area.

2. What is the best furniture for a small living room?

Choose a couch with low arms. 
Go with neutral colors.
Choose multifunctional furniture to store your stuff.

3. Are L-shaped sofas a good idea?

L-shaped sofas are better for small living rooms. It provides more sitting space with limited space. Sofas with L sized make a small living room look modern.

9 Best Ideas to Furnish a Small Living Room

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