What To Do With Empty Space In Your Living Room? Follow These 10 Practical & Useful Ideas

How To Interior Design Your Living Room

“Regardless of what decorating style you use for your living room, it’s important to always incorporate things that you love and say something about your personality.

An empty space in your living room is the perfect place to set up your very own hobby area where you can display your favorite collectibles or serve as an alternative seating corner where you can do activities that you enjoy,” by Matthew Paxton the founder of Hypernia.

Do you wish to get the ideas for the query, What to do with empty space in your living room.

You can follow these ideas:

Kids’ cubbies

Sofie Parker works as a wellness expert for Inboard Skate and does home decor on the side for select clients. As a self-proclaimed organization nerd and decor enthusiast shares some tips for utilizing an empty space in the living room: Ideas from 1 to 3.

If you’ve got kids at home, you can teach them how to organize their stuff by placing cubby storage in your living room. That’s where they can hang their school bags, put their shoes underneath, and maybe even place some of their favorite books and toys. That way, they can immediately put their things in order when they arrive from school.

Stylish, wall-mounted storage

You can liven up your living room by putting some floating shelves or a unique storage system. You can store
your books there, or any collection you’d like to put on display.

Freedom wall

If you enjoy doodling, taking notes, or just brainstorming, I suggest using part of your living room wall as a freedom
wall. It could be a chalkboard, whiteboard, corkboard, or even a combination of these materials. You can post your travel photos there, a to-do list, business ideas, or any thoughts that come to your mind in the
middle of the day or while watching TV.

Break down the space

Ella Head of Marketing at WellPCB shares the following ideas from 4 to 10

If you have a large empty section of your living room, break it up into two smaller areas. This can be done by hanging curtains to separate the spaces or using furniture to create barriers between them.

Paint the walls

Painting is an effective way to fill in those blank spots on your wall with color and art that will bring joy back into your
home. Paint one wall at random so that when guests enter, they are surprised by it and want to explore more about what’s behind this colorful barrier!

Purchase plants

Plants make incredible decorations for any room because their constant need for water means there will always be something alive in the house; additionally, many people find them therapeutic to look houseplants. The green color gives a calming effect.

Rent from a store

Many people have turned to rent furniture or fixtures in the case of empty space in living rooms. Buyers can find
anything they need for their spaces without having to worry about commitment! Stores like Rentals Unlimited offer high-quality pieces that look and feel new even after years of use.

Use flooring as art

A fun way to fill up those blank spots is with colorful floorings such as carpets and rugs. Floor coverings add
personality to any room, making it more welcoming; additionally, if you choose a patterned rug, this also doubles your space because it will be occupying two areas on the ground rather than one!

Fill them with shelves

Shelves are not only a storage solution but can also be decorative. They can be the focal point in a room, giving it
personality and character.

Add color to them

If you have an empty wall or space that is very visible, why not add some color? A great way of doing this would be through artwork; for example, if you want a lovely flowery pattern on your walls, use wallpaper! It also helps break up any large blank spaces making everything seem more balanced.

What to do with empty space in the living

Prakash Humagain of Ennovative Web Pty Ltd shares the following ideas:
1. Add a bookshelf to store your favorite books and decorative items
2. Hang a mirror on the wall to make the room feel larger
3. Get rid of furniture that is not used often or does not match the rest
of your living room’s design
4. Put up pictures, artwork, and other decorations around the house for an
the added touch of personality
5. Consider changing out old lighting fixtures for more modern ones with
updated styles or colors
6. Take advantage of empty space by adding plants in corners or behind
window sills to create a natural element within your home’s interior
decorating style. Add modern rugs for the floor.
What To Do With Empty Space In Your Living Room? Follow These 10 Practical & Useful Ideas

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