45 DIY Room Decor Ideas which doesn’t cost a fortune

DIY Room Decor Ideas

Once you’ve got your own place, it’s fun to bring life to it.  What more can bring life to your home than cute decor. Home decor ideas make your space more elegant and classy and make you feel happy to live. But having things in your home can cost a fortune.

Is it possible to have room decor ideas on your budget?

Try these DIY Room Decor Ideas which doesn’t cost a fortune.  Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune on them. You can do them on your own!

The beauty of an artwork

Understanding the beauty of artwork You can create unique art according to your creativity. It should match perfectly to your home decor to make it look more beautiful and artistic. It is also beautiful to hang the artwork on the wall.

Rearrange in a way everyone loves it

Do you wish to have the best furniture?

Once you’ve got all the furniture in place, the decorations should come in. You actually have a lot of options to rearrange and make it beautiful

Don’t Miss Out

Mirrors are a great decorative element and impart beauty. It makes the living room more attractive.

Aromatic Idea

You can make your desk wall or bedroom wall with a beautiful aroma of fresh flowers. It changes your room looks and become more magnificent and beautiful

Harmony with nature

You can bring natural materials inside the home to feel like a natural paradise. These include things such as plants and flowers, natural materials like wood, stones, earthy materials, and natural light.

Wall Decor Ideas according to Your Perspective

Is it necessary to buy wall decor?
It’s difficult to buy the exact one as you wish. You can decorate your home with your own wall designs. Here is a simple idea to crack.

You can create a poster-size image or quote that you would like on your wall. You can make your own design by using a website called Canva.
After you have created your poster, download it and send it to print. So it is easy to create customized wall art for any room.

Cost-effective tapestry

The longer rated tapes are usually sold for use on smooth and delicate surfaces like vinyl wallpapers and recently painted walls. Make your Wall creative through this tape making any structure attractive and creative.
Trying to fill your walls with framed art can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be if you pick out cost-effective woven tapestries.

All you’ll need is the tapestry, a dowel, and a cord. You can secure the tapestry over the dowel however you wish, attach the cord, and hang it on your wall. These can be larger pieces that take up most of your walls, and they’re both easy to hang and easy to remove. They’re fantastic additions to your kid’s nurseries or bedrooms if you line in earthquake zones too!

How to make Wall Shine?

Try to understand your wall structure and health and then decor it beautifully. The lighting is very important. Quality of paint and light makes your wall shine.

A Great Tip

Justin Blase, Owner of Ted’s Vintage Maps suggests an inexpensive yet great way to decorate with a unique and personal decor item. He says, “My tip is to locate an old, historic map of their favorite city, state or country and have it printed out in a large size to be framed.

There are thousands of old maps available online for download in really high resolution. Then, you can take the file to a local printing center and have it printed cheaply. Maps are great because you can select a location that is personal to you.  Additionally, a large number of old maps have landowner names on them – so you can find a map that includes your ancestor’s names on it, which is pretty neat”.

Stick to Classic Neutral Walls

It’s always a trend to go with neutral walls. It has great aesthetic appeal and gives a classy look.

Selfie Wall

Create the perfect selfie wall for capturing the perfect moment. It can be anything in the decoration like photos, flowers, artifacts, colorful designs.

DIY Ideas for Dining room wall

Bridget Shannon of  A French Tulip Country House focuses on ideas for a sophisticated country house and she experimented with several DIY room decor ideas. She shares wall art ideas that she has tackled. She says, “Finding the right wall art can be one of the most frustrating activities in your home decor efforts. If you are looking for specific sized art or matching sets, it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I needed four pieces of art, all the same size, to mirror the symmetry of my sconces in the dining room. After two years of hunting in stores, I decided to make my own botanic like prints. I used a shiny gold and white stripe background to make them suitably formal for the dining room. It was a simple and fun project and all the materials could be purchased on Amazon.

Honeycomb Wall

The honeycomb wall converts your wall into an artistic place. You can arrange or make art according to your taste and convenience.

Hang baskets to a wall

It sounds weird but it is gorgeous as it adds dimension and layers to a room.

Choose Deep Colors

Deep colors are always a choice for interior designers. It is not about the typical blue shade but the sophisticated one and more likely the moody blues. Home decor with a Navy blue tone will be more common in 2021

DIY Room Decor Idea to save tons of money

A Rope shelf is a budget-friendly room decor item. Many tutorial videos are available on how to create a rope shelf. This DIY project will only take you a couple of hours and will save you tons of money over purchasing one.

Convert Old to New Ideas

It is the best DIY Room decor idea to spray paint old trophies. It is a great way to add style and personality to the room. Spray painting them takes them from tacky to stylish within minutes.

Light up your Headboard

Looking to spruce up your bed?

This is the perfect creative way to turn your blank headboard into a fun feature.

Framed Corkboard

Sam Whittaker, the editor-in-chief at Boureston Media suggests a beautiful DIY Room decor idea with a corkboard: “If you have a corkboard lying around, you can turn it into a useful room decoration. You just need some patterned paper, scissors, and some glue. Cut out the paper in a way that it’s framing your corkboard, then glue it on. And voila! It’s a beautiful and functional room decor piece. You can use it to organize your notes or things. It’s also something nice to look at”.

Washi Tape Frames

Sam Whittaker, the editor-in-chief at Boureston Media put forward an easy DIY room decor idea by using washi tapes: “The thing that makes washi tapes so lovable is that they don’t cost a lot, but they can be used for so many things. One thing you can use them for is for DIY picture frames! Stick your washi tapes on your designated place and make sure to put them on in a way that your photos fit in them. Design them in any creative way you want, and voila! Cheap and beautiful home decoration”.

Unused Corner utilization

You can use an unused place or a corner of your room creating it into a nooky reading space with long curtains and some soft pillows and mattresses with decorative lights to make it a good reading place for yourself.

It brings the family together

It’s impossible to go wrong with the perfect rug!

A rug can be a perfect placement on your room floor to make it look more cozy and beautiful. For your flooring, consider adding natural fiber rugs over synthetic fibers. Rugs made out of sisal, jute, or seagrass are cost-effective while helping your room get that finished, cozy look. They also add a nice texture to your decor, and they come in a huge range of colors and styles to match almost any decor.

go and upcycle your rugs. These flooring statements add a splash of color, an interesting pattern or texture, sleek subtle separators, or an element of comfort to any room of the house. You could choose from a wide variety of styles that would reflect your personality or the theme you’re thinking of for that particular area.

A comfy rug/ carpet brings the family together, for example, in the living room. Here you could bond and play and just feel the warmth despite the freezing season

Simple and Inexpensive way to update

Dyeing up your curtains can be simple and inexpensive to update your room decor. Brighten up your curtains with some fabric dye, Dip-dyed or fully dyed, Choose it and transform any room.

Hanging a kraft roll

Alicia, a corporate wellness expert who has been spending more time on designing the house. She says,”Hanging a kraft roll as an alternative to corkboards or post it’s are not only eco-friendly but is aesthetic as well to any room which you will put it on. This can either serve as a reminder board or an easy-peel paper supply”.

Attractive Lamps

This lamp consists of a cylindrical base that houses the light source. It is capped with a metal sheet and with a metal rod on top for support.


Bridget Shannon of  A French Tulip Country House focuses on ideas for a sophisticated country house and she experimented with several DIY room decor ideas.

She shares her experience, “One of my earliest projects when I purchased my country house was tackling the ugly kitchen countertops. Because I needed something easy and more cost-effective than replacing them, I decided to paint them. For very little cost, I found this gave me the feel of marble but with a country charm. If you are looking for something that is exactly like marble, this is not a perfect substitute. However, I love the artistic/handpainted quality of these countertops as it blends naturally into my country-sty decor. With a house full of antiques and a passion for old homes, I’ve learned to love objects even more for their little quirks and tiny imperfections. Plus, I’ve always been a bit of a conservationist and the thought of ripping out perfectly good countertops because of their color just felt destructive. If you are interested in seeing the results or using photos, check out my post about the handpainted countertops“.

Shopping Bag Organizer

Sam Whittaker, the editor-in-chief at Boureston Media, points on a most practical DIY room decor idea.

He asks, “Shopping bags can add clutter to our home, so why not make the most out of them”?

: “You can use them as organizers. Stick them on your peg or corkboard and there you have mail and paper organizers. And you don’t even have to spend anything on it.”

Hang popsicle beehive frames

Alicia, a corporate wellness expert who has been spending more time on designing the house. She says, “Our resources are limited, we opt for economical design ideas, and here’s a couple of the things we did which surely made the kid’s room more fun yet sophisticated at the same time”.

She adds, “Hang popsicle beehive frames are not just a fun activity but is also challenging at the same time since stacking up popsicles in a beehive shape requires a strenuous amount of concentration and focus because one mistake might lead to the whole craft being ruined or turning into an irregular shaped one. But once finished, it’s easy to hang as room decor, either a frame and succulent or plant holder, which is best now that everyone’s turning into plant moms and having plants in the house makes a good humidifier”.

Playroom & Shiplap

Ben Shrauner of Sell Your KC House.com says, “We transformed a room on the first floor into a playroom for our twins. Material costs will vary depending on the wall size, but most likely you will spend $300 or less. All other items in the room were either from stores like Ikea, Target, or TJ Maxx.
We wanted a shiplap wall to give the room some character. Most box stores carry pre-made shiplap boards, some even pre-finished. It’s probably best to cut them to length as you go to ensure a proper fit, but the stores can also cut them if needed. After finding the studs, just use a finish nailer to mount them and paint as needed! Now the twins have a room they love to play in, and we don’t have the clutter of their toys in the living room”!

Green Ideas

Adding greenery is a great idea. It doesn’t cost a lot to add a plant or two, and even if they are small they will make the room feel fresh.

Aloe, Jade Plant, and ponytail Palm are some great indoor plants. For the pot save money by painting it to match your room.

Idea to transform a space

Sarah of the dream of a home is an expert in DIY decor is explaining her idea: “Shelves are a wonderful way to transform a space. They can draw the eye up, making the ceilings feel higher, and you can fill them with all sorts of home decor pieces. When you get bored, you can alter the decor on the shelves easily. It’s often cheaper to make the shelves yourself by buying the wood and purchasing some brackets. The shelves can be cut down to size, so you can make them fit exactly the space you need. You also have the option to paint the wood color to make them stand out”.

Make use of those old paint cans

It is a great DIY Room decor idea to make the use of old paint cans.

Vanity Makeover

Ben Shrauner of Sell Your KC House.com says, “Replacing the vanity was surprisingly easy and something I would definitely recommend.  Material costs were $150 for the vanity top, $60 for faucet & hardware, and paint.   

Switching out the vanity and faucets is fairly straightforward.  Painting cabinets can be tricky, so be sure to sand the surfaces to give the new paint better adhesion”.

Mix antique furniture pieces with new. 

There’s no denying furniture is an investment, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. You could buy your expensive couch new, but you could find some antique chairs or a table to pepper in around it. Hit a few antique shops and look for furniture pre-1940s. It’s usually much more cost-effective than buying new, and it can add a touch of class to your home

Environmental friendly DIY Room Decor Idea

Ahmed Mir, Founder of Sip Coffee House, does not spend a lot on home decor as he is very much into recycling. Most of his furniture and decor, in general, is made from recycled furniture and s environmentally friendly.

He shares his favorite DIY decors idea: “This is top of my list as I simply love it.  I created a unique table that is stylish and goes with a more industrialist look by using old tires, rope, and glass.  The tires act as the legs so tires can be stacked to the height you want.  Glue them together and wrap them with natural recycled rope.  Sit the thick safety glass on top.  This table can be circular, triangular, or square depending on the shape that best fits the room”.

How to place aesthetically??

Ahmed Mir, Founder of Sip Coffee House, does not spend a lot on home decor as he is very much into recycling. He says, “Rather than store musical instruments away in cupboards use them as artwork!  Attaching in place of paintings and photos to one wall which will then become the main focal point of the room and a great conversation starter.”

Never Expect DIY Room Decor Idea

Ahmed Mir, Founder of Sip Coffee House, does not spend a lot on home decor as he is very much into recycling. He says, “With the holiday season almost upon us, a fun and cheap way to bring the winter feeling into the home is by bringing dead branches and pine cones into the home and spray paint either silver or gold.  It is best to not fully coat with paint so the natural grain can show through.  Stand branches in large vases and the cones in an oversized bowl”. 

DIY Bed Room Decor Idea

Katie Barton. I’m a professional organizer and write about organizing, cleaning, and décor at CabinLane.com. She explains a DIY room decor idea.

She says, “One of the most impactful and affordable décor changes I’ve made was in my daughter’s bedroom. All it took was leftover paint and painters tape. With those materials, we transformed their closet from drab to cute and modern. First, we gave the entire closet a base coat of white paint. Next, they taped off the shapes and we used leftover paint to fill in their design. The result was a super cute closet that gave the bedroom an extra bit of spunk”.

DIY Room Decor Ideas from Recycling

Paula of Colorful Craft Corner an expert in the DIY and crafts niche suggests, “Recycling, upcycling, or repurposing old, thrifty or unused objects (that you would throw out) is the best way to create DIY decorations. For example, now one of my favorite supplies are toilet paper rolls and paper tubes. They are cheap, and if you have a hot glue gun, you can create lots of stunning home decorations (I’ve created a mandala wall art, snowflake ornaments for the cold season”.

Light strips

LED is widely available in the market with a wide variety of size, structure, and color. It gives a modern aesthetic and creates your desired atmosphere.

 Rustic wall decor

What do you do with your unused vessels?
They look really good as wall decorations in a rustic-themed kitchen. So, you can use your unused vessels and add some decor to your wall by hanging on display

Whitewash Fireplace

Ben Shrauner of Sell Your KC House.com says, “It may have taken three years to get around to whitewashing the fireplace, but after a few hours of work and seeing the finished result, I don’t know why we waited so long. Since I had most materials on hand already, the total cost was $5 for the spray paint. Otherwise, this project can be done for $30 or less, and is very simple! Major win! After cleaning the area with a wet rag, I mixed equal parts water and chalk paint, applied the mix with a chip brush, and wiped with a damp rag. Start with a light coat, as it is always easier to add more than it is to take away. For the brass parts on the fireplace, after masking with tape and plastic, I used high-temperature spray paint to match the other pieces”.

Search your collections

You can decor your home with materials in your collection box. These make quaint decorations, and they carry a sense of sentimentality that store-bought decorations don’t have.

Memory lane.

Alicia, a corporate wellness expert who has been spending more time designing the house. She says, “Pictures stay forever, and painting your wall with picture frames of memories won’t only put you in memory lane but remind you of how much fun you had during those times. There’s no perfect room decor than something that will remind you of the fun times, and when you were still young and that. It may not be appreciated right away, but surely it will carve a memory into your hearts once time passes by. Not only is it easy but is also personal for everyone who will do it”.

Keep Your Home Clean

It is very important to keep your home clean. Bring a good quality vacuum cleaner for your home.

They’re a great way to make the room more livable and comfortable. You can apply these DIY Room Decor Ideas to create a rich and appealing mood in your home.

What are the DIY garden decor ideas?

Tina Huffman, designer and home and garden blogger at greenhousestudio shares some DIY ideas on garden decor. She says,
Chipped plates repurposed as plant pot saucers
These are often nicer looking and more waterproof than the terra cotta type from the nursery!
Broken mugs as planters
I had a cute Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit porcelain cup my boys used and the handle broke. I drilled a hole through the bottom with a ceramic drill bit and planted it with Baby’s Tears (Soleirolia solerilii) for my son’s nursery. 
Plastic containers as planter liners. 
I prefer to keep my indoor plants in a decorative pot with no drainage. This means I need a plastic liner of some sort with drainage. 
Chipped glasses repurposed as flower vases 
If you have a pretty glass but the edge has chipped so it’s not suitable for drinking, instead of tossing it, use it as a vase. I’ve done this with a couple of nice leaded crystal tall old fashioned barware glasses. “

How do you make a DIY wall hanging shelf?

It is easy to install a DIY wall hanging shelf. Simply grab excess plywood at your back area, carefully saw it until desired narrow look, furnish it and install on your wall. Adding wall mounts is charming but optional. This is a practical and cheapest way to decor your home. Aside from serving as a decor piece, it definitely works as a sturdy storage too
45 DIY Room Decor Ideas which doesn’t cost a fortune

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