5 unique ideas to cheer you and your home up this Diwali

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2020 has been a difficult year for the whole world. This Diwali is a bit different in many ways; you are running on a shoestring budget, the continuous work from home brought certain boredom in life. Your near and dear one might be stuck during the lockdown. To sum up, there is a gloomy environment around us all.

Lets use this festive occasion to leave the memories of 2020 behind bring the smile back.

Bring your smile back on this Diwali

Give your home a new look

I am not asking you to spend a fortune in painting or renovation, make small incremental changes in the look and feel of your living room and bedrooms. Some easy to implement ideas are

  • Do a professional deep cleaning
  • Change curtains of your living room or bedroom
  • Add some new lightings
  • Add bits of vibrant color
  • Bring few indoor plants to add some greenery
  • Change the carpet if it’s within your budget
  • Add a pretty picture on the wall

Add a new cutlery

The dining table is where the family meets often ( 2-3 times a day) Adding new cutlery is the surest way to bring some cheers especially to kids at home. Quick ideas are

  • Start with changing the dining table cover
  • Add a designer cutlery holder
  • Bring new bowls and plates if its in your budget.
  • Give a refreshing look to spices holder

Thank someone this Diwali

I feel extremely grateful for surviving in 2020, and I am surely not the only one to have this feeling. Do you have a doctor or nursing staff, policemen, or municipal cleaning staff living in your society or nearby? If yes, it’s time to visit and thank them. They had risked their lives to ensure our survival and this is the least we can do!

Cheer them up!

So many people lost their means of earning, there are others who lost the near and dear ones.

Festivals are the means to bring smiles around. If you know someone who lost their job or business or lost a dear family member, it’s time to call them and cheer them up. If possible go and meet them. Take some quality home-cooked food along.

From Self gloom to self groom

Yes. The lockdown, work from home, limited outdoors! How many KGs have you added? When is the last time you tried something from your wardrobe? Do you remember the regular office outfit? And if you have nice curly hairs, here are 8 Best Curly Hair Tips just for you.

Charity begins at home and so does the happiness. Invest in yourself to bring your usual self back.

5 unique ideas to cheer you and your home up this Diwali

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