8 Best Tips to Decorate the Arch in the Living Room You Will Fall in Love With

Arches are the beautiful elements of a house that enhance the appearance of the rooms. A beautiful arch helps in making the interior of the house more interesting and elegant.

Looking for a new and different change in the designs of your living room?

Then you must add the arch as an element in your living room. They not only give your living room aesthetic touch but also support the structure of the building.

The arches have been used in buildings for hundreds of years. These decorative elements work amazingly in the interior of the house. Be it modern or traditional, decorative arches belong to both of them and make your living room look graceful.

If you are designing a new home, you must consider adding these elements  to decorate the arch in the living room.

Customize a self

Ahmed Mir, Founder of  Sip Coffee House says, “The practical way of decorating an arch in a living room is by making it a shelf. Customize a shelf that goes with the shape of the arch in your living room. You can put some displays on it based on your personality and hobbies.”

The arch is a beautiful architectural element that is used by the interior designers. To have an impressive effect  you must consider the arch shape that can fit well in your living room.

Create a Focal point

The Focal points make a huge difference in the appearance of the  living rooms. It’s the first space that captures the attention of the viewer when they enter the room.

Eric Nerhood, owner of Premier Property Buyers says, “An arch can be a focal part of the architecture of the house. It needs to be treated with respect. So there are some do’s and don’ts that need to be adhered to.”

He refuses to use a theme for decorating an arch. 

According to him painting or using wallpaper under the arch is a great way to showcase the piece. The arch can be decorated to belie the type of house, ie. Spanish, Victorian, Colonial.

Add colors

The refined living rooms are well organized and painted with elegant colors. While designing the living room you must have a unique palette to paint your walls. Colors give more definition to the archway in the living rooms.

“Colors are great ways to incorporate them into the archway structure. I decorated the archway in my living room with gray and white colors and finished with crown molding.”, says Harriet Chan, co-founder of CocoFinder.

Harriet adds, “Keep it simple. This is the most important tip. If you overdo it, it will overpower the archway beauty.”

The arch connecting the kitchen to the living room

Arches are the best way to design a living room combined with the kitchen due to the lack of space in the house. These elements give you more convenience rather than interior doors. The arches not only saves more space but also separate the kitchen area from the living room without an overlap.

Irma Stefanova, a Website Manager at Independent Fashion Bloggers says, “In my house, I have a lovely arch connecting the kitchen to the living room area. Initially, I was a bit confused as to how to decorate it in the best possible way, but after trying out a few different ideas I found online.  I finally made my choice. What I decided to do is to arrange lots of small mirrors all over the arch!”

She adds, “What’s also really great about this idea is that it allows you to display memories uniquely and creatively. There’s a story behind every one of my little mirrors. And I absolutely love reminiscing about my favorite moments every time I walk through that arch.”

Go with mosaic tiles 

Mosaic tiles never go out of the trend. When it comes to decorating the living rooms you can simply go with these tiles. It makes the living room look so vibrant and appealing.

CarolineLee, a growth marketer and co-founder of CocoSign says,“ When decorated rightly, an arch in the living room can change the feel and vibes instantly. For instance, you can add mosaic tiles to the arch. It goes well with rustic décor.

 Adding a patterned screen or using it as the border of the arch is a great way to enhance the beauty of the arch in the living room.” 

There are various ways of using these tiles for your home, make sure to choose the right dimension to decorate the arch in the living room.

Choose creative  pattern and style

There is no fixed idea to decorate your living room. It’s all about being creative and unique to make your living room look as classy as you want.  

To give a different pattern you can choose the arch elements that bring a dramatic change to your living area.

Melanie Musson, a home decor expert with USInsuranceAgents.com suggests that the best way to decorate a living room arch is to choose a style that fits your home’s character and style.

She says, “Hardwood trim is ideal for a victorian style home with other original wood trim features like doorways and window frames. You might consider adding molding to the vertical sides of the arch for a colonial-style home to mimic a pillar design. 

If you choose a pillar-look for your arch, you can often pair that element well with a keystone piece of trim at the top center of the archway for a special touch.”

According to her, a repeating geometric pattern in stucco can add a sophisticated, artistic element to the arch’s inner part. This style works best in a broad and long archway where there’s enough space to warrant intricate designs.

Arched windows

What can be more pleasing than having an arched window in your living room!

An arch window creates a vibrant effect in your home. The arch in any living room is a fabulous addition. If you want to give your living area a classic look, an arched window is the best option to upgrade your living room. 

CarolineLee, a growth marketer and co-founder of CocoSign says,“If the arch in the living room is used over the windows then I would suggest using the stained glass in the windows. 

It will look absolutely stunning and will go well with contemporary home décor. Stained glasses let the sunlight enter your living room in the most stylish fashion.”

Natural light makes living rooms look more bright and beautiful. 

To decorate the arch in a living room, always make sure not to cover the window with any object. Let the light come in. This makes the living room look bigger and calm. 

Plants to cover up your space

Plants give a fresh and welcoming vibe to the living rooms. They boost your moods and create a calming atmosphere in the house. If you want to add some fun elements to your living area, get some indoor plants and make your living room look cozy.

Robert Johnson, founder of Sawinery says, “I think that the best part of decorating a house is putting a splash of color in it. For our home arch, my wife and I decided to use the indoor creeper plant Ivy to cover the arch and also to cover it. It came out very beautifully since it made our wall stand out and gave our eyes a good rest too while inside our home.”

Decorate the Arch in your living room

Planning to give a makeover to your living room? Go with all these expert tips to shape your living room in your style. Thanks to the experts who made it easy for you to decorate your living room in an elegant style. Arch is the architectural feature to enhance the beauty of the house, be it inside or outside.

Many have changed the appearance of their living room by adding the arch in their homes. And designed a living room of their dreams.

Don’t you want to be the one? Consider these tips and you will be in love with your living room.

What is Arch in interior design?

Archways are the elements that help to support the structure of a building. These elements are used to make rooms look classy and graceful. Though the arches have been used in buildings in ancient times, still interior designers give preference to them in designing modern homes.

How can I hide my window Arch?

If you are not comfortable with your window arch, you can simply cover it. Hang a curtain rod on the wall and cover the arch with a curtain. 

What should I hang above an archway?

There are many items you can use to hang above an archway. Such as :
Wall paintings.
Decorative plates.

8 Best Tips to Decorate the Arch in the Living Room You Will Fall in Love With

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