Simple & Practical Ideas To Decorate Home Office For A Budget

List of items

Rahul Mohanachandran, one of the founders of Kasera a UK-based furniture comparison platform suggests ideas to decorate a home office for a budget based on how he furnished his home office.

Making a list of items in the priority order is the first step in getting started with decorating on a budget. Classifying the items you need into a must-have and good-to-have bucket will help to spend the limited budget on items that makes the biggest impact.

For instance, office desk and chair are probably the most important items someone should invest in as it has
both functional and health aspects to it.

Good-to-have items could be decoration items like indoor plants or paintings, IKEA can be a good place to find indoor plants on a budget that could add life to a home office. When looking for other decorative items like wall frames or painting Facebook Marketplace can be handy to find some pre-loved good quality items. Visits to local charity shops or craft shops could also be a great way to find some hidden gems to make the home office a well-designed space.

String lights

String lights are not only Christmas decorations! They can be used for so many other things. Let your imagination flow and create interesting shapes with a pair of string lights around your home office space. You can attach them to the wall with washi tape so you don’t have to drill anything.

If your desk is situated below a window, you can use the lights to frame the window, or just spread them around the desk. The options are truly endless.

Window side

Katherine, the founder of Spyic, a company engaged in parental control and remote monitoring programs says,” I saved money on my home office decoration by placing my working station near a window in my bedroom.

Doing this meant I had the advantage of natural light to aid my decoration and thus I did not have to spend much on simulating the same conditions in a dark section of the room.

Moreover, by having a well-lit working station, I did not necessarily have to invest further in creating the perfect video conferencing backdrop in my house. All it took was a simple blinder that obscured the rest of the room from view during online meetings.

Frame a wallpaper

If you have a boring wall behind your desk and you want to make it more exciting, buy an interesting wallpaper and put it in a big frame. This way you don’t have to actually paint the wall or drill it to put paintings and wall art.

It’s an amazing option for people who rent their homes and cannot do any major changes to them.

Buying Tips

Daivat from Force by Mojio shares the top three buying tips for decorating a home office on a budget.

Look for sales on small ottomans, carpets, and decor in the late fall – after college students have moved into their dorms.

Looking for office plants? Buy them from a hardware store like Home Depot or Lowe’s instead of a florist or specialty shop. Hardware stores usually have lower prices. Opt for hardy plants like succulents instead of more finicky ones that you’ll end up having to throw out and replace when they die.

If you’re trying to add a lot of light to your office, consider buying an inexpensive SAD lamp. In addition to providing a mood boost during the darker months, even a small one is often enough to light up a room.

Divider with a plant wall

If you’re working from home, chances are you don’t have an actual office room. Most people just have to adapt their bedrooms or living rooms in order to find a space to work. This can make it harder to concentrate and, most of all, separate your work life from your personal one.

An amazing and cheap idea is to create a divider by making a plant wall. You can either construct it yourself or call a professional, but the truth is that it’s not complicated at all. You just need nails, planks, and a long pot for the
bottom part.

Simple & Practical Ideas To Decorate Home Office For A Budget

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