10 Attractive And Bright Ideas to Decorate A Small House

decorate a small house

When decorating a small house, there’s a thin line between design and
clutter. So you have to be very specific and have a proper plan to decorate a small house. The small house is often seen through the overutilization of compact space. In general, too much of anything is a mess and that’s
exaggerated in small areas. Yet there are multiple ways todecorate a small house to make it feel and appear more spacious.

Here are some attractive and bright ideas to decorate a small house.

The Beauty Element

Mirrors have almost a magical ability to make the most magnificent space. You can place a mirror in your home. It always reflected the beauty and
When it gives a pleasant feeling of spaciousness. It will turn your room into a beautiful viewpoint and make it larger. You can Place mirrors behind sources of light or across from windows to make your room look larger and brighter.

You can use framed mirrors that seamlessly fit your interior design making it a decorative piece or a statement. It is decorative but still very much functional.
This is a classic trick interior designers use in small rooms, and it’s so

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Functional, Foldable, Storage: The best Idea to decorate a small house

You can use furnishings that can be used for two or more purposes. In a small house, a hidden storage space is key. Drawers under beds, ottomans with clap up lids, and coffee tables with shelves are just a few examples.
Having a small space means that you have to be creative in finding or
creating storage.
If you don’t use an object 24/7, find a way to store or fold them. Make use
of your walls, install foldable desks, and tables. Doing so will let you
fold them up when not in use and employ the floor space for other
activities. Foldable doors would also work great that consume less space
while giving you privacy.

Robert Johnson, founder of Sawinery also shares the functional, foldable, and storage idea.
He says,” Make every furniture functional, foldable, and has storage. When you’re thinking of getting a chair or sofa, go for those where you can store
things beneath. When you’re thinking of getting a mirror for your bathroom, go for those who already have built-in storage for your skincare and bathroom essentials. When you’re thinking of getting a table, always go for foldable ones. Remember to think these three (functional, foldable, and
storage) and you won’t feel that you have a small space.”

Create Distinct Areas

Marty Basher, interior design expert says,”When you create different areas within the same space, it can help to reduce the feeling that your studio space is one room. You can take the traditional route and add a wall divider or a bookcase to the middle of the room to signify a divide. However, a more unique way to divide the areas is through the use of visually strong accessories, art, and other minor details.

A bright-colored rug can signify that space is the living room. A coffee table in solid white can create a strong presence for the corner of the living room and be used as an anchor for that area. A yellow sofa can function as a strong focal point. The goal is to make each living area include strong visual components that make it stand out from the other living areas.”

Think Big

It is not necessary to use pin-size objects just because your home is small. You can still choose large items or regular-sized materials.

However, minimizing the number of pieces according to the space of your room is advisable. Doing so will lessen the space consumed even with your
regular-size materials. Put up a large-scale painting or a huge vase,
bits that will draw the eye from everything else. You can also select large size furniture and regular-sized shelves etc.

Whiten Things Up

Marty Basher, interior design expert speaks on How to decorate a small house: One easy way to give a space a larger look and feel is to work with lighter colors, specifically white. The color white gives off a bright, light airy feeling. While you may not want to go all white, singular white focal pieces such as a sofa or a coffee table, rug, etc. will help accomplish your goal.
He deliberately speaks and urges to play with color: If your goal is to make space appear larger, choose sharp colors. For example, bright reds, electric blues, yellows, and greens, with negative space in between, will open up your space. In order to create depth to space, add splashes of color to unexpected accents, such as a windowsill. Create a focal wall by painting one of the walls a deeper color than the other walls, giving the space the appearance of seeming larger. Create cohesiveness among all the spaces by painting the walls in different shades of the same color. Then, unite the colors by having the accessories match, such as a pillow that matches the fabric of a lampshade or a mirror that has a wood frame that matches your coffee table. If you want to create a space that feels airy, add an off white wall to space which will help you to maximize the light in the room.

Choose the Right Furniture

Andra DelMonico, Interior Design Expert says,” the following insight on how to decorate a small house: Choose furniture that’s lighter in color, scaled to the size of the room, and open. The lighter colors help the room feel bright and welcoming. Scaled to fit prevents the room from looking cramped and feeling smaller than it really is. Furniture that you can see through gives the illusion of the room being bigger. Think open shelves, rail armrests, and furniture on Legs.

Don’t Forget Style for Space

Stephanie Purcell, an interior designer and owner of Redesigned Classics elaborately speaks about how to decorate a small house. She observes all ideas to make space elegant
She says,” A lot of times people think that because their space is smaller they don’t have the ability to be as creative. You can still express your style and love of color, you just have to be more intentional about it. Instead of a dark or overly bright wall color, consider using it as an accent instead. Pops of bright colors still work well in a small space you just have to think about using them more sparingly. Include one or two really special art pieces or fun patterns and limit the rest. You don’t want things to get too cluttered

She adds, “Using light and airy neutrals can help make space seem
larger than it is. Make sure not to block any windows or doors and add
mirrors to give the illusion of more square footage.”
She also advises choosing size-appropriate furniture: Be realistic about your space and choose furniture pieces that fit. That huge armoire, just may not work in your space. Mocking up a floor plan and recording your room dimensions will help you realize what fits and what doesn’t.”

Illusion Of Space

Light helps keep a place feeling open and bright. Windows on doors help increase light and open vision as well as having a lot of windows. You can add windows to the room, it will flood the room with natural light and make it appear larger. If adding windows isn’t an option, use ceiling fixtures and lamps to create multiple sources of light in the room.

Marty Basher, interior design expert suggests to lighten up your living room: If natural light is not an option or only minimally so, adding good lighting throughout your space is another way to give the illusion of space. Ceiling lighting is a good option for smaller spaces with little room for table and floor lamps.

He adds, “Natural light is your friend. There is nothing that makes space look larger and brighter than natural light. Limit window coverings or go with sheer fabric that allows sunlight through, clean your windows regularly, remove or trim back overgrown bushes/trees in front of your window that block the light from coming in, and change up your front door to one with glass are just a few ideas to bring in more light. Using mirrors is another great option, if you hang them opposite a window they will cast light throughout the room. Take a look at your flooring, dark floors, and carpets will make your room look darker because they absorb natural light. Wooden, ceramic, or stone floors with a polished finish are the better options to help disperse light throughout your rooms.”

Andra DelMonico, Interior Design Expert says,” Don’t add just any light. Aim for bright daylight temperature light in the
range of 5,000 to 6,5000 kelvins. You can buy bulbs at this temperature
range to mimic natural sunlight. Change out the light in the ceiling and
add lamps. This is your ambient light. Now add decorative light with LEDs
to mimic the look of a larger home.”

Make the Ceiling Feel Higher

Andra DelMonico, Interior Design Expert says, “Make your small rooms feel larger by making the ceiling feel taller. Choose low furniture to increase the space between the furniture and the ceiling.
Change out the lighting in your ceiling to be flush. This keeps the ceiling
looking clean and gives the illusion of more headroom.
For a serious vertical optical illusion, paint wide vertical stripes on
your wall. It could be a bold black and white or a subtle eggshell and
beige combo. You can also hang a boldly patterned window treatment from the ceiling to the floor, no matter the window’s actual size. This draws the
eye up and makes the wall look taller.”

Use what you have as efficiently as possible

Marty Basher, interior design expert says, “Small closets, cabinets, and storage rooms can usually be doubled in functionality if planned and organized properly. Most closets come with a very inefficient use of the space—a hanging rod and one shelf. Just by looking, you can see plenty of wasted space. For instance, take one closet with a hanging rod and shelf and divide the closet in half with a panel. On one side of the panel, divide it with two hanging rods and on the other side, floor to ceiling shelving. Voila, almost doubled! You can find many modular closet systems that can help make this trick easy.”

10 Attractive And Bright Ideas to Decorate A Small House

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