9 Best Tips to Decorate a Living Room Without Furniture

Gone are those days when living rooms were full of furniture. The trend is changing and so are you. Living rooms are the center area of the house and need more attention as well.

Who doesn’t want a beautiful home with a classy living room?  

Well, when it comes to decorating a living room you make sure every single thing must be unique.

Everyone has different wish lists for their living rooms.

There is no particular rule to decorate a living room with furniture. We are living in a time where so many amazing options are available. With a limited budget and less stuff, you can beautifully decorate a living room without furniture.

Thanks to the experts who have given us so many splendid ideas to decorate and design homes. 

Let’s have some ideas to decorate a living room without furniture.

Add Rugs  to Create a Cozy Living Area

MarquisMatson, content lead of  RUGPAD USA says, “One of the easiest ways to make a living room cozier and personal is with a thick rug pad under a beautiful statement piece rug. This makes the floor comfortable to sit on and inviting for others, especially when you add some throw pillows around the perimeter. Adding houseplants around the edges of the room and soft lighting via lamps can make the entire space incredibly enticing, even without furniture”.

Go for A Minimalist Feel

Living rooms are the most used place in the home. Choosing a minimalist style makes your living room clutter-free and comfortable. Without any furniture, minimalists can give a modern look to your living room.

Simon Elkjær, the Chief Marketing Officer of avXperten,says, “One of the best ways to go about decorating your room without using that much furniture is by going for a minimalistic feel. Following this type of design will allow you to focus on essentials while also prioritizing space and design. Using neutral colors in your room will also make your room look and feel more spacious”.

Make Use of Biophilic Design

Ryan Jones from Land of Rugs says, “One of the best ways to decorate a room without having to use the furniture

To complete the look is to get creative with biophilic design, the process of adding plants and natural life into your space”.

He further adds, “This can be done with real or fake plants, depending on your preference, and will be able to denote an amazing feeling of calm and serenity in your space! Whether you want small plants on your window ledge, or a large plant placed on the floor in your living room. You have a range of options to choose from”.

Go for a Warm and appealing space

Looking to change the old and boring decor of your living room? You don’t need a big budget or furniture to decorate your living area. Experts suggest going with a warm and appealing space to make your living room calming and clutter-free.

.Abby Abby, Head of Marketing of WellPCB suggests that “Adding furniture is arguably the most popular way of decorating a room. Sometimes, you may not have this option, but you still need a warm and appealing space.”

Here are a few tips and ideas on how to decorate a room by Abby Abby: and make it more welcoming:

The floor

Arrange the floor space in a way that embraces freedom. Without any furniture, ensure you use a theme that portrays the room as spacious. Follow suit through to your floor space arrangement.

The wall space

You have more than a couple of ideas to put on your walls. You may begin by applying removable wallpapers in case the walls can’t be painted. These wallpapers can then complement curtains, tapestry, mirrors, or other items that can be hung for display. You could even hang a photo frame somewhere strategic.

House plants

Leafy and flowery house plants will breathe fresher air into your house,  as well as ease anxiety. Looking at green color brings about the mind’s calmness, enhancing the overall mood and productivity.


It’s never just about the light; lighting fixtures are an excellent way of enhancing a room’s look and feel. From chandeliers to candles, you can utilize the countless options around lighting to make your house or room look better.

Have A Hammock

David Shell, Founder & CEO of TradesmenCosts says, “If you want relaxation at its purest, why not try having an indoor hammock in your living room? You can enjoy reading a book, drinking a cup of coffee, or simply hang out in the afternoons. Opt for a hammock made with woven cotton for best comfort. Make sure to check the structural integrity of your living. Check if your walls can handle the extra weight.”

David  advises setting up some bean bags. He adds, “Bean bags are no longer the thing for university dorms. They are lightweight, making them easy to move and rearrange. You can choose from a wide variety of comfortable yet stylish bean bags. They come in different sizes too and are made with various materials. Having ottomans will also add a touch of comfort and functionality to your living room.”

Scatter A Couple Of Boho Floor Cushions

Floor cushions are the best choice to add some fun to living rooms. These pillows are quite comfortable to sit on. You can simply use that area as a favorite corner to spend some quality time with yourself. You can pick some colorful floor cushions to make the room livable.

David Shell, Founder & CEO of TradesmenCosts says, “Whether you have a small or large living room, floor cushions are the best choice. They will give your room a laid-back yet chic feel. You can choose from different patterns and colors with various backrests. Make sure to layer your pillows to make them extra comfortable. Add a coffee table to add a welcoming feel to your living room”.

Moroccan seating style

Eva Bowker, an interior designer and home improvement coordinator at Fantastic Handyman says, “Moroccan inspired floor seating. Sofas are usually the heart of the living room, but they take a lot of space, they are heavy, and sometimes it’s hard to fit them, especially if the room is small. The Moroccan seating style is perfect for all sizes and shapes of rooms, and they are lightweight and easily movable. All you need are a few cosy floor cushions for the floor and the wall (for back support). Add a few throw pillows and a low wooden table, and you’ll get the perfect space for rest and fun.”

Let the light come in

“We view lighting as the jewelry of a home and this certainly holds true in a living room.”, says Elisa Cicero, Senior Account Executive at G&S Business Communications.

Lights make a big difference to enhance the beauty of any living area. A good lightning room boosts your mood and creates a positive aura in the house. You should always invest in good lighting when it comes to decorating a living room.

Elisa adds, “There are so many great lighting trends out right now. A big one is fusing two trends together to make very attractive pieces – coastal glam, mid-century modern, modern crystal pieces. Brass and Matte Black are the two most popular finishes for lighting and hardware, but we are seeing a lot of natural materials used in accents – hardware with leather, lighting with wood, or rattan.

People are even using their lighting to add a pop of color into a room, with lighting fixtures popping up in bright colors like blues and greens. Picking out a specialty light can really add that WOW factor. Our team always likes to say be bold with lighting. It is such an easy piece to replace if you get sick of it after a couple of years and can really change the look of a living room (or any other room!) without having to swap out expensive furniture, artwork, etc”.

 Create a greenery area with Plants

You can always count on plants when something is missing out to create that peaceful and breathable area in your living room. Plants make a vibrant aura in the house.

Robert Johnson, Founder of Sawinery says, “Plants will give it life.* Recently, people have been tending to taking care of plants since the pandemic started. Most people use outdoor plants but several plants can be used indoors and be used as decorative materials.”

He adds, “The first idea that I can give is to place plant shelves in the room and populate with several small indoor plants like orchids, cut blooms, and small succulents. For large potted plants, you can also use birds of paradise, triangle ficus, or European olive. These will give you a sudden boost of color especially if you are using bare white or cream wall paint.”


Be it small or big you can always give a modern touch to your living room without any furniture or a big budget. Living rooms must be well organized as this is the first entrance of our home. Having a messy and cluttered room affects our moods as well.

You can simply have a cozy and comfortable living room by using the right strategies given by the experts above.

Decorate your living area with fun and creativity. You can always make the  change you want.

1.Can you have a living room without a sofa?

People often prefer having a sofa in their living rooms. But there is no rule to keep a sofa in living rooms. You can skip it according to your convenience as it can occupy a big space in a living area that might be uncomfortable

How can I decorate a living room without a couch?

You can easily skip the sofa  in your living room by replacing it with other options such as:
Chairs or a bench
Floor Pillows
Day bad
Bean bags

How can I decorate the living room without furniture?

You can decorate the living room without furniture as:
Add scenic wallpapers to give definition to the walls.
Paint your wall in white color to make it look bigger
Use curtains
Hang pictures on the wall
Keep indoor plants
Hang a big mirror on the wall.
Choose the right rug according to your space.
9 Best Tips to Decorate a Living Room Without Furniture

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