14 Creative Room Decorating Ideas

14 Creative Room Decorating Ideas

A unique creative home decor idea will transform your space. A blend of creative and decorating styles works very well and turns the room elegant and beautiful.

Here are some Creative Room Decorating Ideas that you love.

Create A Striking Wall

Even though you can’t go on a vacation these days, you can still bring fun to your home. You can style your wall even with the simplest objects. Hang
photos over your black wallpaper, portraits, or paintings. Create a gallery
that will immediately catch anyone’s attention once they enter your home.
Mix it with modern and antique furniture and you have a striking wall!

You can also decorate your wall with paint. It can be a graphic pattern that can add up some accent to the space you are trying to decorate or a mixture of colors that depends on your taste.

Bring Life with Wall Papers

Marciasocas of Castro Realty Group shares a very practical tip that he has learned after 20+ years of home renovations. It is the strategic use of wallpaper to quickly transform a room.

He continues, “The greatest example for me was transforming my daughter’s room into a princess’ castle. Floor to ceiling mural wallpaper brought it to life. I used this same technique when decorating a Disney area Airbnb condo, and guests have loved it. Wallpaper isn’t just for the princesses though, there’s also wallpaper that makes the room look like it has stone walls, and I used this to create a Wizard’s room modeled after Harry Potter. Using wallpaper has been one of the quickest, easiest, most inexpensive ways I’ve transformed rooms. I hope this helps! I’ll provide links to photos of those rooms below in case that’s of help.”

Two lights, two moods

Another idea is to give your room different types of lighting. Depending on the time of the day, having different sources of light can literally light up your mood. For the main light, I opted for a temperature of 2700K. And I installed a small floor lamp with a 1700 Kelvin Edison light bulb. It’s a type of vintage incandescent bulb that shines with a very soft and warm light. It’s perfect to rest your eyes, read a book, or simply give this next to a bonfire vibe.

Recycle Old Furniture

Before going out to buy new stuff, check your old furniture. You can refurbish them by re-painting and making them new.

Old Fabrics

Cut your patterned fabrics or old shirts and frame them. This is a unique and cool way to make a wall display.

Floating shelves

The first thing I did when I decorated my very first apartment was
installing floating shelves. I love how elegant and modern they appear. Many materials and colors are available from retailers. So whatever decoration is already set in your room, it is easy to find one that fits the hue of your space. For mine, I opted for wooden pallets with no varnish. On it, I installed my books and small interior plants for vintage and natural look!

Make Your Books Stand-Out

Forget about the boring floor-to-ceiling bookshelf and start switching things up. Display your books more artistically and pair them with some artwork. Hang your bookshelves or put them on top of your furniture.

Display them on your coffee table with a pot of cacti or succulents. Arrange your cookbooks near your pots. Put your precious pages anywhere you can easily reach and read them.

Hand-Painted Portraits

A unique home decor idea would be a hand-painted portrait. Hand-painted portraits are classic works of art that can be used to capture an intimate memory and add an elegant feature to your home. As classic as these paintings is, they are quite rare to come across in our contemporary era of digital photo archives.

A giant world map

Maps have the ability to be vintage and modern at the same time. Because they’re timeless, it’s a no brainer if you’re short of ideas. Giant map awakens a deep desire in people to travel, but at the same time, root us in contemplation in front of them. Whether you’re a traveler or not, you might consider it.


The best way to find art materials when doing a room decoration is by looking at your existing stuff. Some items in your possession which you don’t use anymore or plan on disposing of can become a useful and attractive piece. Things like mugs, old picture frames, old plush toys. These can all be upcycled instead of disposed of. Everything is up to your creativity!


One creative room decorating idea is to utilize your windows in addition to other areas of your home. Some folks throw up curtains, drapes, blinds, etc. blocking off gorgeous windows and a gorgeous view. Well, home window tinting can help you achieve those same results: privacy, heat control, OR a decorative element (like a frosted window or decorative window film), without losing natural light. What’s important to note, is that these decorative window films can be custom designed to fit your home’s aesthetic and room’s color

Hang Your Chair

Add a cheerful touch to any room with a hanging chair. You can create one with strong ropes and an antique chair. A handsome leather chair would also be great for you to achieve a classic look. They come in different shapes and sizes that you can place them anywhere you like. If you have no time to build one, you can always check out Home Depot or Amazon.

Punchy colors

More often than not, couches are mono-color. It’s a block of white, grey, or brown right in the middle of the room. To make it more vibrant, I like to put one or two small pillows with punchy colors. Effect guaranteed.

Everlasting Idea

BertieCowan of Effortless Outdoors says, “My own home is very ‘Bohemian’, which really suits my personality and lifestyle. Whenever I have visitors they instantly relax and are usually intrigued by objects around them. My home is full of memorabilia from my travel adventures. The Bohemian style is very simple to create and you have a chance to fill your rooms with memories.

To give a room the Bohemian look you combine textures and colors rather than staying within a color palette. Place interesting objects like bright rugs on the walls, heavy and silk cushions, a mixture of vases and pots together. Like me, you could incorporate items you purchased when traveling and pieces from your younger years.”

Everything You Need To Know About Bohemian Interior Design Style

Keep simplicity in mind

The classic saying less is more is now true than ever. A simple, clean, and minimalist workplace are easier to maintain and free from distraction. If you are into a lot of decorative pieces such as figurines and collectibles, keep them in a nice cabinet. This way, you wouldn’t have to dust them very often. In short put functionality in your mind when decorating. You should not force yourself to reuse an old shoebox even if you have no use for it. With this in mind, you can focus on the decorations that truly matter and serve a purpose in your daily life.

What are some of the creative room decorating ideas with vintage-looking books?

GiorgioPassalacqua, of soundswow shares a practical idea to do with some old vintage-looking books.
He says, “I buy them in second-hand shops for a dollar or so and become super funky shelves for lamps or anything else. Usually, their outdated book that nobody will buy for the sake of reading. It is also a way to still use what seems to be something that is quickly disappearing.
So how to make a vintage bookshelf?
Things that you need:
1 old book
2 shelf bracket
1 drill
1 screwdriver/ clamp

How to proceed:
You will drill the holes on the back cover of the book after taking the right measurements for the kind of shelf brackets you have. Once the holes are made you want to file them until they are completely smooth.
Put the shelf brackets on the whole. Place the book on top of it. Put the screws on, and tighten them up with a screwdriver or clamp. You now have a homemade vintage book lamp holder.
Click to see how it looks.

What are the top 5 creative room decorating ideas?

According to Henry, the editor at Ultredecking, the top five creative room decor ideas are:
1. Tilted Mirror
A tilted mirror does not require hammering on walls and gives a relaxed mental look to the eyes.
2. Lush Leaves
Your underused nook or corners can be filled with the plant to make them look special.
3. Hanging bedside lamps
With these hanging lamps, you do not need an extra surface for lamps around your bed.
4. Workhorse Nightstand
A bedroom with small square footage can make the most of every inch with these nightstands.
5. DIY Art

According to Aly Blogger at Iekel Road Home, the top five creative room decor ideas are:
1. Used Plants to decorate
2. Hung picture frames off coat hooks
3. Used everyday items are pleasing decor like hats and scarves
4. Hung cute broom and dustpan
5. Added a wreath
14 Creative Room Decorating Ideas

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