7 Expert Opinion On How To Choose The Wallpaper For The Living Room

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Are you searching for how to choose the wallpaper for the living room?

Can you look at Karen Lee, Editor and Researcher at Things Around the House opinion?

He says,” This might not be the most advanced advice for how to choose the wallpaper for the living room, this, but
it’s something I believe in and usually leads to designing a room that you will love: pick the wallpaper that stands out to you and that you love!

You will have to look at it more than anyone and it’s your home, so go with something you love. Obviously, you’ll probably want to make sure it matches the room and the furniture you want to own, but once you decide on a
direction, I say you go with the wallpaper that you’ll like looking at.”

Definitely you can go with your love and passion. If you wish to get more ideas for choosing a wallpaper for your living room, you can check here.

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A Primary Consideration

Thomas Jepsen, founder of Passion Plans, an online service connecting architects and homes put forwards a beautiful idea on living room wallpapers color.

According to him” When picking wallpaper for your living room, always consider color as one of the primary considerations. The color that you pick affects the mood of any room. In the case of living rooms, try cooler colors, like hues of blue or green, in case you want to give that sense of peace in the living room.”

He also points out, “Lighting could also affect your choice of wallpaper. Remember how sunlight, for example, may affect the textures that you choose for your wallpaper. It may look like one thing the first time then another thing the next.”

Susan Peters, interior designer, and owner of 9108 designs also speak about the concern on color.

She discusses her thoughts, “We all know that wallpaper has made a big comeback over the last few years. Wallpaper is a great way to add a personal touch to your home and help differentiate your home from your neighbor’s home. When choosing wallpaper for your living room, I would suggest choosing one that speaks to you and of course flows with your room and main level!

How do you find the one that speaks to you and fits in your space?

Gather the info you need and go on the hunt! Ask yourself what color and pattern will work in your room and flow with the rest of your main level. If your room is already furnished, you will get your inspiration from what is already in the room.”
She adds, “Choose colors and patterns that compliment your furnishings and style. Be sure that your choice flows with the rest of the level your living room is on. If your furnishings are neutrals, perhaps choose a neutral pattern or a textured solid such as seagrass. If they are patterned, either choose a complementary pattern and color or a solid with texture”

Deborah Goldberg is a home decor expert with Clearsurance.com suggests some brilliant color ideas examples along with the effect they can have on a space

  • Blue and seafoam colors can make a room seem calm, peaceful, and relaxing.
  • Stark patterns with geometric shapes can add a stylish and distinctive look, but they can also go out of style quickly.
  • Floral patterns are good for bright, cheerful rooms, but again, they can feel dated.
  • Nature-based patterns can give a room a sense of charm and organic beauty, and they can fit well with white and tan color schemes.
  • If your living room has specific pieces like a piano or desk that you want to be the main decor piece, then try to keep the wallpaper muted. If you don’t have much distinctive furniture, then consider making the wallpaper pop more.

Think about the color schemes in your living room and if there are accent colors on your furniture that you want to augment.

Accomplish Your Needs

Allison Thibault who is a 5x best of Houzz award-winning designer and the principal designer at Kaleidoscope Design Studio says, “When choosing wallpaper in the living room, you must first consider the overall aesthetic of the room and what you are looking to accomplish with it.

For example, are you wanting a high fashion solid punch of color on one wall to brighten up the room?

or are you looking for a more subtle, casual patterned wallpaper that will cover the entire space?

If you are doing a wallpaper for the first time, I recommend sticking with more muted, geometric patterns that will not overwhelm the space.

You do not want to pick a pattern you like and then realize that it is “too much” after you’ve finished putting it up. Keep it simple and stick to colors and patterns you know will elevate your living room while complimenting your existing furniture and décor”.

Ask Questions

Edward Briggs from HomeReviews has of the opinion that selecting a suitable wallpaper you are still going to love
in a few years’ time can be tricky. So it pays off to invest the time to choose wisely.

He also insists to get started, answer the following questions for yourself:

  1. Are you looking for wallpaper for one of the walls or all? Having a single wall to feature a pattern or strong color to give contrast can help a lot to balance the environment.
  2. How much light does the room have naturally? You want to avoid dark wallpapers in rooms with less light.
  3. What will be the pattern? To make your life easier it is better to avoid small patterns. These are hard to match up correctly.
  4. Simple patterns often win over complex patterns.?
  5. Consider adding matching style elements to the ceiling as well?

This can “take out the edges” quite literally and let your wallpaper shine further”

Entire Room or A Focal Wall

Deborah Goldberg, a home decor expert with Clearsurance.com says,”Decide whether you are papering the entire room or just a focal wall. Papering the entire room means that the pattern or shade can become overwhelming, so you will want more subtle patterns and shades. You can wallpaper a single accent wall and paint the rest of the room a complementary or accent shade to match.

If your living room has a more contemporary or modern style, you may want a pattern with stripes. Horizontal stripes will augment your room’s width, while vertical stripes add to its height. Play around with how you want the space to look.”


Jay Lu, a founder of the lighting brand, Sofary says, “When choosing the perfect wallpaper for your living room, there’s a couple of things to take into account. The most important one is to match the wallpaper style with the rest of your room’s décor. While this may sound simple, you’ll quickly learn that matching wallpaper to the style of your room can be quite tricky. Here are a few tips that’ll hopefully make the process easier for you.

If you want to aim for a modern style, geometric shapes fit in really well. For those who want a more casual style, floral and colorful wallpapers will help you achieve that. If you feel like you were born a couple of centuries ago, and want to recreate the Victorian experience in your home, go for baroque floral motives.”

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7 Expert Opinion On How To Choose The Wallpaper For The Living Room

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