Kids Room

10 Awesome & Helpful Tips To Get Kids To Clean Their Room

Lorie Anderson has a Masters of Science in Education, Learning, Design, and Technology from Purdue University, and also a parenting blogger at MomInformed suggests a practical tip for getting kids to clean their rooms: I found that letting my kids know we’re donating their old stuff to charity warms them up to the idea of […]

11 Practical & Inspirational Tips To Design Kids Study Room

“With the switch to online learning and more schoolwork being done at home it is extremely important to have a space for kids to do this in. Giving a specific location dedicated to studying and completing schoolwork can promote focus and routine. After these spaces have been thrown together last minute, it’s time to upgrade […]

13 Beautiful & Attractive Tips To Decorate Kids Room

Decorating your kids room may take time, but it worth’s the effort. And your child will be very happy with it. Are you ready to decorate kids room? You can follow these ideas: Jack Miller, the founder of How I Get Rid Of, a leading home blog. As such,he has more than fifteen years of […]

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