7 Practical & Simple Work From Home Ideas With No Office

“Build a working space in a spare room or car garage. Having a dedicated working space at home will help you separate your personal life from work. You will also be more productive and keep your work-life away from your family,” Vector an editor for BBQGrillAcademy & works from home and has been doing so […]

8 Best & Ideal Home Office Furniture Ideas

You must feel comfortable If you’re working for long hours in your home office. You should be careful while choosing home office furniture.You can consider these expert opinions to choose the home office furniture. Matthew Paxton here, the Founder of Hypernia says, “Comfort is one of the main qualities of an inspiring and productive workspace. […]

Decorating a Small Living Room: How Does It Help You To Live a Better Life?

Having a beautiful and comfortable living room is a dream for each of us, isn’t it?   A place where we spend most of the time, be it watching Netflix lying on the sofa, having a fun time with our loved ones, or hosting a get-together for our friends.  Living rooms are the center of the […]

10 Things You Should Consider To Choose Curtains For The Living Room

“Curtains make or break a room. For the living room, the curtains will determine the feel, space, and mood of your room. Despite the appearance, choosing a curtain can get tough. There’s a lot of measuring, weighing, imagining, choosing fabrics before picking the best curtain for the living room”, says Alina Clark, of Cocodoc It […]

Everything You Need To Know About Bohemian Interior Design Style

The term “Bohemian” was first used in Europe to refer to Roma gypsies from Bohemia, a Czech Republic region. But it wasn’t until the early 19th century that European countries started to adopt this word and use it more commonly. Since then, the term was used with a more romantic tone to indicate artists, performers, […]

9 Unique Bandhanwars to beautify your home this Diwali

Looking for some unique ideas to decorate your home entrance or living rooms? We have created a list of creatively designed Bandhawars for you. Glowing laces base for entrance. Glowing laces base gives a unique look to your entrance. In a well lit entrance this gives an amazing look. Beautiful bead Bandhanwars Want to give […]

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