15 Best Home Decor Ideas for 2021


We are in the last phase of 2020 and you must be thankful for surviving. Are you looking for the best home decor ideas for 2021?

“East or west home is the best,” the proverb lights up the importance of home. Our home is our heaven, where we are happy and share our warmth. The process of decorating our sweet home is exciting and overwhelming.

Here are some best home decorating ideas to make your space more elegant.


‘Go Green’ is the new motto of the whole world. We are more concerned about the world we live in. It is beautiful to start the journey to the green earth from the home. One can begin a sustainable lifestyle and incorporate sustainable design. This up and coming design trend not only enhances beauty but also protects our mother earth.

Eco-Friendly materials are widely available in the market. It ensures the best quality also. The materials are available in different sizes, texture, fashion. The furniture, shelves and other home decors, made of reused materials and  less impact to the environment are available.

Here is the list of best eco-friendly materials that give a stunning appeal to your home.


Organic Cotton

Recycled Polyester





The majority love to have natural texture inside the home. It provides a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere and leads to harmony.

Sam Whittaker, the editor-in-chief at Boureston Media says, “ We are currently living in a digital society. Because of this, we seek to find a way to neutralize our need for technology. This is exactly why natural textures are finding their way into our homes. We want to see the outdoors even when we are indoors. In 2021, we will embrace the opposite of the screens that we’re so used to seeing. We’re bringing nature into our homes, especially now that we’re encouraged to stay home”.


Copper and brass accessories always give a modern look to your home. If you wish to have a classy and modern look, then grab copper and brass accessories. The look improves when enough lighting is in that place where you’ll put these accessories.


Natural lighting is always a trend for ages and no exception to that in 2021. Do you prefer to live out your life under the warmth of the sun or under the glare of lamps?

People love to access the natural light and view the outdoors. Natural light creates warm welcoming  and rejuvenates the space. It is the key to creating welcoming, cozy and spacious environments regardless of the size of the room. It also has many health benefits like

  • Avoid seasonal depression,
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces the health risk of artificial lamps
  • Boosts vitamin D


The indoor must have a  bright and fresh appearance and  should spread a positive vibe. It looks like people will be spending much more time at home in 2021. Indoor plants help to bring a piece of nature to home. These plants are a great addition to every home as they bring more oxygen and have a calming effect on people. There are plenty  of gorgeous indoor plants that don’t need a lot of care. That is almost impossible to kill and you don’t want to spend more time on it. It is good to keep the plants close to the window so that they can catch enough daylight on a regular basis. Some plants that bloom throughout the year which spreads joyfulness and hopefulness and makes a great piece of decor.


The home decor should be charming and engaging. People prefer neutrals to get a warmer look to the home. As per the opinion of Adi Donna, well known  Interior Designer and the Founder of Cozy Down Home: “The most popular idea for home decor in 2021 is the use of neutrals. Neutrals give a warmer look to your house. 2021 is all about neutrals, less gray, and more about honey tones”


A rug is a timeless home decor accessory. The proper placement of rugs make the interior beautiful and classy. It is used in about every space in the home to define and separate areas.

Jade Holroyd of Land of Rugs describes the significance of rugs in home decor : “Use a rug to add style, character, and warmth to space, and add that all-important finishing touch. As well as being a beautiful decorative accessory, a rug also serves varying practical purposes; use a rug to protect your flooring or utilize it as a floor covering to hide damage or soiling. Whatever the purpose, a rug is a vital decor element in any modern home and with the right selection of rug, you’re guaranteed to add the wow factor“


The interior grace enhances by using Wood. Wood creates a classy look. Sam Whittaker, the editor-in-chief at Boureston Media observes the aesthetic value of Light-colored Woods.

He says, “We are now getting a lot of inspiration from Scandinavian ideas for our home. This will be taken even into the design trends of 2021. Lightwood is starting and will continue to be a trend material for home decor. Its raw color has an aesthetic value”.


It’s important that the interior in which we live can actually have an impact on our mood and state of well-being. Attractive decorative items, colors, lighting, etc. have a great impact on your mood. The collection of handcrafted home décor will improve the appearance of your inner walls. The gorgeous handicrafts will add some much-needed flair to your living room, nursery, or office space.


If I have to select only one Best home decor idea out of this list, I will go with Christine, a home improvement and lifestyle blogger. She is of the opinion to paint everything the same color. She says,” Interior designs are gravitating towards calm colors, textures, and materials. An easy and affordable way to create a contemporary and relaxing look is by painting everything the same color.

She adds,” Painting your skirting boards, doors and even radiators the same color as the wall behind it can have a surprising impact on the overall look of a room. Everything blends together seamlessly making the room feel larger and much more tranquil which is a particularly great thing in a bedroom. This modern and sophisticated look can easily be created on a budget and, best of all, it’s a look that even the most novice DIYer can quickly achieve with a couple of cans of paint and a paintbrush”.


Custom curtain ties help to charm up the interior. A jigsaw, wood, paint, and twine is all you need to create cute ties that will brighten up a room. Any simple design would work as cute ties.


Why don’t you have some change?

Lindsay Fay, of A Butterfly House, wishes to have a change: “Need a change, but can’t paint your walls? Consider putting up fabric or burlap. A little water and cornstarch works as glue, but is easy to take down when you need to move out”.


As per the opinion of Heloise Blouse, a former professional chef and a passionate kitchen blogger “Cast-iron pans are a bit of a pain to store. They don’t usually come in sets like Teflon pans, so they’re not made to stack. But they look good as wall decorations in a rustic-themed kitchen. So, you can solve your storage issues and add some decor to your kitchen wall by hanging your pans on display. Get a few strong wall-mounted metal hooks and secure them to your kitchen wall with screws. Then, hang those pans up as rustic wall decor!”


The boundaries of imaginations are limitless in the world of architecture and design. It is the new trend to divide the large spaces. It helps to use the unused spaces. One can explore his/her creativity  and  turn the space as elegant and useful.


It is acceptable when you try something unconventional. You can decor with your own ideas and can make the space unique. Luciana Fragali, Owner of Design Solutions, a high-end interior and architectural design firm conveys the idea of trying an unconventional dining table.

He says, “When creating the perfect dining table set, it’s not necessary to go the traditional route. Replace the fall leaf set up with batches of wheat, use white pitchers as vases, add textured glasses, and go for the modern farmhouse look. Ditch traditional glass candles with long white candles with sculptural holders for that extra dramatic look every dining table needs. The ambience that beautifully placed candles can add to a table setting is the difference between an unmemorable meal and an unforgettable gathering”.

Lindsay Fay, of AButterflyHouse.com suggested a new try on an old lampshade. She says, “Have an old lampshade that could use a new look? Grab a roll of cording, and weave yourself a new shade using the old lampshade frame. Simply cut off the fabric, and weave the cording through the metal supports. It’s an easy way to add a little boho to your space!”.

It looks like we will be spending much more time at home in 2021 and we’ll need our rooms to look bright and fresh. People have finished most of their activities in the home itself including going to pools and gyms, etc. They are afraid to be outside for unnecessary reasons, and they want to spend most of the time at home. The interior design has great significance. It not only enhances the elegance but also acts as a space of refreshment and positivity.

What are the decorating colors for 2021?

Decor with Neutrals is always a trend. White and Black, Grey , Blue and Green shades also provide a classy look.
Here are some expert opinions
As per the opinion of  Saul Cerni, a leading home improvement blogger and the founder of HomeISD.com, “Talking about colors, neutrals have been making the name for themselves lately, and they will see a big 2021. But it’s not about abusing greys and beiges. Think about this trend as shifting the focus from colors to patterns and textures”
Atta Ur who designed and constructed many houses says,” There is no doubt that lighter colors are the rulers of modern spaces because of their fresh and clean look in combination with creating a sense of calmness. However, adding up the color to your muted tones is the cherry on a cake (literally). One can add up a yellow for a warmer and vibrant look, and royal blue or dark red to make the perfect background for a perfect piece of furnishing. Moreover, if dark is not your cup of tea, choose light colors that blend well with the neutrals for a sophisticated look”
“It is not about the typical blue shade but the sophisticated one and more likely the moody blues. Home decor with a Navy blue tone will be more common in 2021,”  says Adi Donna Interior, a well-known Designer, & Founder of Cozy Down Home.

How can I make my house look nice inside?

People wish to live a more meaningful life, starting from home. The home is a relaxing space which connects with inner needs like  security, healthy environment, sleep etc.
The interior designing has great significance as it affects the state of well being. You can consider the above mentioned ideas while decorating your home. It not only makes your house elegant but also provides a peaceful atmosphere.

Where do I start when decorating my house?

You can always start with a small part of your home. Collect the ideas and inspirations  from various sources and make a plan before you do. Put the ideas in the small part and then you can understand the flaws and problems. If the decor works great in the area then start with other rooms.

What are decorating trends for 2021?

The decorating trends are varying with time. Going with green is the most welcoming trend nowadays. Natural light, Neutrals, Copper, Brass, Wood, Rug are always trends for a long period.
Joe Flanagan, Founder of 90s Fashion World  speaks about the trends for 2021. He says, “It is a trend that never really left but that has taken a more deluxe feel to it. Rough wood and recycled pieces of plumbing made of copper and iron come together with bricks and concrete for a minimal yet fully textured look. Concrete floors are particularly tempting because they are a huge budget option that looks amazing and can be done by renting a few tools by homeowners. Another great budget option is farm cupboards recycled and fitted in an industrial setting with low hanging cupboards and open shelves for ceramic bowls and such”.
Saul Cerni, a leading home improvement blogger and the  founder of HomeISD.com,  says, “Speaking of new gadgets, we are continuing to make our home smart and the next year it will get even smarter. Do you have a smart fridge yet, how about smart lighting? And don’t forget about your home security (even if you will be spending a lot of time at home.) Look to add the word “smart” to just about any household item.”

15 Best Home Decor Ideas for 2021

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