5 Bedroom Makeover Tips for a Happier Pregnancy


When it comes to doing a Bedroom Makeover Tips for a Happier Pregnancy, you have to consider many things. The mom-to-be must be so happy with the bedroom makeovers for expecting moms.

Here are a few Bedroom Makeover Tips for a Happier Pregnancy.

Elixer of Life

Each space is very personal and unique to the individual(s).

Making a bedroom happier for pregnancy is such an important thing that needs lots of care and understanding about the pregnancy.

Happiness is the elixir of life.

A happy pregnancy is one where our senses are acute so we want to surround it with lots of attention and care. It’s joy and fun to add things that make you smile and happy.

You can put decorative items that remind you of your favorite people, places, and things. A positive mind and vibe are essential for the pregnant lady.

Bedroom Makeover Tips for a Happier Pregnancy helps to get happier surroundings and gives a relaxed mindset to the pregnant lady. You can adopt any decorating idea which makes you happy and gives the positivity. You can decor your wall with photos. Or you can put them up on a big billeting board to stare at. You can pin your favorite photos taken on trips, people you love or take pictures of your favorite foods.
Add plants and flowers (with no smells) but adding nature to our space will bring you a sense of calm and comfort.

You can incorporate the textures that you like. Can’t go wrong with silk sheets, a lofty breathable luxurious blanket, and a duvet to layer as we get hot and cold. Add a beautiful throw on a big cozy chair.

Stay Safe at Dark Night

Make sure to have automatic night lights throughout your room and bathroom that are not too bright to fully wake you up, but allow enough light for the middle-of-the-night bathroom runs.

Silvia Borges of EnviroMom, with the hope that if we all take baby steps together, we can leave our kids a world that is even more beautiful than what we inherited, says”For many pregnant women, finding a comfortable sleeping position is a nightmare. One of the most effective solutions is very simple and lies right there beneath your feet. And I’m not talking about your slippers! It’s your floor that may be a perfect option. It will work miracles for your spine as there’s no thick and warm mattress to sink into. If you don’t believe me, ask the Japanese – they’ve been doing it for centuries, pregnant or not! A so-called futon mat and a duvet are all you need. If you live in a very cold area, a low platform bed could be the next best option. No bumping into the bed frame if you’re a kicker or waking up whenever your partner turns over in the bouncy bed! This sleeping arrangement will also appeal to fans of stylish, minimalist bedrooms, as well as a green lifestyle. Combine it with bamboo rugs, earthy colors on your walls and floors, sliding doors, and you’ll get a bedroom exuding tranquility and calmness.”

Clear path to the bathroom

Whether that means moving your bed to a different spot or clearing out some furniture, make sure there’s a clear path to the bathroom so you’re not bumping into things or tripping on items on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

More Sleep More Love

Do you know all of those decorative throw pillows that you normally throw on the floor before you go to bed?

Now that you’re pregnant, they finally serve a purpose!

Sorry back sleepers! In the later stages of pregnancy, you pretty much have to sleep on your side. Pillows can help. Add a long body pillow or lumbar pillow to your bed and use it to support your belly or ease the strain on your hips by placing it between your legs.

Being pregnant is the perfect excuse to buy a bunch of new ones. Use them to prop yourself up and make sure you don’t roll onto your back while sleeping.

Black out curtains to help you fall asleep and stay asleep during the insomnia stages.

Get yourself a pregnancy pillow and make some room next to your bed to put the pillow when you don’t want it in the middle of the night. Buying an oversized sit-up body pillow is also a great treat for pregnant women because it allows you to sit in bed much more comfortable with proper back support. These pillows are also lifesavers for the middle of the night breastfeeding!

I was so tired during my pregnancies. I found myself taking naps at odd hours. One thing that really helped was investing in blackout blinds for late-morning sleep-ins and mid-afternoon naps. The darker your room, the better your sleep.

Use a lighter-weight blanket. You typically run hotter while pregnant! Don’t wake up in sweats causing you to change clothes in the middle of the night. Swap the down comforter for a lightweight quilt so you don’t overheat at night and are able to get a better night’s sleep. Get blackout curtains. If you don’t already, get a pair of blackout curtains. This will help you get some extra rest if you have time to take a nap in the middle of the day or if you need to sleep in a bit after a restless night

Clarissa Sidhom of Modern Hipster Mama Many pregnant women struggle with insomnia, so installing smart light bulbs allows you to dim the lights 30 minutes before bed. They also allow you to make the lighting warmer (versus cooler, which mimics daylight), which helps your brain start to slow down. Instead of laying wide awake in bed for hours, you can create an atmosphere that encourages your body and brain to sleep well.

Within Arms Reach

Every pregnant woman knows how challenging it can be to get out of bed, especially during those final months. Having everything you need at arms reach will make your life so much easier!

Foot Stool

Sophia Nomicos, Founder of parenting and lifestyle website and online community MasandPas says,” Add furniture and accessories…for your feet.
Include more ways you can put your feet up in your room, either by adding a footstool or by getting extra pillows for your bed that you can use to raise your feet upon.
As you head towards your third trimester your feet may start to get swollen, especially after a day of walking around. Putting your feet up at the end of the day becomes something you look forward to – sometimes it’s a necessity!
One way you can do this is by adding a footstool next to your existing chair in your bedroom. That way you can raise your feet while you’re relaxing with some reading or TV. If you don’t have a chair in your bedroom then consider buying an armchair or nursing chair along with a matching footstool. These chairs are larger and more comfortable, the footstool means you can raise your feet up but they also come in handy for feeding babies when they arrive.
If neither works in your bedroom then you could also purchase extra-large pillows which you can stack up and rest your feet up on while sitting in bed.
Either way raising your feet can help you feel more comfortable during pregnancy.”


There’s no better time to upgrade your nightstand than while you’re expecting. Get one with several drawers to organize all of your pregnancy and postpartum needs. Early on in pregnancy, keeping crackers or nausea-preventing medications on your nightstand helps.

No Time for Negativity

It’s no secret, pregnancy can make you overheat. It’s all that extra blood running through your body.. Switch out your sheets for something light and airy (no polyester!) — look for natural fibers with high moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties.

Regulating temperature is a big one so having a Dyson fan/heater would be a great luxury item to enjoy during and after pregnancy alike. Hope this was helpful. Keep a fan or two in your room because the pregnancy and postpartum night sweats are real––and if you room-share when your baby arrives, a fan can serve as white noise and help reduce the risk of SIDS.

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What is the best color for a pregnant room?

Tatyana sexual and relationship therapist at Peaches and Screams says, “I would recommend re-decorating the bedroom to incorporate fresher and calmer colors such as white, mint green, and sky blue as these colors are psychologically proven to promote calm and relaxation which is important for the mother and the baby. I would avoid using dark and heavy colors such as red and black as these can be psychologically straining and induce negative energy. Aside from the color choices, I would recommend that the would-be mothers consider clearing out the clutter from their bedroom and incorporating minimalist decor to generate fresher and livelier energy.”
Ryan Jones of Land of Rugs makes a psychological approach to select a color. According to him, yellow, pink, and orange is considered colors of happiness. He continues, “We all know how using different colors in your space affects your mood. During pregnancy, it is key that stress levels remain low. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in a rug in blue or green color, depending on the existing color scheme of your room. Adding these colors into your bedroom, or any other space in your home is a great psychological boost to help keep your stress levels low and keep you generally relaxed. Other options for colors are yellows, oranges, and pinks which can be associated with feelings of happiness.”

What is the best color idea?

Ryan Jones, land of Rugs says, “We all know how using different colors in your space affects your mood. During pregnancy, it is key that stress levels remain low. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in a rug in blue or green color, depending on the existing color scheme of your room. Adding these colors into your bedroom, or any other space in your home is a great psychological boost to help keep your stress levels low and keep you generally relaxed. Other options for colors are yellows, oranges, and pinks which can be associated with feelings of happiness.”

How can I decorate my pregnant room?

– Make sure there’s not a lot of clutter. Clean surfaces matter.
– Get a serious memory foam mattress with super cozy pillows really helps with a mama’s back.
– A bedside sound machine because napping and a good night’s sleep are important.
– A bedside essential oils diffuser with a basket of sheet face masks;
this designer remembers how much your skin changes during pregnancy.
– It’s important to have an Alexa or other smart device in the room for voice activating lights on and lights off. Mama doesn’t need to get up and out of bed unless she has to. Plus it’s also great to cue up a soothing playlist.
– Organize the dresser, making sure that clothing that doesn’t fit
anymore is not in this bureau! Set a bin aside in the closet to store
maternity clothes for in between pregnancies if more little ones are
expected down the line.
– Get a good side sleeping body pillow.
– Definitely use black-out shades for a good night’s sleep.
– Download an awesome meditating app.
– Use a lap desk.
– Set up a pretty tray next to her bed that’s just for her, perfect for
her lotion, a big Yeti for her vitamin water, and a cute little basket for her pregnancy supplements, and whatever else she wants to have right by her side!
5 Bedroom Makeover Tips for a Happier Pregnancy

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