9 Simple & Attractive Ways to Decorate Your Home With Cushion Covers

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Your home is the most important place and that’s why you need to take good care of it. Cushion covers are one of the things that will play a vital role in terms of home decor. It is a low-cost simple way to completely change the look of a room. Hence, picking the right ones can make a massive difference

Here are a couple of simple ideas of how to decorate your home with cushion covers:

Right Palette

Choose the best colors that will not only go well with your decor but will also reflect your style. Your room has plenty of textures and hues that you can get inspiration out of. Make sure that every piece works well together while providing you comfort.

Coordinate with Existing

According to Tal Shelef, Realtor and Co-Founder of Condo Wizard, Coordinate Cushions with Existing Home Decor: If you already have existing home decor but want to add some cushion covers, you don’t have to overhaul your home rather coordinate your cushions with the existing ones. Throw cushions with different colors and patterns can blend well with the color pattern your current decor has. For example, if you have curtains with bolder prints, you can go for pillows with neutral tones.

Brighten Up

You can utilize the set of 5 cushion covers on the living room sofas. Please make sure the cushion covers are made of high-quality fabric, making them suitable for rough and everyday use. Brighten up spaces with the brightly colored cushion covers. Choose colors, keeping furnishings and backgrounds in mind.

As in summer, floral prints and calming colors will work wonders. Make sure the cushions have soft padding. Otherwise, it may be itchy to use them. Just be assured that it should have many expenses to sit after placing the pillows on the sofa.

Matchy Matchy

One of the first things you want to do when you decorate your home with cushion covers is to resist the urge to match everything. Instead, pick out a color palette with complementing colors or designs. You can spread them throughout your room to help tie everything together.

Aya Bradley a home design expert and editor at The Golden also has the opinion of Don’t Always Do Matchy Matchy.

She continues,”Matching your cushion covers to your sofa and other pieces of furniture may seem like a safe option but they don’t always work well. If you match the color of your cushion covers to your sofa, they’ll just look like a lumpy extension of your sofa and you won’t want that to happen. Choose colors that complement your sofa well.”

Play With The Materials

Get the best edge for your room by checking out materials like suede, leather, and silk. If you can use cushion covers with the same texture as your curtains, then you’re good.

Seasonal Decorations

Another idea is to use your cushion covers for seasonal decorations. During the winter months, you can add bright and vibrant colors to help give a warm feeling to space. Adding floral prints or yellow, orange, and red tones is a great idea. For summer, reverse it by adding iced greens or cool blues to give your space a refreshing and soothing look.

The famous design expert Aya Bradley also urges to use the cushions depending on the Season. Your cushion covers are the easiest piece of decor that you can tweak when there’s a holiday coming up. You can tweak them for Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s, Halloween, and so on. You can even change them up for winter, summer, spring, and fall. Just changing them can give a great change in the effect of your home.


Pillows are the cheapest and most affordable option that can give a lot of warmth and relaxation. Think twice before selecting pillow covers for the bedroom. Match them with interiors and furnishings such as wallpaper, bed.

Color, bedspread color, and prints. Choose to please abstract prints, floral prints, or geometric prints. A set of 2 pillow covers will be sufficient for the bedroom. Try and place two contrasting-colored pillows next to each other. There are options to choose from between rectangular and circular cushions.

Mix and Match

Finally, you can mix and match textures to create contrast in your room. This is nice if you have more neutral wall colors or carpeting. You can add pops of color or draw the eye around the space.

Tal Shelef, Realtor and Co-Founder of Condo Wizard also has the same opinion. He says, “Playing with colors, textures, shapes, and sizes is a smart and unique way to decorate your homes with cushions. You will never know where you can find inspiration to revamp or redecorate that’s why mix and match will do the trick. You can combine heavy textures with lighter ones, place a variety of shapes and sizes and go for contrast to allow your home to look cozy and modern simultaneously. Focus on keeping them simple and chic though. Never over-decorate.”


Everyone dreams of a peaceful, fragrant garden. Each morning, getting up to look at the brilliance and colors of beautiful flowers is a boon using the luxurious cushion on the garden chairs. Sip your morning tea or coffee while making a comfortable seat. Cushions wrapped in the highest quality pillowcases help us to relax and go away merrily in abundance. Choose any color of pillowcases. Sort the sizes of pillows and pillowcases to the size of your furniture and upholstered furniture.

The designs and patterns of your cushion covers can be used for parties and events. Give your home more life with bigger designs and patterns, as well as more vibrant colors. They’ll definitely influence the vibe of your room.

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How to decorate your home with cushion covers?

According to Daniel Foley, founder of a Digital Marketing Agency following are the ways you can decorate your home with cushion covers:
1. Place two contemporary colored cushions at each end of the couch.
2. Do not put too many or even too fluffy cushions on the living room sofa. They will take up space and then there will be no place to sit.
3. If you have too many cushions, it may make your room look cluttered. So, avoid going overboard with cushions.
4. Throws, rugs, and kilims mesh very well with cushions and accentuate the whole look.
5. Pull colors from the elements of the room before picking colors for cushion covers.
6. Propping cushions on their edges make the decor look sloppy as cushions may not stay in place for long
9 Simple & Attractive Ways to Decorate Your Home With Cushion Covers

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