9 Brilliant Tips To Get The Stylish And Antique Home Decor Items

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A unique role in the interior is given to antique products – older household items and works of art, including decorative and applied arts. Unlike modern mass-produced items, these usually hand-crafted valuables have a pronounced individuality, which requires a particular approach to their use.
Antiques have always been a prized commodity. Those who are genuinely interested in antiques – most antique lovers are collectors in one way or another – watch exhibitions and new arrivals in salons closely.

Do you like to make your space more appeal by  antique home decor items?

Do you know How to get stylish and antique home decor items?

You can follow these tips:

What You Want & Love

Bryan Stoddard, running a website called Homewares Insider which, explores all things related to homes, interior design, maintenance, and gardening. According to him you must know what you want and love.

He says, “When it comes to where to buy antique furniture, be it specialty stores, flea markets, auctions or various advertisements, there is no specific rule where it is best to buy. For someone unfamiliar with antiques, that
decision can be difficult. It is important to know what you want and love.

You need to be especially careful when shopping through various ads or flea markets. While many hope to buy a good thing this way for little money, in reality, it is a real rarity.

On the other hand, specialty stores selling antique furniture enjoy the trust of customers and a high business reputation. Despite slightly higher prices, the authenticity of the products in such stores is ensured.”

Research & Understand

Piyushi Dhir, a businesswoman by profession, and a writer by passion says, “I can’t describe myself as an avid collector of art or antiques but I do have a deep-seated appreciation of both. My home has a focal piece in each of the rooms which I have carefully selected over the years for either its story or beauty.” She shares a few tips on getting stylish and antique home decor pieces.

She continues,”Before you can find the right antique you have to understand what you are looking for in terms of

  • size,
  • use,
  • condition, and
  • manufacturer

Keeping an open mind and not standing firm on one brand certainly will help your search. When seeking a particular piece you should enjoy the search as much as actually buying the item. So take your time, research, and browse until you find the perfect piece. Often you may find something that you actually prefer.

Understand what restoration may be required for specific types of damage your piece may have. Scratches, repolishing, or even reupholstering may be needed and each comes with a different price tag. From experience what I have thought would be low cost to repair has turned out to be pretty high cost and vice versa. Thrift shops, antique malls, and house sales are great places to enjoy your search for the perfect piece. Thrift shops and antique malls are constantly having new items so it is worthwhile visiting often. Don’t be afraid to make friends with the staff and let them know what you are looking for, they will often let you know immediately when a piece comes in.”

Straight From The Owners

Lianne, a Licensed Yoga Instructor at Total Shape, is obsessed with antique items, and she suggests the best strategy in getting the perfect antique piece is buying straight from the owners.

She says, “Aside from it’s cheaper because there will be no middleman rate, knowing the story of each piece will give you the idea of where to place the decor. Knowing you bought them from their real owner makes the piece more personal for you, and gives a story to it more than just being a decoration to your home. What people do not know about antique owners is that more than the piece, they are after the stories of its antiquity and it’s what makes up for the beauty of the piece.”

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Old Furniture

You can feature a great craft by decorating your old furniture. It imparts more aesthetic appeal to space and looks great.

Freebie Alerts

Danielle Damrell, an artist, creative motivator, and writer says, “We just recently remodeled our home and completely redecorated it on a really tight budget. Throughout this process, I’ve learned about some incredible tools for finding unique, antique home decor items that won’t break the bank.”

She continues, “This is an app that notifies you about free stuff being given away in your area. You can set keywords and the app will automatically notify you if something free was posted that is related to your keywords. It pulls directly from craigslist, so you can contact the seller right away to snag deals!”

Example: JUST TODAY someone posted a free west elm couch in great condition for free just because they don’t have time or patience to sell it.


Danielle Damrell also shares a brilliant idea regarding Facebook Marketplace or other local online marketplaces: You really can find amazing pieces for low prices but the key to using online marketplaces is PATIENCE. There’s a lot of stuff on these marketplaces, but it’s not always easy to find low-cost gems. This is where it’s important to turn on notifications for certain keywords for the decor and/or furniture you’re wanting. Be patient because you may not see something when you first go to search. For some reason, it seems like the thing you’re looking for always pops a day or two after you went looking.”

Example: If you’re going for a Mid-Century Modern style decor, you’ll want to use the keywords mid-century, MCM, and vintage. New items are posted 24/7 so be sure to check every day to claim the items right away.

Ask Social Media

Danielle Damrell also points out, “People change up their decor styles constantly. Don’t hesitate to ask for what you want/need. If you’re looking for candlesticks, ask your great aunt on Facebook. I bet she has some in a box in her basement. If you’re looking for baskets for cool BOHO style wall decor, ask around. Someone probably has a box full of weaved baskets from that one time they took a basket weaving class in college. It never hurts to ask around. This is how to get the very best deals on decor for your home because usually people are nice and are happy to give away old decor items for free.”

Who Loves Sports

Sean Harris, the Managing Editor of Swing Coaches a leading directory of golf coaches nationwide shares a great antique decorating idea for those who love sports.

He adds,”As a man who loves sports, especially golf, I will be interested in the idea of decorating a house with sports stuff. To make it look stylish and look antique, you can use old trophies and medals to decorate your home. You can use a golf cup and jerseys for display. You can also decor old photos of golf players or other professional sports players. You may also want to add an antique cabinet with displays of old newspapers about sports. To give you a clear picture, you may try to check some ideas here


Piyushi Dhir, a businesswoman by profession, and a writer by passion also mentions,”Keep in mind if you are hunting for a specific item the chances are others are too so it’s best to act fast. It is really easy to get carried away when you find your treasure. Before heading out, make sure you set your budget and even more importantly stick to it even if it means only taking that amount of money with you. Don’t ever be afraid to haggle to get the price down.”

How to decorate your home with style and antique home decor items?

Darrian Wilkins, founder, Kitchen Fold says, “To get stylish and antique home decor items, I suggest research and planning. Since I am fascinated by cooking, I find house decors that have a connection to kitchen ideas. For example in your living room, you can add a cup of tea and tea kettle figurines to the table. You can also put some old-looking photographs of the families that are cooking or baking together. You can place memos to display that look like a menu from a restaurant. Also, you can display in the dining area some big old wooden spoons and forks. At your dining table, you can use table mats and napkins that look antique. You can also put in your wall some wood display with a container where you can put your wines. In the garden area or for houses with terraces, you can put plants and the plants can be placed in some old antique jars or clay pots used for cooking can be an alternative for pots plants.”
9 Brilliant Tips To Get The Stylish And Antique Home Decor Items

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