8 Easy And Smart Ways To Decorate The Home In Just Rs.2000


Decorating your space is an exciting yet challenging job especially when
you’re on a limited budget

How to decorate the home in just Rs.2000 ?

Does it sound impractical?

The interior design expert SaraMandeed, of Best of Our Home, says, “Decorating your home for just Rs. 2,000 may sound unrealistic, but if you are willing to experiment with various home decor ideas through DIY, it can get you some fabulous looks. They say it isn’t what you have but how you apply it to make things look good. And a combination of painting an accent wall as well as applying some stylish fabric, cut out in geometric forms can do wonders.” 

Organize things

Phuong Mai is an interior designer and blogger at La Chouetta says, “Space can never look great with random stuff and colorful packaging everywhere. It’s important to stick to a specific color palette even for small daily items (cereal, toothpaste, shampoo, and other products). If it’s not realistic to swap the ugly packaging or invest in some pretty containers, try to organize them into good-looking baskets/boxes or put them in your cabinets/drawers out of sight.”


An easy way to decorate your home on a budget is to use houseplants to brighten up any room. The burst of green offered by having even a small plant in your home can do wonders for improving your home decor, with the added bonus being that it costs very little money to do.

Pots can be bought very cheaply, although it’s certainly possible to find people giving these away. While buying larger plants can start to get a bit more expensive, smaller ones are often available in any budget and you could even get cuttings from someone else’s plant. That way, yours could be completely free!

A way you can transform and lift up the mood in your home is by decorating with plants and flowers. There are a lot of plants and flowers you can choose from that would go well with the vibe you’re going for. Never underestimate the power of an ivy plant trailing down elegantly from a bookshelf or a windowsill, or the beauty of fresh flowers in a pretty vase. Plants and flowers are also inexpensive and wouldn’t make any dent in your budget at all!

Budget-Friendly DIY Ideas

Charles McMillan, Founder of Stand with Main Street, highly recommend making use of some budget-friendly DIY ideas such as below:

Recycle Your Old Furniture

Before going out to buy new stuff, check your old furniture. You can refurbish them by repainting and making them new.

Use Your Old Fabrics

Cut your patterned fabrics or old shirts and frame them. This is a unique and cool way to make a wall display.

Decorate Your Wall With Paint

It can be a graphic pattern that can add up some accent to the space you are trying to decorate or a mixture of colors that depends on your taste.

Personalize Your Walls

Print your own photos and stick them up to your wall. DIY artwork is also a good choice.

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Phuong Mai, an interior designer expert advises: Try to repaint some furniture items, walls, or doors with a beautiful and eye-catching color. This can totally be DIY and does not cost a lot of money. However, the effect is super nice – you will have a unique one of a kind piece that speaks truly to your personal taste.

Save Money

Phoenix Knor’malle, a Psychic Advisor on MysticSense gives some valuable ideas to save money. He says,”Decorating your home is an important step in creating a welcoming environment. Hiring an interior designer can be prohibitively costly, but luckily there are some tips that you can follow to get beautiful results without breaking the bank. The following list includes some guidelines that can save you money while getting the results you want.

– Get inspiration for do-it-yourself decorations on YouTube or Google
– Choose a color scheme for each room that does not exceed three colors
– Instead of buying pre-made decorations, make your own
– Involve the entire family in decorating – it can be a fun bonding
– A plain piece of material and some colored paper can go a long way
– Bring the outdoors inside – utilize dried flowers, twigs and leaves
– ‘Upcycle’ when you can
– Get creative and don’t be afraid to mess up!

Following these tips can help you create home decor that is not only visually appealing, but that also reminds you of memories for years to come.”


Sara Bernier, founder of Born for Pets says,” Spotlights are highly recommended as a cost-efficient solution in modern homes. With the inclusion of these lights, it’s possible to illuminate the room and give it a more luxurious touch that opens up space naturally. The tasteful placement of these spotlights is going to improve each element in the room and that is why it’s such an easy-going change with long-term value.”

Change Curtains

A room filled with light can make you feel better when you wake up in the morning. Change the curtains and replace them with light colors and sheers to watch the sunlight filter and fade in an incredible way.

Add Greenery As Decor

Phuong Mai, an interior designer expert shares her opinion on decorating the home in just Rs.2000. She says, “Add plants to your space. This is a very common practice for biophilic design which helps to improve people’s health by connecting them with nature. It’s totally possible to build some shelves and add plants to your space. Try different colors of plants or even dried flowers would be a brilliant idea.

2,000 is enough money to place decorations in the form of positivity to celebrate each moment.

1.How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget?

Simon Elkjær, the Chief Marketing Officer of avXperten says,” I believe that one’s home should reflect one’s personality and one of the best ways to do that is to make sure that your home decorations, furniture, and etc. should be something that you genuinely love having around you. Now, these decorations might be a tad bit difficult to buy when you’re on a budget and that’s why I strongly recommend trying out DIY home projects. You can do these projects by reusing some of your old stuff and making something new out of them. Doing so will let you boost your creativity and let you practice sustainability, but it will also allow you to personalize your home and give it a little more ‘you’.”

2.How do you decorate the room cost-effectively with plants?

Decorating your home is one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. If you really want to decorate your home within a budget, you must add more plants. You can easily use waste glass bottles or plastic containers that are of no use and add plants to them. There are many plants that can survive
in water and you can use this as one of the best ways to decorate your home. Apart from this, you can also make some paintings and add them to your wall. This is one of the best ways for wall decor.

8 Easy And Smart Ways To Decorate The Home In Just Rs.2000

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