8 Types Of Furniture For Your Living Room

8 Types Of Furniture For Your Living Room intro

We spend a lot of time in our home. So much so that we can choose to buy furnishings that are stylish, allows us to save money, and last for a long time.

So, how many kinds of furniture can you use in your living room?

Probably, a lot.

Here are 8 Types Of Furniture For Your Living Room that’s not just ordinary.

A lounge sofa that defines your living room

Stephany Smith, a furniture assembly expert at Fantastic Handyman says, “If there is one piece of furniture that defines your living room, it’s the sofa. A perfect couch is not only a work of furniture but an extension of your personality.

Choose the right leather or fabric, and it can become the room’s focal point. Brilliantly displayed in a large busy area or in the corner next to a fireplace, it can draw a crowd and create a space for gatherings.

Are you in a dilemma about which lounge furniture is best for your living room? When it comes to sofa, aesthetics is less than functionality. If you’d like to lie down and rest on your sofa, make sure it’s long enough for you to lie down comfortably. Some people prefer a higher back to enjoy extra support.

It’s vital to make sure that you spend your hard-earned money on top quality furniture – even if it goes on sale. An impeccable sofa frame that will last for decades just isn’t worth the savings if it’s not built to last. A good frame should come with a top-notch guarantee, so you won’t have to worry about any trouble.

Natural or synthetic… a beautiful or neutral-hued sofa: the right colors may make a difference. A great way to set a room tone is to choose an upholstery fabric that’s complementary to your house decor and other furniture pieces. Choose something that feels rich and luxurious, but not too ornate. It doesn’t have to match exactly but should fit in with the existing decor.”

Floating Furniture

Philip from PhilipWeiss, wanted to share one practical tip for choosing furniture for your living room.

He continues, “My choice of practicality and great design is floating furniture that is mounted on walls. If you want to have a study desk, you don’t have to weigh how much space it will take in your room. Instead, you can choose between one of the stylish floating desks and match it with your room’s decor.

There are various shelves or even flower vases that are designed to be mounted on a wall. These pieces have a great practical use, plus they contribute to the look of your living room. In return, you get a lot of space that can be utilized any way you want.”


You can also add a bookcase to your living room to make it feel cozier. This is a great addition to your living room, especially if you love to read.

Accent chair to spruce up your decor

Stephany Smith, a furniture assembly expert at Fantastic Services says, “Informal yet sophisticated, the living room is the perfect choice for your accent chairs in any living room. With an accent chair, you can add instant seating to any area and cultivate vibrancy and style for your space.

Shop for a bold design element that contrasts with the rest of your furniture set. Bold colors and patterns are sure to attract you and your guests and create that wow factor.

To opt for a chair crafted from a soft, foam-filled material will create an unbelievably comfortable cocoon-like sitting experience.

If you are in the chase of the perfect accent chair, the following ideas
may help you out:

Stacking chairs are almost always used in order to create even more visual appeal and a sense of movement in an area.

Single-seat chairs are sometimes included in spaces to create interest visually and integrate into a larger theme.”


NikolaWebster, of Brit On The Move, explains about different furniture pieces. However, She has a specific take on couches.

She says,”I’ve had many over the years and when I was younger I always opted for style. If It looked good I would buy it. Then, come to find out from experience that the look is secondary. For example, the first couch I ever got had really high armrests making it impossible to lay flat on it. If you laid with your head on it hurt your next. My next couch had lower armrests but terrible padding that you sank into.

Needless to say, now a few couches later while style is important to me, the function is more important. I currently have an L shaped feather filled Cindy Crawford couch. It looks good and it’s really comfy – laid down or sat down. And, it does not sink in.

So, while it’s obvious that you need seating in a living room, choosing a style that functions are a whole different story.

The last one is I strongly recommend that people spend time on a couch in the store before they buy. Lay and sit on it in all the positions you would do at home. And for more than a couple of minutes. This way you know if the couch works for how you intend to use it.”


Sarah Nelson, Senior Interior Designer, Spacejoy says,” One of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can have in your living room is a pouf. I love using these pieces to elongate seating areas, provide separation in open living/dining room designs or just to add a fun spot for kids. One of my favorite pouf options is the CB2 Leather Pouf. The leather adds warmth to any design and it’s super easy to clean up.”

A coffee table for practical and aesthetic purposes

Stephany Smith, a furniture assembly expert at Fantastic Services says, “Just as much as the coffee table provides a convenient platform upon which to place items in the living room, so too does it provide aesthetic appeal. It can beautifully display artwork and décor, display magazines and gift items. And of course, it is a space for people to chat around after-dinner drinks. So the coffee table provides not only style but also versatility.

A coffee table that’s too high or too low in height is anything but comfortable. If you order a coffee table that’s the same height as your couch cushions, your living room will look and feel just a little off. To avoid awkward situations where you may end up sitting on the floor to look at your coffee table, opt for one that sits two inches lower than the sofa.

If you have a modern look, for example, you might be more comfortable with a shorter coffee table that feels more open and less cluttered.

And if you’re a handy person with DIY tendencies, then you’ll love finding DIY-friendly furniture options at your local store. Plus, keep the good work up by buying pre-made pieces instead of building them. That way, you’ll save time and get a nice finished product at the end of the day.”


An ottoman is another piece of furniture that adds character to your living room. It provides an extra spot to sit on for guests. But if you have a cramped space, it is not recommended to add one.

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8 Types Of Furniture For Your Living Room?

According to Peter Despotopoulos, the Market Relations Director at Moro, Depending on available space and layout and what you consider a formal living room versus an everyday family room here is a list of eight types of furniture.
He says,” The most important piece in all my living room designs is the coffee table. I always go with something unique here because I want it to make a statement and grab my guests’ attention.

The second piece of furniture is the sofa or sectional. Depending on budget constraints, you want to pick something that of course fits your space well but is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to match your design style.

Third comes the accent chair or lounge chair. This item can come from the same collection as the sofa or something interestingly different that will complement it.

The fourth type of furniture is the side table or accent table. Just like the lounge chair, you can decide if you want the side table to match the coffee table or just compliment it well.

The fifth is the living room credenza or accent cabinet or console table; can be referred to in lots of ways. Its purpose is primarily storage.

The sixth type of furniture, especially if there is a fireplace, is a bookcase or shelving cabinet. A bookcase, or two, one on each side of the fireplace, ties a living room together and gives it charm.

Seventh, providing the fact that this is an informal living room with a TV, is the media cabinet.

Eight and last type of furniture for your living room is a storage bench. Can be used as an extra seating option along with storage, especially for all those blankets, throws, and/or cushions.
8 Types Of Furniture For Your Living Room

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