8 Brilliant Ways To Use Scarves As Room Decor

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Scarves must-have accessory for those looking to add a splash of color and pattern to an outfit. Once you are done incorporating a scarf in your outfit, you’ll want to make sure you’re adding one of these pretty scarves as room decor to your home as well. Since a scarf is essentially a piece of fabric, it can easily be used to give a room a quick facelift. Scarves not only make a functional fashion accessory, but they are also a great addition to a Bohemian-themed home. If you’ve got a lot of scarves lying around, you can use them to decorate your room as well.

Here are some tips for adding scarves as room decor :

Scarf Garland

Gather your scarves and tie them together until they make
a long garland. You can hang this on your stair railing or some large

Laura Wright, Lead Interior Designer also mentions the same garland idea by using scarves: I see a lot of fun uses for scarves in home decor. A great idea is to knot a few together in a triangular fashion to create a colorful garland. I could see this adding a fun pop of color or pattern into a creative kids’ room.

The scarf on headboards

You can also sew scarves together and hang them behind your bed. To give it a chic appearance, you can turn each scarf on a frame and lightly space them on the wall.

Scarf Curtains

with a few colorful scarves and a simple sewing machine, you can create a great window treatment. Simply choose the colors or patterns you like, sew them into panels of the desired length, and sew a few loops at the top to hang them on your curtain rod. Or if you have a plane curtain you can make it more lively, sew or knot your scarves together to create some type of beautiful drapery. It’ll be whimsical and light.

Scarf as wall art

While you can use frames to hang scarves individually, you can also use embroidery hoops to give them some character. Hang these on an empty wall in your living room to brighten up this part of your home.

Jennifer Burt, of Mississippi Maximalism, says, “Scarves can often be picked up at estate sales and thrift stores and are unique works of art. My favorite way is to frame a vintage scarf in an acrylic frame, so it looks like it is floating.

Toby Dash of fivestarskincareCreate also shares the same idea on wall art with these cute hangings. Cut scarves into the shape of a decorative frame, or set them into embroidery hoops to add a splash of color and vibrancy. Choose your favorite colors or patterns, switch them out as the season’s change, or opt for the obvious choice and implement your favorite colors!

Scarf over chairs

Another way you can decorate your home with scarves is to hang them over some chairs. You can tie it like a sash or just let it drape loosely. You can also hang a scarf over your couch to add a cozy appeal.

Throw Pillow

Elle Applewhite, Design Operations Manager, Spacejoy speaks on how to use scarves as room decor. She continues,” I absolutely love layering in beautiful textiles into a room. A great application for a scarf is to turn it into a pillow! Most scarves are sized well to be small 12×16 lumbar pillows. You can add them to your bed or sofa for a fun accent.”

An option is to sew two scarves together and fill them with stuffing for a one-of-a-kind throw pillow. The possibilities are endless; you can even sew a dozen or so together for curtain panels.”

Bigger scarfs can make a beautiful stylish pillowcase. Their colorful and bright looks makes a room come alive and makes for great color pops for beige or grey couches and ottomans.

On the sheerest walls

A lightweight scarf can act as a wall hanging alone. A dressier scarf is ideal for the living room or den. Tie it to a curtain rod ruffle at the top and hang it from the lowest point of the rod. This will add color and pattern to space.

For a lampshade

You may be thinking that this is something hippies will do for a funky look, but I gotta tell you… this will give your room a great look and feel. First, you will need to sew elastic onto the back of your scarf. Then, gather the edges of your scarf, pull it over the lampshade’s base and secure it with the elastic. It is that easy.

Large-sized frame

Sarah Nelson, Senior Interior Designer, Spacejoy says, “Fashion and interior design have a lot of crossovers. Using scarves in design can be a fun touch to the room! If there is a scarf that you love, I’d recommend framing it in a large-sized frame. This can be the center of a gallery wall or stand-alone and be admired in all of its beauty.”

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Room dividers

By attaching scarves to a freestanding room divider, you can create a screen that will not only be functional but original in design. Using a variety of scarves will result in home decor that you won’t find in stores or anyone else’s home.

8 Brilliant Ways To Use Scarves As Room Decor

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