6 Things That Will Boost Your Home Decor Skills

Your Home Decor Skills

“Do you really know the good from the bad?

Start with trying to understand the basic principles of good design.

The more you educate yourself on design, the better chance

you have of creating better decor in your own home.”

-Beverly Solomon, Internationally recognized designer (retired).

Do you wish to improve your home decor skills?

You can achieve a spectacular result in the home decor skills.

You can achieve your dreams, and be creative.

Practice makes perfect

Tim Koster, Founder of CleverCreations vow to practice. According to him,”The best way to improve your skills in home decor is to practice a lot and experiment with many different materials and styles. Keep in mind that there are no wrong outcomes. If you end up with something that you don’t like, it is not a failure. You simply learned something that doesn’t work for you. This is an important experience that you will be able to take to future projects. Over time, you will learn what works best.”
He adds,”I personally have had quite a few home decor projects that did not work out. But those experiences are very useful each time I make decisions in new projects. When it comes to projects like these, it is true what they say: practice makes perfect!”

Your Choice

Design your rooms with your own idea and style in mind. And get your home to start feeling the way you want. If you don’t have any home decor skills, still try to think about it and plan accordingly. It’s your home and consider your style and design when you decorate the home. While you may want a room that your guests would like, remember the one that lives there is you.

If you have a particular style of decor that you like, go with it. If you find that you feel too bold, you can always make changes with time. You can redecorate your home. There are many benefits to redecorating your home. It helps recreate space by getting rid of the things that weren’t needed or never been used before. Also, you can analyze your improvement in home decor skills, by checking the new look.

Break or make with colors

Colors can break or make your appearance and enhance your success.

“A person should not follow any paint color trends but should use the paint colors that match the character traits they have cultivated into their personality” by B. P. Greycastle the author of the book, “Your Name And Colors Key To Your Beauty, Career, Personality, Romance, And, Success”. 

He portraits beautifully on how to improve your color ideas. He has the color magic to sparkle, color-up, and brightens your life–day and night. He can guide you to superb perfection and color harmony. He adds “The best way to improve your home decor skills is to know how colors affect you and also learn the design style that best fits your personality. Here is info on how you can do that: I have been advising people on to DIY decisions who want to renovate and decorate their homes and those do your own research on colors and design before you do anything because those two factors will determine many of the other renovation decisions that will be made such as lighting, size, materials, texture, emotional affect, etc.
You can just do a search online by just typing in words such as “different pictures of home designs” and take the time to look at at least 3 or 4 of the posts that come up to determine what are your favorite type of designs you want to go with.
Let me state again we absolutely recommend that people stay away from yearly paint or design trends! You are painting and designing for you not what everyone else is using.

Use the resources

It is difficult to ignore the source of knowledge in this age. Plenty and plenty of information are available at our fingertips. Many books and magazines are also available. You can subscribe to popular décor magazines and blogs like Style At Home, Ideal Home and Country Home. All of these publications will regularly send you tips, tricks and things you can do to improve your home style.

If you wish to get more tips and ideas from the interior design experts, then subscribe to Ruchi Designs.

You also have the opportunity to use all the wonderful educational tools at your disposal like books, internet, TV, open houses, showrooms, etc.

You can find out decor you like that might work in your setting. In this way, you can try to understand why a particular decor that you see is more appealing than what you have.

Experiencing learning is the most important thing.

Understand and Create.

30-day challenge

Mark Stephenson, the Editor at How To Shoe shares the most challenging and exciting idea. According to him, “The best practical way to improve skills in home décor is to make it like a 30-day challenge. Every day, you will dedicate time for it and make a record of what you’ve done (materials, steps, etc.) It is also great if you have someone to work together on this activity. Someone willing to improve skills on home décor too.”

Applications to boost your home decor skills

Peter Despotopoulos, an Interior Designer Expert and currently working as a Market Relations Director at Moro, a Visual Search and Marketplace platform focused on Home Furnishings & Interiors says,”There are a lot of things one can do to improve their skills in home décor/design. Aside from the very basic approach of reading design magazines/articles (either print or digital), design books, and watching “how-to” videos on YouTube, there are several free mobile apps that help with the room design. Pinterest vision-boards and idea-boards definitely help. You can also take a free or low-cost online course. Another approach I take is when I see a home good or piece of furniture that suits my style on a marketplace platform or seller, they usually show it in a finished space with other objects that complement that product; that starts to give you ideas of how well-designed spaces look. A lot of product brands have great, curated photos of finished spaces as well.”

How can I decorate my home ideas?

Sustainable Design.
As individuals, we’re now more concerned about the world we live in. This is why sustainable design is seeing an uptick.
Furniture and decor that are made of reused materials and low impact pieces for the environment will make their way into each person’s home. This up and coming design trend not only showcases beauty but also our concern for the world that we’re living in.
Natural Textures.
We are currently living in a digital society. Because of this, we seek to find a way to neutralize our need for technology. This is exactly why natural textures are finding their way into our homes. We want to see the outdoors even when we are indoors. In 2021, we will embrace the opposite of the screens that we’re so used to seeing. We’re bringing nature into our homes, especially now that we’re encouraged to stay home.
Hang Some Art
You can hang photos of you, your friends, and your family. Use frames that are in contrast to your wall to make your pictures stand out. A little editing here and there can also help, then you can turn your photograph into a million bucks.
Make Use Of Reusable Items Avoid allocating too much on any temporary fixes. If you’re going to spend more than your budget, make sure you can take it with you when you move. Invest in quality furniture such as a comfortable sofa.
Hire Professionals
If there are any skilled tasks that need to be done, you should get an expert to do them. You don’t want to end up spending thousands fixing your mistake. Be sure to also check with your landlord before doing anything major.

How can I improve my interior design skills?

Beverly Solomon Internationally recognized designer (retired) says on how to Improving your skills in home decor.
1. Do you really know the good from the bad? Start with trying to understand the basic principles of good design. The more you educate yourself on design, the better chance you have of creating better decor in your own home.
2. Some basics
A. Good design is a harmonious blend of form and function.
B. Proportion and balance are starting points.
C. Decor elements to consider are shape, texture, color, lighting, and patterns.
D. Always look for the best in quality of design, workmanship, and materials.
E. When in doubt go with less rather than clutter.
F. Try to use views of your landscaping from inside as part of your decor.
G. Go natural and sustainable when possible.
3. Use all the wonderful educational tools at your disposal–books, magazines, internet, TV, open houses, showrooms, etc. Try to find decor you like that might work in your setting. Try to understand why a particular decor that you see is more appealing than what you have.

6 Things That Will Boost Your Home Decor Skills

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