5 Easy and Simple Decor Ideas For A Rental Home

Decor Ideas For A Rental Home

Where do you live?

In your own home or a rental home?

It is essential to keep your house neat and beautiful whether it is owned or rented.

Regardless of how long you plan on living in a rental property, you’ll still want to have a comfortable space where you can relax and feel at home. So It is also vital to have enough room to roam around you as in the case of your own or rental home to ensure breathing space. You can maximize the available space by adding minimalist furniture and appliances. In this way, you can create enough space so your house doesn’t look overwhelming.

Decoring a rental home is a little more difficult as considering the contracts and lease.

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The most important thing you keep in mind is to make use of reusable items while decorating a rental home. You must avoid allocating too much on any temporary fixes. If you’re going to spend more than your budget, make sure you can take it with you when you move. You can always invest in reusable items like quality furniture such as a comfortable sofa.

Wall Decor Ideas For A Rental Home

“Decorating a home doesn’t have to be expensive, and if you’re renting and only thinking of staying temporarily it’s wise to keep costs low,” says Ahmed Mir, Founder of Sip Coffee House.

He gives valuable advice and you must keep in mind this advice before going to decor the wall.

He says, “The first thing you’ll need to do is check with your landlord exactly what you can and can’t do. Painting the walls and hanging artwork could cost you your deposit if it’s against the rules. If painting is permitted then go ahead. Paint is cheap and can really freshen up a property. A great way to personalize your new place is with artworks and decorations. If your landlord won’t allow you to hang things on the walls, place them on shelves or even on the floor. Modular shelves, storage units, and bookshelves can easily be made by repurposing boxes and crates and don’t need to be drilled. Ugly furniture can be ‘camouflaged’ with fabrics and throws.”

“Creating a home out of your rental space can be quite difficult, but there are some things anyone can do to turn the place a lot cozier!”- by Eva Bowker, an enthusiastic home improvement coordinator at Fantastic Handyman. She also put forwards some wall decor ideas for a rental home

According to her, “If you have some ugly walls that need to be covered, a great way to go about it is getting a big frame that will cover the space you want to hide, and putting a fun wallpaper inside. You can also rest some paintings on your shelves instead of hanging them since landlords don’t usually allow their tenants to drill holes.”

She adds, “Wall tapestries are also quite cheap and can be customized to fit your own unique style. They go great in every room and are easy to place, remove, and relocate when it’s needed.”

Since you want to do as little damage as possible to the walls, opt for a freestanding mirror that’s designed to only lean on walls. Add adhesive pads to the back of the mirror to also protect the wall. In place of drilling into walls to place hooks, use hooks and shelving that work with suction to stick to a surface.

There are many beautiful and practical wall decor ideas.

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Discounts and Best Deals

To decorate a rental home without spending a ton of money, you can search for discounts and the best deals. The best way to decorate a rental home on the cheap is to shop at your local thrift stores for discounts. There is a good chance to get home decor items and furniture at discounted prices.

Pavel Khaykin, founder of Pavel Buys Houses expresses his view on painting. He suggests to search for discounts and paint by yourself.

He says, “A great way to decorate a rental home on a budget to buy discounted paint from a store and consider painting yourself. You will save a lot of money on labor and paint does wonders to a home, especially if the colors of the walls are dated and need to be updated. Also, if the kitchen cabinets are brown and older looking, you can re-paint them white to give them a fresh and bright look.”

Utilizing such sites as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Freecycle, etc. can be a great resource to find new and gently used furniture and decorative items for free or very low cost to decorate a rental home.

Frosted Window Film

Tim Koster of CleverCreations shares a practical idea. He has a lot of experience decorating at a low cost without making any permanent modifications, having lived in rental homes his whole life. He says, “One great method to decorate a rental home is to use frosted window film. This decorative film is a cheap technique for adding extra flair to a room. You can find it in a variety of patterns and it is easy to apply. Perhaps more importantly, it is just as easy to remove and does not leave any permanent marks.”

Classy Idea

Putting a nice rug can tie any place together. Go around the thrift shops, you are sure to find some good rugs that will fit the style of the rental home. They will also serve as noise insulation which is great if you live in an apartment building. And whenever it’s time to leave the property, you just have to fold it up and it’s ready to move! If rugs are not your style, rollable wooden mats are also an option. They are certainly easier to clean and will give a contemporary look to any room you put them in.

How to choose a rug for your living space?

How can I decorate my house on a low budget?

Decorating your space is an exciting yet challenging job especially when you’re on a limited budget. You can follow these DIY ideas to decorate your house on a low budget.

Recycle your old furniture. Before going out to buy new stuff, check your old furniture. You can refurbish them by re-painting and making them new.
Use your old fabrics. Cut your patterned fabrics or old shirts and frame them. This is a unique and cool way to make a wall display.

Decorate your wall with paint. It can be a graphic pattern that can add up some accent to the space you are trying to decorate or a mixture of colors that depend on your taste.

Personalize your walls. Print your own photos and stick them up to your wall.
DIY artwork is also a good choice.

How do you decorate a small house for rent?

You can follow these recommendations to decorate a small house:

1) You have to keep space and light in mind, but stay practical. Light helps keep a place feeling open and bright. Windows on doors help increase light and open vision as well as having a lot of windows.

2) Keep practical furniture in mind that can still serve its purpose or even a dual purpose. Use a daybed for example, like a couch for lounging and also a sleeper. Tuck away trundle beds, and futons also work.

3) Mount things on walls to reduce the cramped feeling – like TV’s and photographs as opposed to needing furniture for them to stand on.

4) Pocket doors and fold up dividers are great to tuck away when not in use as well.

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5 Easy and Simple Decor Ideas For A Rental Home

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