14 Wonderful Wall Decor Ideas at Home

Wall Decor Idea Hanging Mirror

Wall decor ideas become more fun and fascinating when you use your own creative ideas and skills. When you design according to your taste and imagination, you feel happy and satisfied, Different decoring items can be used to make wall decors. DIY and reused ideas are helped to save a lot of money, and you also get to know about your creative potential.

Are you looking for the best Wall Décor Ideas?

Here is the 14 Best Wall Décor Ideas from the experts

Simple but powerful

A gallery wall idea is one of the simplest and cost-effective ways of wall decor. You can choose wall decor items according to your personality and taste. Here are some gallery wall decor ideas by experts
Vintage wall art pieces

Hang art pieces


Old decoration pieces

Old rustic guitar
All these ideas give an aesthetically pleasing look to the entire wall.

Gladys K. Connelly the co-owner of TheHouseWire.com, a blog that focuses on home organization and decorating tips. He also suggests a simple yet powerful gallery wall idea. According to him, “Hanging photos of your family and friends aren’t just for college kids. I think a family gallery wall looks great in any living space. You can either frame your photos and hang them in clusters, or just pin the photos up with decorative thumbtacks and binder clips for hangers. It will look nice on your wall and make you smile every time you walk by it”.

Mural Painting

Why don’t you think about a mural wall?

Mural wall enhances the beauty and elegance of your home You have the option to buy high-quality, custom-made wall murals. It is easy to install and made to fit your wall perfectly.

Mix & Match

Jill Sandy, a Gardener, Home Renovator, & Founder at Constant Delights, the blog about Home and Gardening. He offers advice on DIY tips to help you have great home wall decor. He says, “One of my personal favorites for decorating a blank wall at home is to go with the Mix and Match approach. It’s fun, it’s practical and above all, it’s fairly reasonable. Making a wall decor at home lets you incorporate ‘the element of you’ on your favorite wall. Start off by getting some mini canvases – variation in sizes always enhances the overall look. Go for two 3” x 3” canvases, one 6” x 3” canvas, and two 2” x 2” ones. Paint some in your favorite solid color, add abstract on the others whilst write your favorite quotes on the remaining. Next, get your travel memories framed and add those in or hang in a souvenir. Moving further, add some ceramic plates and your name initials. Complete the look by adding a few crepe paper flowers and it’s done. You’re all good to go!”.

Old dinnerware to win

Do you own old dinnerware and serving pieces? Are you planning on getting rid of them? Stop right there then because these old and used materials can make for fantastic wall art. You can cluster them together onto a wall to give that dining room wall a chic look. This provides the instant update that your home wall needs. Old China plates are the perfect selection for the same.


Frame some flowers

Gladys K. Connelly the co-owner of TheHouseWire.com, a blog that focuses on home organization and decorating tips. He shares a practical simple wall decor idea: “Pressed flowers are a classic decoration. They look just as good in pictures I see today on Instagram as they did in my grandmother’s house when I was a kid. All you have to do is pick some flowers, press them in the pages of a heavy book overnight, and place them in some frames. You can get frames at Goodwill for three dollars, so this is a super inexpensive project”.

Cool Tool

What do you think about a printable wall decor idea? The best tool for that is Canva. Canva is very simple and easy to learn. For personal use, you can use the fonts and graphics available on Canva.If you plan to sell the wall decor then you will need to buy graphics or fonts.If you are not familiar with Canva, try now itself. Plenty of tutorials are available on Youtube.

Children’s Art

Azza Shahid, Digital Marketer @DSRPT says,” As a mother, I have a lot of paintings done by my children and some of those paintings are really interested. I decided to set up one of my home office walls with my children’s best painting. I have taken their best masterpiece and placed them in clean, modern frames and then arranged them in a classic floor-to-ceiling grid. It does not cost a fortune and my children feel like proud artists”.

Beaded hanging

Damon Routzhan the Founder of Concrete Candles shares three wonderful wall decor ideas.
Can you imagine a wall decor idea with beads?
He adds, “You can prepare a branch of beads or multiple beads branches as wall decor. The best part of this creative idea is that it takes less space and gives a whimsical view than other artificial woven hangings”.

Statement painting

Damon Routzhan the Founder of Concrete Candles also points out an idea on wall color: ” It is one of the unique ideas that look fantastic. Implementation of the concept includes the use of bright colors on the edges of the walls to give a more popping look. You can also use this idea on the hallway walls by painting the edges with vibrant tones”.

Think Differently

Damon Routzhan the Founder of Concrete Candles suggests stunning and variety wall decor ideas. Go with nature is a great trend nowadays.
He says,”Using leaves and branches to make garlands and hang them on the walls is a great idea. It gives a cozy and fascinating view. This style can be made more impressive if the lower half of the wall is painted with different color, usually dark marine shade, and the upper part is left white, which is used to hang garlands”.

Hang mirrors

Gladys K. Connelly the co-owner of TheHouseWire.com, a blog that focuses on home organization and decorating tips. He shares his idea on a hanging mirror. This wall decor idea is very easy and gives a classy appeal to your home.
He says, “Mirrors, whether they’re geometric or round, framed or unframed, make fantastic wall decor. Not only do they look great, but they’ll also create the illusion that your room is bigger than it really is. Plus, you can check your outfit in them, which you can’t do with any other type of wall decor”.

Bryan Stoddard of Homewares Insider also emphasize the significance of mirror as a wall decor element. He says, “You can also use mirrors to play with the décor. There are larger and smaller ones, oval or square, with thicker carved frames or without a frame – mirrors are always a grateful wall decor that serves both to bring playfulness, but also to visually enlarge the room. Today, the trend is to decorate and arrange with mirrors of different shapes and frames from different stylistic periods, as well as mirrors of organic shapes”.

Timeless Wall Decor Ideas

Different Wallcovering ideas and materials are available in the market. You an choose a wall cover according to your wish and taste.

Wood panels



Natural materials like marble, granite and stone

Decorative brick

Rough or polished stone are some of the evergreen wall covering materials. The choice of wall covering also depends on the overall style of decoration.

Wonderful ways to make Wall Art

Ahmed Mir, Founder of Sip Coffee House shares his experience to create wall art from old clothes. He says, “Normally I would donate my old items to charities but with the Covid restrictions, this is really not possible this year.  Instead, I have looked for ways to upcycle items usually given to charities. Fabric from old clothes, sheets, curtains, and tablecloths are wonderful ways to make wall art. The two most successful projects that really work are:

  1. Using an old fabric with a print you love you can easily turn it into wall art.  Using a canvas frame stretch the fabric across and staple it on the backside. Trim as necessary and hang it on the wall.
  2. Carefully select scrap fabrics that would work well together whilst blending a variety of textures. Craft the fabric carefully into a rag rug making sure to be as neat as possible.  Once complete hang on the wall as you would a tapestry. These are great for kids’ rooms or a roomy you want to add a cosey feel to”. 

Flower Wall

Azza Shahid, Digital Marketer @ GigWorker says, “I love plants. I have plants placed on my tables, at the entrance of my home so it was not surprising when I decided to have a wall dedicated to flower hangings. I bought 5 artificial flower bouquets. Cut them close to the end (where all the stems gather). I then used my glue gun, put a dab of glue on the tip of the stem of a flower, and placed that stem in the center petals of the flower I wanted to glue it to. This will make flower strands. You can have different color flowers on each strand. Once I had my flower strands ready, I hung them by tying a loop around the top flower head with a fishing line. I have these hung above my couch in the living room”.

You can make the wall pretty and beautiful by easy room makeovers that anyone can do. It is important to keep in mind that decorate with things you actually like. Don’t decorate with things that are “in” just because they’re trendy; decorate with things that are “in” because you like them.

How do you hang curtains on the wall?

You can mount the curtains high above on your windows. It makes the room feel bigger. When you hang curtains, or anything, up toward the ceiling, it makes the ceiling look higher. This is a great technique for people who live in basement apartments, studio apartments, or places with low ceilings.
14 Wonderful Wall Decor Ideas at Home

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