The Guide to 13 Cute and Best Baby Room Decor Ideas


“How can I arrange my baby’s room?

Am I really in need of a crib for my baby?

Is a fan or AC better for babies?”

Do you have more queries on baby room decor ideas?

Then follow these 13 baby room decor ideas by experts.

Cuter than a Kitten

Many baby room decor ideas are available to design the nursery. One of the simplest ways is to have a theme in mind. The baby room themes must be cuter than a kitten.

The theme could be anything according to your wish. Though it is the time to embrace all the cutesy ideas you’ve been nurturing in your thoughts. The first thing is first, having a theme to follow will help to tie everything together.
Here are some popular theme suggestions like
A Cartoon theme
A jungle theme
Starry sky
The seaside
A garden
or something simple like brightly colored geometric shapes

The shades of Happiness

The crib is the most important piece of furniture for a baby. The baby loves to have a cool sleep. But the child can’t sleep without a proper bed. The cribs provide the safest sleep environment possible. The babies should always have their own sleep surface.

Mary Ware the creator of The Mom Friend, a blog that helps new moms and moms-to-be find inspiration for life with babies and young children shares an idea to clean up the mattress. She advises, “Layer the crib sheet and mattress protector to make the middle of the night messes easier to clean up. This means to place a mattress protector down first with a crib sheet over it, and repeat those steps again. When a diaper leaks or a child gets sick, you can easily strip off the top layer and lay them down on a clean one without having to add new sheets”.

Interactive wall map

Can you create an interactive wall map Instead of decorating the walls with posters?

An interactive wall map helps to keep your child entertained. It is easy to create your own pieces to stick on the map using soft toys and felt products and you can buy wall stickers online. The child can see and enjoy the world as they grow older

Baby-Friendly Bookshelf

Janey Strong the Child Literacy Expert and Founder of Mommy Academy gives an expert opinion on the baby-friendly bookshelf. She says, “We definitely want our babies’ rooms to be cute—but let’s be real!—they also need to be practical. I like to add functional decor to a nursery by including a baby-friendly bookshelf. A low shelf is a fun design element, especially if you organize your books by color! And, a little library of books you can read together will boost your baby’s vocabulary and cognitive development over time”.

Mary Ware the creator of The Mom Friend also suggest an idea on the bookshelf: “Using wall-mounted bookshelves allows for easy access for reading when placed in a corner with a glider, and doubles as decor with an endless possibility for tying into the theme of a room, from brightly colored covers to themed books. It also helps promote and early love for ready when easily accessible to a child as they grow”.

DIY Baby Room Decor Idea

DIY Tree Branch Clothing rack is an authentic and natural way to hang your baby’s clothing. It’s a simple and practical way to hang some of your favorite baby outfits. This rail can also be made with a piece of driftwood from the beach.

Bring your child’s room to life

Jade Holroyd of Land of Rugs Online LTD says, “Adding a rug into your baby’s room is a great way to add a new dimension to space. Children’s rugs are available in a wide variety of designs, colors, and sizes. To choose a rug style that matches the décor beautifully, select a character in the room (i.e. color, pattern, texture), and go for a rug that has similar features. Alternatively, if you want to make a bold statement, opt for contrast and buy a rug that has the opposite characteristics of features in the room. Whatever option you go for, a rug works very effectively to add the finishing touch to a room and create a tranquil space for babies”.

Mary Ware the creator of The Mom Friend also describes the importance of rugs in baby room decor. She explains,” Rugs are a great way to elevate the style of a room and create a cozy feel underfoot, which is especially appreciated during those middle of the night feedings. If the room is carpeted, adding an additional rug gives the room depth and design interest”.

Ageless Furniture

It is important to invest in ageless furniture for baby rooms.

Avoid cluttering and make sure everything is washable

Jeroen Minks the Owner of Lumibear Australia, and his wife are in the process of decorating their first baby’s room. He points out some tips based on the research he has done so far.

He says,”Our baby room will be very small so there is limited space available. We have purchased a shelf system that can be easily closed so that everything is easy to hide. We also made sure that all the wallpaper is easily washable, to prepare for any messy situations”.

Make sure everything is within reach

Jeroen Minks the Owner of Lumibear Australia also gives a practical idea about the baby room. He adds, “As our baby room will be small, this won’t be an issue for us. But generally speaking, you want to make sure that wipes, diapers, clothes are all within reach of the changing table. Our changing table has drawers in it, so we keep some of the stuff that needs to be on-hand in here and the remaining in the main storage on the other side of the room”.

Mary Ware the creator of The Mom Friend, a blog that helps new moms and moms-to-be find inspiration for life with babies and young children also explains the importance of keeping the necessary items within reach. She says, “When using a changing pad on a dresser, reserve one of the top drawers for diapers, wipes and other items for easy access without having to keep those items out in plain view”. 

Have Fun

Many decorating ideas are available to make your baby happy. The baby room decor ideas should implement to make your baby happy. You can choose fun furniture to make your kid enjoyable.

Dream Catcher

You can find a beautiful dream catcher in the nursery. This room decor idea is not new though it gives a special appeal to your baby room.

Breath Easy

Mary Ware the creator of The Mom Friend, a blog that helps new moms and moms-to-be find inspiration for life with babies and young children says, “invest in a humidifier that works with your decor and is easy to use. As we approach the winter months, humidifiers are extremely helpful in helping babies breathe easier while sick. There are many styles to match any room decor”.


Why don,t you choose a curtain for your baby’s room?

You can choose a curtain according to your baby’s room theme or wall paint. Curtains improve the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Your baby is the most precious gift in your life.

The little one’s presence makes your life joyful and hopeful. So it is very important to nurture the young one in the right direction. A baby room is the baby’s first atmosphere so the baby room must decor in a most delightful way.

The Guide to 13 Cute and Best Baby Room Decor Ideas

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