12 Cool & Easy Summer Decorating Ideas

House Plants

It’s always a good idea to welcome the changing of the seasons by giving our home decor a little refresh, and there are some really simple ways to do this.

Do you look for cool and easy Summer Decorating Ideas.

House Plants

House plants in bright, geometric patterned vases can bring a summer vibe
to your home without expensive renovations.


Daniel, an electric ride enthusiast and founder of ZippyElectrics expresses his idea on Beach-themed. He says, “You can create a perfect summer vibe to your home by adding some beach-inspired decors such as shells, fishing nets, and ropes into your wall. Neutral shades and pastel will make a summer backdrop. You can include driftwood to shells to make art and create a beautiful centerpiece.

Wooden Box Centerpiece

When we think of summer, we often think about the pastels. You can create a charming centerpiece for your coffee table and dining table with a wooden box and some flowers. The decor can be created with rustic wooden planks. If you can’t do it yourself, you can simply get wooden boxes from a store. Paint the box with pastel colors such as Sun Flower, Pomegranate, Pumpkin, and Turquoise. Add some flowers and place the box over a white mantel on any table.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Daniel, an electric ride enthusiast and founder of ZippyElectrics says, “An inexpensive idea yet can make great decor. All you need to create beautiful summer tissue paper flowers are scissors, a stapler, and of course colorful tissue paper. You can incorporate these colorful flowers in your flower vases centerpieces and even for party decors. Level up these flowers by adding glitters and ribbons and even adding some paper leaves.

Tissue Paper Lanterns

This DIY project is fun and perfect for the family. Choose vibrant colors like yellow, pink, and orange tissue paper for your lantern. Summer lanterns are perfect for indoors and outdoor too.

Door Wreath

Since summer is coming, create a beautiful floral door wreath. The wreath is not only for Christmas, you can create one for summer too. You can use a twig, some artificial flowers and make it beautiful with ribbons and embellishments. Use colorful and bold colored flowers to create a perfect looking wreath this summer.

Wind Chimes

Create a perfect sea-inspired wind chime for your room this summer. You can have a relaxing and cozy space by adding some sea-inspired design wind chimes to your home design theme. With driftwood, add some seashells, glass beads, and decorative gemstones to create a nautical charm. Hang this stunning summer inspired to chime in your patio.

Floral Wall Planters

Fresh flower planters add a summer feel to your home. For this summer idea, buy some wooden bases and glass jars. Add soil and your favorite beautiful flowering plants. Hang these glass jars on your wooden planter hangers. These floral wall planters highlight your interior beautifully with a touch of a fresh summer vibe.

Floral Patterned Pillows

Floral patterned pillows can update the interior style of a home quickly
and affordably. Accent pieces throughout your decor can brighten up your
home for summer.

DIY Garden Ideas

Summer will always be defined by color and the outdoors and that’s why one of the best home ideas you could try out now is DIY projects for your garden. Recycling used tires and turning them into tables and swings or transforming old bottles into bird feeders and the like will not only beautify and bring a little more ‘you’ into your home but will also give you a great hobby that you can try out and master. Trying out projects like these personally made me an even better person and I can’t wait for the same thing to happen to you.

45 DIY Room Decor Ideas which doesn’t cost a fortune

Go Nautical

A coastal palette of blue and white adds a welcoming touch as it makes your home feel more like a beach house. Pare down the rooms in your home by getting rid of pieces that are dark and heavy, and replacing them with breezy, upbeat accessories like crisp white pillows, a vase of sea glass, and a gallery wall of framed vacation photos. Shift the focal point of the room toward a beautiful window or French doors, and add freshly picked flowers to your table.


Bamboo screens can help divide a room but still leave it feeling open and
breezy, which is just right for summer.

Summer is also the perfect time to entertain outdoors on breezy, summer
nights. Set a festive mood by hanging string lights or paper lanterns in
your outdoor space, planting flowers such as geraniums, begonias and
petunias in planters, and choosing bright colors like turquoise, lime green
and tangerine for decorative pillows on your patio furniture. Make sure to
have a casual eating area by mixing and matching metal chairs with wicker
furniture around the picnic table

What is the best home ideas for summer?

Sarah Pinkerton, founder and creative director of SeeThree Studios says, “Paint, pattern and plants are all anyone really needs to update their space this summer. Stencils in particular let you knock off two birds (color and pattern) with one stone, well brush. Whether you own or rent, stencils are an affordable and accessible way to bring in elements of the hottest interior trends like,
Maximalism: Use an arresting mix of patterns (florals, geometrics, animal prints, etc.) but unify them with a single color palette.
Grandmillenial (Granny Chic): Go traditional with a twist by choosing a vintage motif or pattern (chinoiserie, topiaries, chintz florals, or Trompe elements, but use an unexpected palette of crisp, bright colors. Dress your window to add a little privacy but keep the light with a stenciled, etched pattern.”

How do you bring outdoors inside in summer days?

When it comes to home decor and design, by the time summer rolls around, most people are ready for warmer days, with more time to enjoy the sunlight. That puts outdoor space front and center; oftentimes, making it the focal point of a home. Whether you’re working with a balcony or a large backyard, we want the space to feel inviting. This can be done by simply updating outdoor throw pillows, cushions, and rugs. Look for fun colors on the brighter side, and don’t be afraid to mix in some geometric or even animal print as well. Consider adding a few strands of string lights to really make the most of a space. This will keep the relaxing vibe going even after the sun has gone down, you might even find yourself eating dinner outside! For indoor spaces, summertime means light and airy design, while oftentimes bringing the outside in. In addition to swapping out indoor pillows and throws for something a little brighter, consider creating your own living wall or even starting a small herb garden on a sunny windowsill. By adding outdoor elements to the inside of your home, we’re able to create the summertime vibe every day of the week, even if you find yourself still stuck inside working from home at the moment.
12 Cool & Easy Summer Decorating Ideas

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