10 Study Room Decorating Ideas which Improve Productivity

Study Room Ideas

From where you are studying is highly mattered. Space can make and break the efficiency and productivity of studying.Of course, a study room should be comfortable.

It should be an atmosphere of motivation that will build a love of learning. It should be organized and have proper lighting, furniture, and decorative items in a way that allows the user to feel comfortable and productive. The goal here is to make space for learning more enjoyable, but also functional. And should have as few distractions as possible.

You can stick to the following Study Room Decorating Ideas.

Inspiring Wall Decor

A wall decor item that reminds you of why you are studying is a perfect fit for your study room. It may be informational charts and inspirational art or wallpaper.

Mollie Newton the founder and editor of petmetwice, works from home and has set up a study from which she works. So she lights on her practical experience and shares this fruitful idea.

She vows to declare your dreams to the world, at least your wall.

She adds, “Since starting my business and working from home, I have been on something of a self-improvement journey. I strive to be a better version of myself each day and one of the most effective ways to achieve this is by setting personal goals. In my study, I have a wall dedicated to the goals of all shapes and sizes. Each time that I realize I have a new goal that I want to work toward, I write it down on a piece of paper or a sticky note and add it to my vision wall.”

Ben Smith of Rooms Solutions also speaks about the same idea. He says, “When decorating study rooms, most people keep them blank. Not the most inspiring, I think you’ll agree. It’s time we were kind to ourselves and decorated our study rooms and offices with art and memorabilia. Create a gallery wall above your desk, make sure there’s a theme among each of the pieces of artwork – that might be frame shape, the color of the frame, black and white images, etc. Let inspiration guide you through the studying, create a place that you actually want to be in.”

AndrewBarker, founder and CEO of HomeownerCosts also has the same suggestions for hanging Inspirational Art. He goes on, “Brighten up your space with a piece of art. Design and decorate the study room that will inspire and motivate you. You could attach posters of people you admire. Posting images with inspirational quotes can also encourage you to study harder.”

Magic Color

Colors play a vital role in creating a peaceful environment. The interior design experts have the opinion that light colors are more preferred for study rooms.

Color can definitely alter the mood in your study room.

It imparts positive energy and improves the efficiency of studying. There’s no need for you to re-paint the study area for this purpose. You have the option to buy colored lamps, hang wallpapers, and display vibrant school supplies to welcome positive energy when studying.

Increase Your Productivity

Lighting is crucial as considering a study room and you have to pay attention to your room’s lighting. It ensures that your study room is conducive for study and work.

Having a poorly-lighted and dim room can not only harm your eyes but demotivate you as well. It will adversely affect your studies. That’s why it’s best to make sure that the lights you use have bulbs that are in a cooler and more natural shade. This allows you to have the perfect work environment you need to be productive.

AndrewBarker, founder and CEO of an online magazine publisher in the home decor industry, HomeownerCosts also shares his idea about proper lighting. He says, “All that studying is going to cause you eye strain without the proper lighting. Consider having wide windows to encourage plenty of natural light. Make sure that the lights are neither too dim nor too bright; they can be barriers while studying.”

Reading Nook

Meg Marrs, of Safer Senior Care, says,” A big part of the study room should be a reading nook. This is an area where you can comfortably immerse yourself in books. The nook should not be hidden in a corner but should be near the window with lots of bright natural light. The emphasis on light should flow into the color palette for the area with light walls, mirrors, and pale blinds or drapes. Adding some throws and house plants will make the area feel relaxing.

She adds, “Keeping in mind the time spent reading the choice of seating is important. An oversized chair or small couch that allows you to read comfortably for hours is essential along with a table to hold books and notes.”

Add A Breath Of Life

Easy to care plants that purify the air is my favorite pick and put a smile on your face
AndrewBarker, founder and CEO of HomeownerCosts provides great values and ideas on Study Room Decorating Ideas. Even having one flower in a bud base might cheer you it’s been proven that houseplants improve indoor air quality. To make your study space more serene, something green and alive would do the trick. If you live in your designated study space, buy a low-maintenance houseplant, like aloe or a snake plant. As long as you take good care of it, greenery will not only make your area peaceful but also functional.

Add a breath of life to your desk or windowpane. Aside from giving off oxygen and air cleansing, they do extra jobs like absorbing radiation – winner! Since most probably we have electronic devices in the home office/ study, this is such a cheap yet ‘lively’ decor. They don’t need to be tall plants, we got hundreds of varieties of greens that are very low-maintenance but with high-survival rates. You could hang them or place them on pots (which you could paint yourself or buy good looking ones.

Always Be Comfirtable

Owen Drury, Design & Construction Editor, has been working online and remotely for nearly 4 years, got moved to do a few revamps at home, including her own work cave.

She says, “Ergodynamic means there was science applied so the things and workers interact more efficiently and safely a.k.a. the ‘science of work’.

Why ergodynamic?

Because the work/learn-from-home environment would last, and maybe, more likely to be considered permanent for some companies/ schools, who doesn’t like comfort? Try an automatic adjusting desk to avoid restraining long hours of sitting while doing your lectures/typing on the keyboard. Invest in your seat, if you’re not into swivel chairs like the typical office chairs, you could look online for other options. The word ‘ergodynamic’ has been trending since the demand is getting higher and higher, plus there are so many styles and prices that would suit both your taste and budget. These are mainly functional (of course, they need to serve their purpose) but that doesn’t mean they would look dull and the least appealing items in the room.”

Choose The Right Shelves

It is important to have the right storage for your study room. You will need different sizes of the depository to keep your belongings in an organized manner. Avoid designating the same sized cabinets all through your study. Take advantage of pots, ottoman, drawers, and cabinets.

Choose The Right Rugs

Owen Drury, Design & Construction Editor, says, “Aside from being clean, we like comfy and good looking floors. Children like to have fun while learning, and they could learn while playing on the floor. Rugs are good area separators, they visually show physical boundaries plus the comfort from the texture of its surface. It gives warmth on the feet, perfect for the freezing season or rainy weather. And they add splashes of colors that are stimulating. Rugs could be the statements that would complete your room look!”

If you wish to know more rug ideas, Click Here.

The Best Study Room Decorating Idea

Peter Despotopoulos, Market Relations Director at

Elizabeth Hicks, the co-founder of Parentingnerd. com says,”A study room must be a separate room. If you add a soft sofa, mattress, or TV to your study room, you’ll become complacent and procrastinate. Avoid filling your study room with your favorite fiction books or any book that is not relevant to your work. If you do, you’ll find yourself distracted. Also, keep your phone outside and never eat in your study room. Drinking tea, coffee and water is fine. Keep your study table clutter-free.

How can I make my study room attractive?

Most people are not really interested to decorate the study room and hence keep them blank. You can decorate and make the study room attractive to beautiful and reasonable artworks.
You can create the gallery wall above your desk. It is good to ] make sure there’s a theme among each of the pieces of artwork – that might be frame shape, the color of the frame, black and white images, etc.

Is it bad to study in your bedroom?

The most important thing is the greatest need of motivation and atmosphere that will build a love of learning. It should be organized, furnished and
decorated in a way that allows the user to feel comfortable and productive and shouldn’t include any distractions. So it is always advisable to study from the study room. Studying from the bedroom is an unhealthy practice. Children may loose the focus and concentration and there is more chances for distractions.
10 Study Room Decorating Ideas which Improve Productivity

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