10 Easy And The Best Handcrafted Home Decor Ideas

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Simple ideas can make a difference in your living room and next to your home and do the magic, without costing you a fortune. You can design and decor the home as per the ideas. Handcrafted home decor ideas make your space unique and attractive.

You can follow these easy and the best handcrafted home decor ideas.

Idea From Nature

Gina Harper, of Harper’s Nurseries: a site that’s all about urban gardening accounts for the idea to make handcrafted home decor from nature. She says,” Nature provides many items that can be repurposed to make beautiful decorations for the home. When trees lose their leaves in the fall, branches, twigs can be transformed and they make ideal gifts for the holiday season too!

A walk in the park will yield plenty of materials for you to get started. You can paint branches by hand with acrylics if you are feeling particularly creative. Otherwise, just go for the easy option and add a coat of spray paint. Arrange twigs bound with string in pretty vases or arrange them into patterns and frames. Natural materials will give your home an eco-friendly touch and the only limits are your imagination.”


You have a great opportunity to make handcrafted artworks. This room decor idea is so simple You don’t need to be a professional artist to make your own original piece.

You can create unique art according to your creativity and style. Your space becme more attractive by displaying the artworks. It should match perfectly to your home decor to make it look more beautiful and artistic.

It is also beautiful to hang the artwork on the wall. Try to understand your wall structure and health and then decor it beautifully. You can decor your walls by using your creative pieces. All you need to do just take some tutorials and do it yourself. In addition to the handcrafted wall decor ideas, you can also try this. This idea will make your boring walls more personal by writing out your favorite expressions, song lyrics, and quotes on a blank canvas and hanging it up. It can give your room some of your personal expression.
you have one more suggestion to make your wall shine. You can use Chalkboard Wall Paint idea. This idea works great for rooms and kitchens. Put a chalkboard anywhere you want to paint. These paints are also creative, giving you more opportunities to create a chic looking room.

Flower and Flowervases

The bunch of flower showers can create a space more attractive. It spreads happiness. You can make different flowers according to your creativity by understanding the basic steps to make a flower. Different materials are used to create flowers. You can decide the size, shape, and color of the flower according to your taste.

Flower pots can bring an exquisite design to any room or apartment. It gives your room a luxury look. You can make flower pots with available or unused materials in the home. You can try this idea also by spray painting ordinary flower pots with metallic gold.

String Art

Viana Boenzli, a food and craft blogger shares the beautiful and the best-handcrafted home decor idea on string art. She shares the step by step video tutorial also.

She says, “In this easy step-by-step tutorial (with video!), I’ll show you how to do string art, along with an easy trick to paint letters on wood if you don’t exactly have a steady hand (I certainly don’t).

If you’ve spent hours after hours, late into the night, browsing through Pinterest, then you’ve seen string art. It’s a really cool and easy way to add some personality to any room in your home.

For my project, I had an idea for our guest room…Goodnight, Sleep tight, with a cute moon and star, hanging on the wall right over the bed, to add a bit of whimsy. “

Paper Ideas

You can create a lot of beautiful crafts by using old newspapers and magazines. You can make toys, flowers, flower vases and many. Here is another innovative idea by using paper, that is Paper bead curtains. All you need are old magazines or papers, scissors, glue, and thread (eg: nylon).

It would be fun, and everyone in the family could roll those papers while watching TV.

One of the Best Handcrafted Home Decor Ideas

Sophia Nomicos, Founder & Editor of MasandPas expresses one of the greatest handcrafted home decor ideas.

She says,” Paint salvaged vintage photo frames in a matt or chalk paint of different colors and create a wall of frames of different sizes. You can find vintage photo frames in most markets or online in places like eBay. (As well as photo frames sometimes you can even use the backs of vintage chairs instead and remove the middle panel, although this takes more time to do.) Buy a lot of these frames in different shapes and sizes (8-12). Sand them down and then paint them with matt colors.

Neutral colors work well like greys, taupes, or even whites. Try to narrow it down to 1-2 colors that complement the colors of the room, so that you keep the same feel throughout. Fill the frames with anything you like. It could be artwork, photographs, mirrors, or even objects. These things don’t need to fit the frames exactly, they look good even if they don’t fill up the whole frame. Hang them on the wall at slightly different heights to create an irregular grid of frames.

In the end, you’ll have a feature wall with a lot of visual interest, and character. What’s great about this décor is that you have complete freedom of expression to fill the frames with whatever you like.”

DIY Custom Painted Doormat

Viana Boenzli, a food and craft blogger says, “A front doormat welcomes guests to your home. It’s a way to say we’re glad you’re here, come and visit for a while…
Sure, there are lots of options at the local store to buy pre-made doormats, whether they’re plain and simple, covered in pretty painted flowers, or the standard “WELCOME!”
But wouldn’t it be nice to make your own doormat, just the way you want it? You can paint your family’s name, or a silly catchphrase you’ve always used to make people laugh, or make it colorful, or anything at all you can imagine!”

Build Your Own Rope Shelf

DIY Rope Shelf

Another budget-friendly room decor item is a Rope shelf. There are tons of tutorials for how to create a rope shelf yourself, but it’s just a matter of cutting the wood to size (and they can even do that for you at the hardware store), drilling a few holes, and knotting the rope. This DIY project will only take you a couple of hours and will save you tons of money over purchasing one.

Crocheted Ideas

Arunima, founder and blogger behind KnitterKnotter, a crochet blog with a focus on Tunisian speaks about Crocheted items. She says, “Crocheted items make for great home decor – they could be accent pillows, wall art, kitchen towels, throws, and blankets, etc. It is also easy to make seasonal decor items, the possibilities are endless! I have a fun and easy crochet pattern for dressing up your tea light candles. With 2 toddlers in the house, using regular candles is almost impossible for safety reasons. I use LED tealight candles and, while they are pretty, crocheting a little something to dress them up makes a world of difference! I made them in Christmas colors but they could be made with any color to match the colors of one’s house. I also made little lanterns from them and made a garland! “

A Charming Trend

StuartWellbert of Home Tool Guides says, “What are the best handcrafted home decor ideas: Recently, I’ve noticed a charming trend in the home decor scene, carved wood furniture. With the use of power tools and the clever application of artistic carvings in intricate patterns, one can construct an entire table out of beautifully carved and sanded wood. For more intricate designs, it is possible to use a router to crank out detailed designs at a rate that would normally require a highly-skilled craftsman. The beauty of using wood as the primary material is that it can be easily changed and enhanced as your tastes change. “

Cute room decor doesn’t have to be expensive all the time. There are plenty of ways that you can decorate your room on a budget. You can follow these handcrafted ideas to make your room more elegant. Now it’s your turn, when you step back and see the finished decorating your room, it can give you an incredible sense of achievement to know that your hard work helped make it possible.

How do you make your own rug?

Ahmed Mir, Founder of Sip Coffee House accounts on handcrafted rugs. He says, “Handcrafted rugs make ideal home decorations and they can be easily made as a DIY craft project. You don’t even have to be a master weaver as there are many designs that are simple, don’t require any particular expertise and you will likely have most of the materials you need at home. Rag Rugs can be made by recycling old t-shirts or towels and will add a touch of boho style whether you choose to use them as a floor covering or hang them on walls”.

How do you make a string pendant lamp?

Shelly Peel, one of the founders of socialMum says, “Hemp string pendant lamps would be my best recommendation. One of the most pleasing décors you would see, and you wouldn’t even think it is handmade. It’s easy to make, and the materials could be just any disused ropes or strings. Sample here:”
10 Easy And The Best Handcrafted Home Decor Ideas

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